Nov. 1st, 2010

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I now have fake zombie blood on one of my pillows. o halloween

I was thinking, I was thinking about how little pieces of people you loved mean a great deal. How I receive texts from the people I am close to but getting notes from them, small hand-written messages in their handwriting is so rare, those letters and forms, the way they dot their i's and slant their letters, how they press the ink into the paper. When you spend so much time and exchange so much with someone it is easy to take them for granted and forget all the little things about them that are still hidden from you. Even if you walk down their hallways and in and out the front door every day they still have something buried in the attic, la casita de Tomas that you will never discover. Skeletons in the closet indeed.

I was thinking how when you're really attracted to someone they smell nice, how the smell of people becomes linked with different things. How you can start to hate someone and still think they smell nice, or how you can really like someone but wish they would wear deodorant more often. Pheromones, how important are they? What do people smell like anyway?

I have a sink full of dirty dishes. I personally think everyone should follow the 'if you cook you shouldn't have to do the dishes' rule and I cooked a lot.

I'm really glad I'm single and have good friends.


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