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I put on all the songs in my iTunes that have the word 'whale' somewhere in their tag. I wasn't expecting this haunting, great&terrible claustrophobic modest mouse song to come up-- the whale song. I was expecting cute stuff like Noah & the Whales and Freelance Whales and Rosie & Me, not a dark and malicious three-days-in-exile.

this element of surprise. I did not expect to be happy this month but I have been, and very much so. I did not expect that amanda would make it, or that I would find us necklaces. I am living in the cautious state of being afraid to expect joy out of life.

we went to snake & jake's and wrote poetry. I went to a party with bailey and ate a muffaletta. I saw yeasayer, the local natives, going to the thermals and los campesinos this weekend. I went to a bonfire where someone offered me a scientific internship. I took pictures of night. I saw the room at prytania at midnight and it was wonderful. I listened to songs about whales. I watched Phil reorganize magic cards on the couch, I watched movies with Evian asleep on the couch. I spilled coffee on my cowboy boots on tuesday, and my lecture on social cognition today was particularly good. I realized I have only written one story in the past two years and that it is closer to me now than my dreams at night are. I have had the most vivid dreams.

I hope you are doing well.


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