Date: 2012-07-03 03:45 am (UTC)
msmcknittington: Queenie from Blackadder (Default)
Not to poke too large of a hole in your theory, but there are millions of people in the US who use working dogs to herd livestock and hunt and all the other things that dogs were bred to do, and not everybody in the US (and especially not in the world!) lives in cities where rodents aren't a problem. So I wouldn't be too fast to assume that companion animals (since domesticated animals include things like cows and sheep, too) have outlived their usefulness. You also have to consider animals like scent hounds who are used by the military and the police to track people, both criminals and people who need to be rescued, which is a category that could include cadaver dogs.

There are also things like assistance dogs, who help people who are disabled with tasks they couldn't accomplish on their own. Those dogs are working when they help people -- they have times when they're on duty and times when they're off duty, and they might not have been bred for it, but it's what they're trained to do.

We are a long, long way from phasing out animals in our lives in a practical sense. They still perform a lot of really important duties and labor for humans. Your theory only works is you assume that the only people who matter in humanity are able-bodied, urban or suburban populations in first-world countries, and while that's a lot of people, it's a far cry from being the only way to live on this planet.

Also, some cats like sweet potato! I don't know why -- my cat eats olives and kidney beans, and treats the olives like they're catnip, and the cat we had before him ate musk melon and cantaloupe. They are strange, unpredictable creatures.
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