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I got four hours of sleep last night. IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT EVER.
The Reason Why I Love GSP:
featuring, left to right: michael winn, alaysia castello, jodi dunavan, someone I don't know, adam, johnny may wilson, jessica yu, david patterson, anita, two people I don't know, amanda wallace, hannah kagan-moore, dustin robinson, liam welch, meredith, gregg reynolds.

point: I am terrible at saying goodbye. I did not cry. I teared up once when I laughed too hard. perhaps this is because I refuse to accept that this is the end of things. but either way I hate goodbyes. I'd rather just say: "see you tomorrow" and then not, then never see you again. I am sorry gspfriends.

I am going to go see Harry Potter at 7:30. I have 66 new emails (haha). I have just uploaded 199 pictures (the last of the bunch). my chucks completely completely died. I'm kind of hungry.

I am so so tired.
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the title is a line from the GSP step team, which I've never seen/heard of before I came here.

since I have left you, I've put on makeup and painted my nails black. Today I have a Nikon film camera with manual focus and aperture and ISO and EVERYTHING. It is very very exciting and if the film is good I'll scan and show you. today is the last real day of GSP and thus I do not know what to say about it.

GSP is a cookie...EAT IT!

I feel so indie-artsy, it's amazing. sometime I will detail all my experiences of being alive so that I can remember them and you can read about them and remember all the experiences you have had while you were alive, too. but hindsight is twenty-twenty, as we the living know too well.

I finished HP7...I have no idea what I read, so I'll read it again when I get home. Best line? "THAT'S MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!" (or the GSP favorite where Harry finds Hermoine at her knees by Ron's head). ahaha, JK, don't jk with us, write more potterverse stuff. time to go home and read read read until my eyeballs fall out and only crusted-over black eyeliner is left to demonstrate where my vision used to be.
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every monday night they have a club that meets called Urban Hiking. Mostly it's just hiking. Every week of GSP, the hikes get progressively harder. Yesterday was the challenge hike. It's also the first hike I ever went on.

I haven't gone on the other ones because it's the same time as Classic Films and I don't have shoes. Liam and David convinced me and Hannah to go at dinner. So since David loaned me his shoes and I didn't really want to see the Charlie Chaplin movie, I went hiking.

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so I have spent all weekend with the Party, which makes me a part of it on a semirotating basis I suppose. GSP is so long. I wish it was over, I'm so tired and my legs hurt from walking up twelve flights of stairs every day. ugh.

I dreamt of pianos all night last night, walking on them and swimming through them. that is what I wanted to put in this post.

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I just got the most bizarre urge to listen to American Idiot again.

George Clooney's dad, Nick Clooney, came to speak to us about Darfur last night and I introduced him. and I joined the Tori Murden McClure Fan Club on Facebook. Anyone who can row across the Atlantic on a lunch tray with a spoon and fight off leo-pards with nothing but a broken pencil...they deserve fan club.
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so, I have about ten minutes to report to you on GSP. Here I go!
1. Focus Area: Journalism and Mass Media. yesterday we watched a movie called Broadcast News about all the TV people sleeping together. we dont' do anything in class, lots of stuff outside of class.
2. general studies: "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"--a.k.a. kidlit. I write lots of Wanda and Marco stories.
3. free time. Hey! we have about three in the morning, one at lunch, two to three in the afternoon, and all of them after dinner till ten. so about ten hours of free time a day.
4. trashy romance novel. About the illustrious Carmen Mignonette, redhead fluffhead extrodinare, Agnes Partane the religious who turns to the slutty Jezebel, the evil and coniving Lucinda Wickton, the charming and disillusisnoed with humanity, nobleman-turned-stableboy Sir Flint Breckinridge, the pirate Jonathan Dane. ARRG you know you want to read it.
5. pirate-ninja-game-of-tag
6. I think I've watched about a hundred movies
7. leopards (pronounded leo like leo the lion and pard--leo-pard). I hunt leopards, but only on perimeter.
8. I'm sure I've done lots of fun things, but they're completely unmemorable. the end.
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Hannah (who is a Jew, and said this upon my comparing the terribleness of Seminar to the holocaust): "With friends like you, who needs Nazis?"

Amanda: "I believe that everyone should be fluent in another religion." 

so, um, email me and leave me comments telling me how much you miss me...or else.
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I have packed seventeen pairs of socks, twenty-five pairs of underwear--why is just one called a pair?--a suitcase of shirts, a suitcase of pants, and so many other items that the best way is to list what I have not packed, which include my alarm clock, iPod & cell phone charger, ukulele, bedding being used currently, hair brush, and envelopes with stamps.

Of course I will probably have (sporadic) internet access, and expect voice posts (probably), but I am, as of right now, a little bit freaked out.

I have to leave at seven thirty in the morning, so...um...see you guys in five weeks.
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listening to the exciting music on the myspaces' of all the people who left me comments. who knew I could discover I liked Jack Johnson from a comment asking for my address. loving to hate max's family force five.

church: exit nicole, enter vacation bible school. we have one kid in my group who has major behavorial problems. and health problems. this is the same kid who had a stroke when I was working the nursery, and I think he's adhd. I'm spending the entire time basically trying to keep him in the group. I feel like I shouldn't complain about this.

rereading the Fountainhead, which is lovely. addictive. second time this year. it's a modern fairy tale, a capitalist fairy tale.

giving up on my script because I don't want to do it anymore. a part of me wants to. but not really. encourage me, I feel like nobody cares.

everyone else must be having a more exciting summer than me so far, but that's about to change because I leave for GSP saturday. EXCITED!! who cares how lame my summer has been up till now. I'm pumped. I'm kind of glad I'm leaving church for five weeks too. best of all words. who knows how this will turn out. not me.

off to food.


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