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my computer's been broken, so I've been gone for a while...in that time, I knit a sweater, dad got a new car, and I got accepted to medical school. Hurray!!! and June is halfway over oh no.

it's amazing what regular meals and daily exercise will do for a person. I don't feel like a half-dead, half-blind hungry old crank anymore. My family is really fantastic. I think they more than make up for my somewhat subpar ability to make and maintain friendships.

music. I was listening to the Format CD I got (I got the fun CD first, actually) and Dog Problems' (click that link, their website is super fun) titular track came on. When it was over, I said "again" and punched the back button on the CD player. And this got repeated about seven times. If you like fast/slow dynamics, tongue-in-cheek lyrics superimposed onto serious, heartfelt ones, horns, piano, a little bit of vaudeville, and Hush-Sound-esque lyrics and peppiness, then you should download Dog Problems. From the "you should see me, I smoke myself to sleep" to the cheeky "boys in swooping haircuts are bringing me down" and the heartfelt: "Was it worth it? when you slept with him? did you get it all out of your system?"

If you can figure out what he's trying to spell at the end of the song, please tell me. Her name...? BECA. it's really not a word. Someone speculated he started to spell out 'BECAUSE' but then says "I never finish phrases" and leaves it at that.

Also when I imported all my music in iTunes it kept all my old playlists and playcounts so thanks? but all the links are broken and so I have to manually go in and re-find my files for every song. (well, if I wanna keep my playcounts, I do. so for everything with >10 plays, yes.) So yesterday I was doing it for Regina, because she's my favorite, and I missed her at Bonnaroo's webcast, and stumbled upon A Canon and forgot how much I loved her unsold demos. Really, the only song I don't like by her is Aching to Pupate, and some of 11:11 is more forgettable than I would like. But this song is fantastic for its "I have given you love and I have given you anger and I meant them both" and the "I always knew a big boat would come and take me away, take me away," and the "they think I'm saying hello and goodbye, when what I'm really saying is---" so give it a listen.

also all the bonnaroo concerts I wanted to see webcast I've missed. Tori, Regina, Mumford & Sons. :(

book reviews. I've been reading the next Mitford book, by Jon Karon, A Light In The Window, and will read the next one after that. I think I'm attracted to these books because of rocks in my personal life; they make it easier to deal with certain situations and seem to ease a lot of resentment I'm holding. It's the way everything works out so perfectly in these books, I think; it's nice reading about a perfect life, where there are only minor problems that can be surmounted and nothing seems hopeless. Which is why I think I like it, because when you feel like you're powerless about a lot of situations in your own life and have given up on them it's nice to go to a place where nothing is hopeless. I think in the first book the perfection irked me, where now I've eased back into it. Due to my personal life, no doubt.

Which is why I don't know if I can review this book! All reviews are influenced by personal lives, which is why this objective, third-party kind of approach to reviewing that is so popular doesn't work. People are different and like different things. You have to appreciate that...even a reviewer who tries to get their target audience can still way miss the mark. So I prefer to tell you about my experience with books or music so you know where I'm coming from and why I say the things that I say about it.

So about this book I have to say: it's homely, it's cute, it's perfection. It helped me deal with angry 3am phone calls, and calmed me down afterward. It's not a great work of art with a tragic hero and an overarching plot structure. It's like the Andy Griffith show, like I said before...but sometimes you need that, you need books that will comfort you instead of challenge you when real life is challenging.

I'm still not the intended audience for this book. The book begins with Father Tim's staunch resistance to getting a microwave, which is enough of a generation gap for a college student who only has a microwave. I still don't think people really work like this. I like the characters: memorable, small-town personalities who are well-characterized and have dialogue that is a little too accurate at times.

I also read The Invention of Hugo Cabret which took all of an hour and was cute and charming. The origins of French cinema, and things I didn't know about it.

Next I'm reading assorted adventures of Sherlock Holmes, while I try to figure out what novel I should read next that we have at the library. Maybe something to make up for my worsening personal life.
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my friend gave me this shirt and I thought it was fabulous. perfect for someone who just applied to medical school :P But not as a tshirt. too easy to get stained, too hard to read, just in general difficult to appreciate the awesomeness. So I made a pillowcase!

before and after... )

I'm thinking about buying this math cheat sheet shirt and making a matching pillowcase set for my full bed. How can I get equally awesome science sheets? hmm.....


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