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We're officially moved in! Have a picture. It's the kitchen because that's the most furnished room right now.

I've been reading arsene lupin on my iPod--classic book app, since I finished The Disappearing Spoon this morning and the library is closed Sunday. We're going to go later today.

All the furniture so far is mostly mine, my bedroom aside--sofa bed, coffee table, end table, kitchen table & chairs, armchair. Besides that it's pretty bare, though Bailey's mum is getting us a futon for the back room soon (we pick it up today). We don't have internet either. I can steal from a neighbor but its fleeting, so I apologize for the lack of updates.

I went through Faine's boxes, with lots of exclamations of "Thanks Faine!!" in various tones of joy (dishes, spices) and confusion (so much cumin? like twelve ounces of cumin. not joking. also so many ponchos!). Her furniture is fantastic. We bleach-water-washed everything due to mom's fear of mold, polished the wood, vacuumed the upholstery, and unpacked the mysterious kitchen boxes that contained pots, pans, spices, food, and a mysterious pair of shoes. ??? okay.

This is fine for me because I love inheriting other people's stuff, I like getting furniture and boxes with odds and ends from someone else's life and going through it to see what they thought was important, what they kept and collected. I like things that already have life when they're given to you, and a good life, it's almost like you're expected to carry that into future generations. Same reason I love my grandparent's house: full of furniture (I suspect a good one-third or more of their furniture is hidden under beds and things, because they have more furniture than house. I told grandmom I'd buy a house so she'd have somewhere to keep her extra furniture), old books, old pictures, old things people have made. There's a reason my purse right now is a carpetbag of unidentifiable age I found in my grandmother's closet. I like old things. Also mum said the mattress smelled like marijuana. Oh, Faine.

I'm still in a transition phase; that first week, from school to home or home back to school, is always disconcerting; I'm not sure what the routine is yet, I know what I would do at home but here? And it's always accompanied from a busy-to-nothing shift, from finals to staring at my room in KY, from MCAT-library-working-packing-crazy to moving in, with my most strenuous duties being grocery shopping and cooking dinner. It takes a while to get reoriented. I have confidence that things will be better when Evian gets here.
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oh look I am packed. ahhhhhh!!! It's been a crazy week this week. I start work next week, too, but I'm excited about that! I have to decide what day to start. Maybe I'll give myself a day to unpack, eh?

My parents are on their way here: they arrive late tonight, and then tomorrow we pack up and Saturday morning move out. I have signed up to check out at 9am. It's offical. Oh dear. But not before we go to breakfast at either Cafe Freret or Camilla Grill and dinner at Jacques-Imos. I was going to do Juan's Flyng burrito tonght but they were delayed ths morning by hot-water-heater and so won't arrive n time. NEW ORELANS RESTAURANTS, all of the good ones.

This morning I ate Camilla Grll, the deli roast beef and an orange freeze, in a denim miniskrt and tank top and flip flops and sunny, 80 degree weather. New Orleans in the spring...I'm going to miss you. Someone sad today that we have two seasons, Heaven and Hell. Right now it's all fluffy clouds and sun beams. Soon it wll be hot and humd 100% of the time, but 'll be home for that, rght!? Also both of my roommates are staying here. Of course they are.

I am moving in more ways than one: I also have a new dreamwidth account, abigailnicole. My i key still sn't really working so I was orignally abgailnicole and it was awful and they were nice enough to change my name, they're so fantastc! encourage the switch just because of the very nce moderators over there. [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge convinced me to swtch. But I'm tired of gong through and correctng my i's so a bunch of them mght be missng from ths post. Sigh. I'll still be crossposting to LJ and if you're lke most of my friends and read ths on facebook it applies to you 0%. But LJ people! if you have dreamwidth tell me so we can be friends over there.

(also typing in my current location? THE LAST TME WLL POST FROM HERE. and typng my current musc--the Rachel/Jesse Hello--I WANT THEM BACK TOGETHER SO MUCH. /gleek)


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