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advice I have been given recently: think less and see it grow - kelsey
"There is a difference between a shaky or out-of-focus photograph and a snapshot of clouds and fog banks." - Edward Schrodinger

Genius is giving me the same ten songs on every mix I make. it's time to hand-make a mix CD, for fall. I will get back to you on this.

Evian left me a brownie after my orgo test. I needed it. I lost my umbrella, so I was just walking back, in the dark, in the rain by myself, after taking an orgo test. it was a very dense brownie with hints of caramel.....or else she has fed me a pot brownie and I am unaware of it.

Also the government has stopped the sale of flavored cigarettes. You know, because it's the government's job to tell us how to treat our own bodies and what flavors of cigarettes we're allowed to smoke. But now that they're going to be paying for our healthcare, I guess they have the right to tell us what to do with our bodies. That way we're healthier and they spend less of our money on us...

what if I just made graphs of random motions, like people moving about on the patio under my window or the number of steps my roommate takes in an hour, and then asked physics students to analyze the trends. I, too, could force people to analyze meaningless data like the deceleration of cars at the willow stoplight. If a car is traveling 120 km/h and a student begins to cross at 3m/s as the light turns yellow when the car is 50m away, and the driver reacts 3s later, will the car hit the pedestrian? what is the force acting on her body, assuming the car has a mass of 2 tons? will she be killed? will her brains color the pavement, will they try to piece together her fractured skull? what is the reaction time of the driver? if messages are encoded as virtual data that travels at the speed of light, with standard encryption time of 4 hours from pronounced time of death, how long will it be until the phone rings and her mother picks up? if the car then accelerates after the impact back to 120km/h in 10 s, how far away will they be before her body is discovered?
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first off, have a song:
Battles - Atlas
it doesn't have any words.

Second off, I've been thinking of Atlas Shrugged a lot lately. Amanda texted me about being on a train, and it got me thinking about Dagny Taggart; then a conversation I was having with someone about the things we liked when we were children and how we consider them silly now reminded me of the same conversation taking place between Dagny and Francisco.

does anyone else have the problem that in iTunes 9 now the mini-player in the taskbar doesn't work? or is that just me?

I've been kind of a mopey, electronegative oxygen all week. Perhaps after all my TESTS are OVER---did I tell y'all we get a three day weekend for Yom Kippur? Jewlane for the win--I will be able to finally relax. My FAVORITE LIBRARY IN ALL THE WORLD has sent me a care package so I can sew them a Where The Wild Things Are hat and Bailey is going to get me yarn so I can make this tree sweater. I'm bribing myself with them if I can get through all these tests in hard classes this week. I've been staring at textbooks and problems so long the words don't register in my brain anymore. This is not helpful.

Also mopey oxygen, clingy fluorine, and hipster noble gases are totally real things to call people. time to study more.
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aw man, my iTunes just got FANTASTIC. You guys have this, right? Everything is bad and you've been doing the same physics problem for over an hour (pretty soon this blog will just be about how much I hate physics. are you tired of hearing about it? well, I'm not tired of hating it yet, sorry) and everyone is being all funky and then, all of a sudden, Summer in the City comes on! And you feel happy, and then there's even MORE. the killers and tori amos and box car racer and then The Worst Day Since Yesterday, which was just...you know, accurate. It's been the Worst Day since Yesterday.

actual phrase in my spanish workbook, working with verbs of "to become": "La fiesta se pone una orgia, ya que no habia adultos presentes" lolololol. Tenemos orgias en espanol? following sentence: "Cuando recuerdo lo que ocurrio, me puse furiosa" I bet.

Amanda's post on her horrible day makes me want to post about this week. really though it's not that bad, not too many bad things have happened? I just can't take being bad at physics gracefully, I'm not okay with not knowing things and not being able to figure them out and having no clue what's going on. I think this is understandable. Next week I have an orgo test and a physics test, which I probably will invariably complain about some more, and a spanish test. Also is my roommate's birthday next wednesday, and next thursday she has a german project, an orgo test, and a physics test. She's worse off than me, but her stress is making me stress, and it's just not good for either of us.

In anthropology we're reading about food-foragers, the relatively leisurely life of these very low-tech, no-tech societies where people spend most of their time entertaining, talking, searching for food. They work 15-20 hours a week to survive, the rest is just them having a good time and doing whatever it is they do. I'm comparing my life in college with the lives of people who work, even, even very demanding jobs....usually it ends when you come home, you have an allotted period and that's it? am I wrong here? You still have your time. I'm not sure if college is supposed to be time-consuming, if I just can't balance my time correctly: I feel like I'm doing well. And we have all the food we need, and then some, so we are doing nothing to provide for ourselves and working twice as much. Evolution is weird, guys. Evolution is so weird.

When I'm living in a zeppelin floating around the world, I will write books and make things and stop and food-forage. I do not think it will be hard: we will stop in on church dinners and make money playing the ukulele on streetcorners and picking up change in parking lots. I will photoblog my experience and everyone will wonder why they didn't give up this fast-paced lifestyle to float around the world in a blimp. Zeppelin sales will rise exponentially; we will spark a mini lighter-than-air-transport revolution. How much are zeppelins? Do you think they'd be less than med school?


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