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this week. I was so pleased last night when I finished my all my papers, all the 20 pages I wrote Monday-Wednesday, and at midnight last night went over my to-do list and crossed everything out feeling immensely pleased with myself and then realized I didn't write my article. I GUESS IF I HAD TO FORGET SOMETHING IT'S THE ONLY NONGRADED THING.

I started keeping a dreamjournal this week (since I had to turn in my actual journal) after I had a dream I was served brains at dinner and then the victim sucked blood that was gushing out of my mouth. Last night I was in a terrible mood and dreamed of a banana-guitar, woke up feeling pretty okay. Yesterday, I listened to Winter is Coming thirty times in a row and before I went to bed, I watched David Tennant as Hamlet. At first he was just kind of weird but by the end the way he plays Hamlet--as totally, completely, strapped-to-a-chair-mad--gets under your skin and when he has killed Polonius and is duct-taped to chair and mocking "Not where he eats, but here he is eaten" you are also feeling trapped and crazy and in the middle of this week it bothered me more than it should.

I have spent too much time reading Shakespeare recently. Eight days left in New Orleans.
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to celebrate not having lab this monday afternoon I read What's Eating Gilbert Grape? by Peter Hedges outside until I had to turn on the flood lights to finish it. It makes you feel like being homeless on the streets of New Orleans would be better than being stuck in a small-town in Iowa with your family until the very last chapter.

I finished Persepolis yesterday, but I don't have very much to say about it. I've been reading Hamlet out loud over the past few days, slowly, and eventually I'll sit down and watch Kenneth Branagh's 242 minute version. Family-conflicted, guilty, sensitive, indecisive male heroes compromise my past few days.
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I got Hannah this sweatshirt--the Amy Pond sweatshirt, ie the dolman sleeve hoodie from AA--for her birthday, because it was red, and I wanted one. then amanda got one, and I decided if both my wives had one I wanted one too. so it goes. I'm waiting on my red one to arrive.

I've been very consumptive lately; my phone is no longer useful as a telephone, as it rarely allows me to make or receive phone calls that have incoming sound, and it is mostly a texting machine. As much as I like to text, I would like to be able to receive phone calls, and so have ordered a new phone. I am anxiously awaiting all these things. Checking their tracking numbers. It was in New Orleans yesterday why isn't it here yet!?! Why hasn't she shipped it I need it!!! I had a conversation today with my Shakespeare professor about how we should do Shakespeare movie night (I already do that at my house) and how tracking numbers are ruining my life. I'm not sure how well we get along, but I'm taking Shakespeare II with him next semester because I enjoy Shakespeare.

Which brings me back to red. In that notebook, the aforementioned one: it's technically for class, as my creative writing teacher wants us to keep an observation journal. I've been keeping observation journals for years. As soon as I finish one, I start a new one. So I just started writing overheard quotes in my current one. Though, to be fair, what I mainly use it for is drawing pictures while I watch TV with Evian. During our second Shakespeare movie night, which was the Anthony Hopkins version of Titus, I kept drawing out things in the movie. It's a beautiful movie: from Saturninus's steampunk-gargoyle throne up to Tamora's red riding outfit. I want that red riding outfit, I want to get it for Evian for Christmas. So I started drawing pieces of Titus: Lavinia with the blood dripping from her mouth, Tamora riding across the field, Aaron buried in the dirt. The only marker I have is red so that's the only color in all my pictures, which I think gives it an unintentionally violent affect. And then when I drew Amy Pond's red sweatshirt, watching The Time Of The Angels with Evian, it was the last straw. So I bought it.


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