Jan. 7th, 2011

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I've been behind on my book posts. so anyway.

The reviews on the back of the book and basically that I've heard everywhere were all "OMG THIS WAS SOOOO GOOD I READ IT ONE DAY." Since I usually read all books in one day, I also finished it in one day--Christmas Day, read it on the drive to Atlanta. I have sworn off driving to Atlanta on major holidays, it always makes me superbitchy. Anyway I was quite unimpressed with it. It's a pretty typical mystery-thriller except for Larsson's thing about WOMEN BEING RAPED HORRIFICALLY. After Sandler's excruciating rape scene that just happens to take place on MY BIRTHDAY I threw the book across the car. I finished it though. I have so many issues with Blomkvist, namely that he is not a real character and just a placeholder for the intended audience.

The Girl Who Played With Fire was even worse. about 2/3 of the book is Sandler spending the billion-so dollars she embezzled from the bad guy at the last book. We go from solving an island murder to watching Sandler go apartment shopping, new clothes shopping, take a vacation in the Caribbean...I'm not joking. Why is this so thrilling, it's like a written version of HGTV. Blomkvist and Sandler spend the entire book out of each other's ompany until the final two chapters. There area about four action-filled, read-ahead-quickly chapters in the entire book and most of the rest is Larsson setting up the entirety of Sweden as terrible and misogynistic. Which is fine, but after about the sixth chapter in a row that does nothing but set up police and press misogyny I GET IT, OKAY. THEY HATE WOMEN AND ARE TERRIBLE TO THEM. YOU SAID THIS. It's like Atlas Shrugged, only in Atlas Shrugged it was character rhetoric that continued beating a dead horse while the plot actually moved forward in interesting ways, and here it is exactly the reverse. By that I mean both character rhetoric and the plot only do one thing, and do it at a length that is unnecessary.

I didn't get The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest for christmas and haven't felt the need to go buy it. I'm sure I'll read it eventually, or at least watch the films with Evian.

anyway. Now I'm reading A Prayer for Owen Meany and have been taking a week to read it! Weird! I feel like it's going exceedingly slowly because I have spent a week on it! And it's very good, but when you read more slowly you notice the good and the bad more and so I'm starting to think the plot pace needs to pick up, but that just may be my reading pace! I can't tell them apart. It is quite good and surprisingly nonrepetitive for a fake memoir. anyway, more when I'm done.

also I have watched this video from the best woman and this video which I want to cut up into ringtones about five times each and see no reason to stop now. They are pretty great!


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