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last night was a good night. I went to bed at 10, the result of sleeping only five hours the night before, and had an awful dream. Woke up at 4, called JR and talked to him until 6, which I really needed to do and made me happy. Went back to sleep at 6 and slept until now (ten) and had a wonderful dream about a book Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman (MY FAVORITE CELEBRITY COUPLE) had written together which was part dictionary, part autobiography, part movie. Yeah, my dreams are just THAT AWESOME. and I think this one actually took the elements of the first dream--ie the house, setting, etc--but instead of a terrifying child molester and a dog there were AMANDA PALMER AND NEIL GAIMAN. my favorite people are dating I still can't get over it.

also I'M DATING. Talking to him or not talking to him, having a good conversation versus a bad conversation, can make me feel good or bad about myself for days. Today is a good day. I'm not sure if it's good or bad that my happiness is dependent? But the good days are very good days and the bad days are awful bad days.

waking up at ten am, getting ten hours of sleep, is awesome. In a while I'm going to go make eggs in a basket and then go to work and we're painting. Yesterday we did, with 2-5 year olds, fingerpaint, painting with bouncy balls (interesting), watercolors, spin painting (my station), and easel paintings (some of which turned out surprisingly good. One kid covered the entire canvas with a mixture of all colors, which looked like a abstract painting of an event done by an art student). Today we're doing it with 6-10 year olds. I'm actually excited today. Yesterday I was just tired.

Also I'm knitting a Moebius, which is BLOWING MY MIND, in the colors of my LJ theme. This might be an awful idea. We'll find out.

My brother leaves for Ichthus today. I would have liked to have gone? But going now is never going to be the same as going when I went, it will never be the same camaraderie and drama and frankly the same bands (no Relient K, no Newsboys, no Switchfoot, the three christian bands I like, and instead a bunch that I just DON'T like [Christian music goes through phases....long story]) also frankly the same weather. My Ichthus is the ichthus of bad weather, of one year of evacuations, one year of floods, one year of tornadoes, one year of snow, another year of tornadoes, and more evacuations in the middle of Relient K (boo). If I went now, it'd just be me, and Sara acting as adults around a bunch of boys from high school. And you now, that's fine if they're the soccer team, but it's the new soccer team, I didn't spend four years building bonds of trust with this soccer team and consequently it's just a bunch of people who like to kick a ball around. Thus is graduating, I suppose. I'll be working instead.

I'm really an adult now. Big change from when I started this journal almost six years ago.

Time to go make breakfast and go to work. Really super an adult now.
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reading Breaking Dawn till 5am

1. I read Bridge Jones's Diary. It was v. exciting. The narrative style was entertaining, with the calorie counter, weight watcher, constant abbreviations and left-out-ness of personal pronouns. It was endearing and read like...how do I explain it? When I wrote about early 1700s sea voyage logs, I used the same time. "v. bad day, lost 4 men to storm. am feeling the side effects of dehydration, must find land soon or ship will collapse" type of thing.

2. THE AMANDA PALMER CD LEAKED! oh my god. let's just talk about this. I'm going to become a poster at [livejournal.com profile] freezepops just to post this CD. (and my Delirium playlist that I did for [livejournal.com profile] audiography. ) and the night after I got it I was coming home from work and it was a bad night. I was glad I'm quitting. Usually I'm just kind of 'eh' about work. Tonight I was actively seething as I walked out the door. This CD was in my car and I put on Guitar Hero and then it was just slamming my fist on the steering wheel the whole way home, all screaming: WHAT'S THE USE IN GOING OUTSIDE?
and that was how this song saved my life. I've listened to it twenty times since then.

3. Our Breaking Dawn party! I locked my keys in my car, exploded a coke in the parking lot, lost all my makeup, and stayed up till 5am. I told all the people at work that I was going to a party at books a million and they laughed at me. "Some wild child you are," they said. WELL IT WAS A FAIRLY EXCITING PARTY, KTHXBAI. JUST BECAUSE I DIDN'T GO OUT AND GET DRUNK OR GET HIGH doesn't mean it wasn't a good party. But anyway. I was planning to read Breaking Dawn from 12-4am, but with all the locking my keys in my car and everything, I ended up reading it from 1-5am. I'm not sure if this book was worth being that tired the next day, but whatever. I had four predictions for this book: a.) a catastrophe at the wedding, b.) Jacob imprinting, c.) Bella becoming a vampire, and d.) Bella's vampire power (which I guessed 100% correctly). Three of those things happened, and one didn't. Not gonna say anymore, though I'm sure all the hardcore fans have read it already.
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some for me now.

1. Scarecrow and Fungus - Regina Spektor. (buy at her site)
This is an unreleased demo as far as I know, though it may be on Mary Ann and the Gravediggers, the one CD I don't have. Let this be said: I love regispek with untold passion. I play this song on piano. I have 101 Regina songs in iTunes. she's great. and she's friends with...

2. ... Amanda Palmer! (and Evelyn Evelyn)  Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn?
(The singing, piano-playing, songwriting half of the Dresden Dolls.) Who's friends with Ben Folds (she actually lived in his studio and he's producing her new CD !) She's friends with Jason Webley and Evelyn Evelyn, who NEIL GAIMAN MENTIONED ON HIS BLOG AS WELL AS AMANDA PALMER BY NAME. And Neil Gaiman is friends with not only Terry Pratchett (the author who has thirty books on my shelf) but... TORI AMOS. Isn't it really cool how all my favorite icons are all friends with each other? I LOVE IT. IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE THE WORLD IS PERFECT. and Amanda Palmer mentioned Tori Amos in her blog about crazy fans. so it's like they're family. more to the point, this song is the same one Neil Gaiman talked about--it's a lovely 30's? 40's? style cabaret, no kidding, this sounds just like old pianobars, which is the music I wish everything had more of. Listen and tell me what decade you think it belongs to.  This song is from the EP Elephant Elephant by Evelyn Evelyn, which sold out, but you can get on their website or Amanda Palmer's blog, to support Evelyn Evelyn and Amanda Palmer.

Jesus Saves, I Spend by St. Vincent.
I also discovered via Amanda Palmer. she covers it on her blog. If you can't tell, I kind of love these people. This song has a clever name, a clever vocal background, and is good. The first time I heard it I was driving through small-town western Kentucky at night, and it was surreal, staring at deserted houses under orange streetlights, staring down back streets while hearing this. So I highly recommend it. You can purchase it at her website.

4. Desire - Ryan Adams
So today in English, my teacher, who I am friends with and who is crazy, made us listen to Ryan Adam's song Desire. Now, I have about 7 ryan adams CDs sitting on my computer. It's one of those things my boyfriend fell in love with and gave me, and I was all like whatever, I don't like country, and didn't ever listen to it. BUT THIS SONG CHANGED MY MIND. And after this song, someone earlier today posted Elizabeth, You Were Born to Play that Part and then I'm like, you know, Shakedown on 9th Street could be the most rocking song of all time, so I put them back in iTunes. Check out Ryan Adams' website. My overly fanboy boyfriend has told me that Ryan Adams wrote at least seven 'joke' CDs this year, as well as two real full-length CDs. The joke CDs--hip hop, punk rock, country, metal--are allegedly available on his website, but his website is the weirdest website ever created. I got sucked in for an hour just trying to figure out what it was. He apparently had enough material for a third album and his record label wouldn't let him put one out, as well, though this is probably just my boyfriend pissing on record labels. But still--this guy has written more songs than Tori Amos, which tells you something because she's crazy prolific. And they're good songs!

5. My item number 5 is the sweeny todd soundtrack, which I won't upload here, which has been in my car for the past two weeks and I don't ever want to change out. someone, oh someone, sing A Little Priest with me.

originally for [profile] audiography
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So last night I woke up at the 3:20, with a roaring toothache, after dreaming about having to describe Corey’s sister in terms of 1/[A]t = kt + 1/[A]0 and the Oasis song She’s Electric. Perhaps it’s a little overevident that I had a Chemistry quiz today.  Also, my Oasis kick is over, I’m burning the Wolf Parade CD to put in my car. GIVE ME YOUR EYES I NEED SUNSHINE

I'm so burnt out on writing. I don't even want to write in my blog anymore, I'm tired of writing meaningful events about my life for essays. Pfft. Monday I had academic team, Tuesday (final) academic team, wednesday FPS, thursday (today) I talked to ms. nantz and tutored. I actually got paid, which made me really happy, and I came home and had spaghetti and ate with my family and it was LOVELY LOVELY. I didn't even have to set the table and it was so lovely, even if it was 7:30 dinner. But tonight I have to write a Young Goodman Brown short story response (which I'm not doing right now). I'm also working on essays for Vassar and Penn, which is why I say I'm TIRED OF WRITING. everything I write feels forced and it's very blah. it makes me love amanda palmer the more, the opening notes of Astronaut in my next tab make things better for a little while in spite of the runny nose and pounding headache.

This week I had to sell stickers for Hat Day (tomorrow) for NHS, and tickets to the chilli supper (tomorrow) for Beta, and tomorrow I have to wear a hat (a cute one) and work the chilli supper, also at some point get presents for youth. then I'm going to see the Golden Compass. Just try and stop me, bitches.

also, hahaha, Jason Mraz's blog. How I missed it.

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What is LJ bitching about, again? I don't know.

I have a toothbrush in my mouth right now. I just took this picture, this is what I look like:

but anyway.

This morning, I awoke at the god-unholy hour of 6 am with STABBING HUNGER PAINS. I tried to go back to sleep, but with no avail, so at 6:45 I got up and ate a pop tart (brought it back up to my bed and ate it). It was yummy.

Anyway, I went back to sleep after that and had a dream that Ben Folds was performing at my school, except he didn't perform any songs I knew and his singing voice was really high. At the end of his set he said something like: "Well, you all have been great, but it's time for me to go home" and I yelled: "ARE YOU GOING BACK TO NASHVILLE?!"

After the show I went over and talked to him and the dialogue went something like this:
MeBen Folds
I saw you in--Did you see--

which was really exciting and just proves that I dream about Amanda Palmer's Blog.

I think this is the third time I've brushed my teeth today. 

I have 3000 words done on my play, which is exciting, but I need more stuff to happen in Act One and I don't know what.

Also--SURPRISE!--I'm a camp counselor next week, for my Youth Leader is leading  a week of camp and wants me to counsel. Which is rather surprising. I think I used to be really close to my Youth Leader and now I feel like she's just kind of annoyed by me all the time and doesn't really want to talk to me. She's one of those people who is perpetually so busy she's always really...um...uptight? is that the word I want? about getting things done and not wasting time.  But I still like her, so I guess I'm going to camp. LITTLE KIDS THE WOE >>>>>>>>>dies<<<<<<<<<<

And then when I got up at ten I was STABBING HUNGER PAINS again ('stabbing hunger pains' in this sentence having the meaning of 'tengo hambre'). My dad made me an egg sandwich with one piece of bread and two eggs and it was delicious. And now it is 11:44 and I am HUNGRY AGAIN. Damn.  I wish all my hunger would go away.


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