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I just wanna wear this hat all the time. I'LL EAT YOU UP!

The more I use Genius and Genius playlists, the less I trust it. iTunes is no replacement for a human playlist, where you can have happy and sad songs together and you can define things not by genre but by individual sound and/or lyrical themes. more on this when I make my next mixtape.

everyone I know is sick.....but I think I'm the carrier? boyfriend has white pus in his throat and my roommate woke up puking and congested, and I am the only link between them. Hurm. Watch me say this and get swine flu. I would spend all my time in bed being so bored, watching the sunlight slats on the floor gradually grow bigger and smaller between naps, wearing this hat (because now I wear it all the time when I'm in my room and won't look like a dork), blowing my nose incessantly, watching lots of Doctor Who. that's a lie, I'd just drag myself to class and do homework and feel awful. but I like to think that being sick would make me leisurely, or at least tired enough not to care when I don't do things.

"evidence for the merchanism of electrophilic addition: carbocation rearrangements" have you ever heard of such a thing? all night I dreamt that every time I rolled over or stretched out I was an isomer, straining all my bonds and creating steric interaction between all my alkyl substituents. today I should write a note to my grandparents, buy stamps, and do some physics.

Neil Gaiman and all my KY friends are talking about cold weather and sweatshirts and canning things for fall (well, mostly Neil Gaiman on that one). While here I am wearing my/Amanda's rainbow sundress and cowboy boots. It is not cold or fall or even close. Maybe it will be fall in November or December. Yum, Nola.
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still working on formatting delilah story...please tell me I just didn't do all this to have my margins off.

saw Transformers. In the first ten minutes Shia Lebouf had successfully yelled at Bumblebee, stood up Megan Fox, and ignored Optimus Prime. What a fail.

I feel restless and hungry all the time. I've stopped my giant making-things-constantly binge for now. I bought House of Leaves and a moleskine calendar at BAM. I'm not really as pretentious as this makes me seem. I like talking on the phone every night and I'm still stuck in The Color Of Our Planet. I started reading a lot more books. I think I'm moving from production mode to consumption mode, slowly. It doesn't really matter if no one benefits from my production, though, does it? Driving makes me think about my carbon emissions and a tank of gas a week and momentum, inertia, physics. Combustion. trying to separate play-doh reminds me of trying to cut out cancerous cells. I'm afraid all my letters will go unanswered and the things I have to say will be unimportant. I still have not watched Stranger than Fiction.

and just so you're filled in on the important things, neil and amanda are still dating and it is still the highlight of my summer.
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what were my goals for this week? smell nice and do laundry? I need more whites and perfume. perhaps showering more would help too.

Black Phoenix Alchemy is doing amanda palmer scents, because she's dating neil gaiman (and I never get tired of telling you this). I think that inspired the smell-nice resolution.

we should have tacos at bible school tonight, that would make me a happy nicole.

I have made tea and played the ukulele and have not written anymore on the story. but it is only tuesday. perhaps tomorrow night I will stay the night in manchester away from all distractions and then write and get more things done.

regina was on GMA this morning, I got up early to watch her. It was worth it, she is adorable. whoever the host was said she was a "marvellous human being."

why are all my posts to-do lists. I will get a moleskine calendar and put them all in there and you will all be spared my goals and only given the amusing things that happen in my life.
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some things I would like to do this week:
-smell nice
-finish the Klein Bottle hat
-finish the VAMPY letter
-finish the other letters
-make special hot chocolate
-make tea
-play the ukulele and learn some more songs
-write some more on the blue hurricane house story.

this will eventually go with Blue Lips, the song, and if I get ambitious I will actually knit the scarf that one of the characters is knitting. Because I like blue, and I like knitting, and I like linking all my crafts together, and I just gave a panel on this stuff.

If anything important has happened in my absence, please let me know now. otherwise I will assume that, having caught up on the neil and amanda blogs, everything is fine and move on with my non-internet life.
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last night was a good night. I went to bed at 10, the result of sleeping only five hours the night before, and had an awful dream. Woke up at 4, called JR and talked to him until 6, which I really needed to do and made me happy. Went back to sleep at 6 and slept until now (ten) and had a wonderful dream about a book Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman (MY FAVORITE CELEBRITY COUPLE) had written together which was part dictionary, part autobiography, part movie. Yeah, my dreams are just THAT AWESOME. and I think this one actually took the elements of the first dream--ie the house, setting, etc--but instead of a terrifying child molester and a dog there were AMANDA PALMER AND NEIL GAIMAN. my favorite people are dating I still can't get over it.

also I'M DATING. Talking to him or not talking to him, having a good conversation versus a bad conversation, can make me feel good or bad about myself for days. Today is a good day. I'm not sure if it's good or bad that my happiness is dependent? But the good days are very good days and the bad days are awful bad days.

waking up at ten am, getting ten hours of sleep, is awesome. In a while I'm going to go make eggs in a basket and then go to work and we're painting. Yesterday we did, with 2-5 year olds, fingerpaint, painting with bouncy balls (interesting), watercolors, spin painting (my station), and easel paintings (some of which turned out surprisingly good. One kid covered the entire canvas with a mixture of all colors, which looked like a abstract painting of an event done by an art student). Today we're doing it with 6-10 year olds. I'm actually excited today. Yesterday I was just tired.

Also I'm knitting a Moebius, which is BLOWING MY MIND, in the colors of my LJ theme. This might be an awful idea. We'll find out.

My brother leaves for Ichthus today. I would have liked to have gone? But going now is never going to be the same as going when I went, it will never be the same camaraderie and drama and frankly the same bands (no Relient K, no Newsboys, no Switchfoot, the three christian bands I like, and instead a bunch that I just DON'T like [Christian music goes through phases....long story]) also frankly the same weather. My Ichthus is the ichthus of bad weather, of one year of evacuations, one year of floods, one year of tornadoes, one year of snow, another year of tornadoes, and more evacuations in the middle of Relient K (boo). If I went now, it'd just be me, and Sara acting as adults around a bunch of boys from high school. And you now, that's fine if they're the soccer team, but it's the new soccer team, I didn't spend four years building bonds of trust with this soccer team and consequently it's just a bunch of people who like to kick a ball around. Thus is graduating, I suppose. I'll be working instead.

I'm really an adult now. Big change from when I started this journal almost six years ago.

Time to go make breakfast and go to work. Really super an adult now.


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