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this story is not about sororities or fraternities. this might be a wildly inappropriate title. 1132 words.

Greek Week

On the first day, Persephone entered the room. )
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bad news tempered with good. small sugar and large bitter pills.

today my aunt got into a car wreck. My aunt and my uncle got married just under two years ago. Shortly afterward she was diagnosed with Lupus. She's not been able to work since they got married, has been in and out of the hospital, been in constant pain, gained weight, has an altered mental state--it's a terrible disease, and especially so on these two who are just married. He's much older than her. She totaled two cars while driving because she can't focus and was under a court order not to drive except to go to medical appointments. Today she was driving--we don't know why--and wrecked. She went head-first through the windshield. She severed her T5 vertebrae and shattered her skull. They say if she lives she'll never walk again, and right now she's in critical condition. this is, needless to say, the bad news. we might go to atlanta for spring break if things get worse (or if they get better).

my great-grandfather also died wednesday night. this was expected; he was 100 and had been on the downward spiral for a while now. It's still sad.

good news: I got accepted to vassar. I was so surprised and happy even though I won't go there ($49K a year, the end). It makes me smile. I got a poster and a big folder that says "Welcome to the class of 2012." Even though I didn't send in my mid-year report. now for my only college left and the one I know I'll get rejected to: penn. there's a long story behind that one. mainly my academic team coach (yes, hannah, that one) and oh god. all the schools I want to go to accepted me so I'm really happy.

and I got my car back. I love it.

march has just been a bad month. so many people have died. so many people have been hurt. so many bad things have happened.
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+2 (first day of spring)
+5 (no school)
+2 (slept in)
-20 (pap smear)
-5 (undone homework)
+5 (lunch with mom and dad)
+5 (the public library with billy)
-5 (chores)
-50 (wrecked my car)
-30 (no more car for the rest of the year)
+0 (worked 5-9)
-2 (no dinner)
-5 (work friday, saturday, sunday)
+1 (you're the echoes of my everything
you're the reason why the whole world sings at night
you're the laziness of afternoon
you're the reason why I burst and why I bloom)
+1 (new LJ layout, spring appropriate)
+2 (optimism points)
-2 (tiredness.)
TOTAL = -96

numbers don't lie.
my day is 96% suck.

I love you---however
you hold me down.
you hold me down...
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let me tell you about The Worst Day Ever. it was today.

Sleet, this morning, forced an hour delay in school. So about eight forty, I recieve a call from Max, asking if I can get out of my road okay (since my road is ridiculous and he has four-wheel drive). I said no, thanks, it all looks clear from here. I drive off, taking it slow, which is good until I get to the S-curve. beyond the S-curve is an enormous uphill for about three-hundred yards next to a cliff. I get to there and am sitting in slush, my foot pressed to the gas--my speedometer reads 25 and I'm sitting still. Then my car gradually begins to roll backwards. I slam on the brakes as hard as I can, and when I finally stop I think, okay, get back down. So I start to go into reverse, trying to steer with the curve of the hill, but my car hits another spot of ice and starts sliding. On the right side of this hill is a shallow ditch, with a little mountainside, which would easily stop my car. On the left is about a foot of sideroad, then an abrupt dropoff covered in trees. I start sliding left. At this point I slam on my brakes, put on my emergency brake and flashers, call mom, leave a panicked message on the answrering machine. I try to back up and go further towards the left, hit my brakes again and leave another panicked answering machine message. Mom pulls up about five minutes later, stops in the S-curve, and tries to pull the car out--this time the left rear tire drops off the road. So we stop trying to move it and call Dad. Mom makes the call on my phone. After she does so, and about ten minutes after I unplugged it, battery is in red. It says: "Low Battery," beeps, and turns off.

We wait. The road outside my car is so icy and slick that when I emerge from the drivers side and try to walk down to where Mom's parked the van I can't even walk on it without sliding. We wait for dad to get there. He comes, driving his four-wheel drive SUV ("I never even had to go into four-wheel drive on the hill, you should be fine in the van" he told mom), parks it on the side of the road, and tries to drive my car forward. He does so, with the most godawful screaming screech of tires I've ever heard. He gets halfway up the hill, backs up into the S-curve, and floors it trying to get up the hill. The whole time my tires are burning rubber. Halfway up the hill he gets stuck again, backs it up, tries again, and finally just backs it down. He takes my car and mom takes the van home. Dad drives the van up the hill and Mom takes the SUV and we drive into school like that, fifteen minutes late. As we pulled up said hill, the salt truck pulls up, just coming in. Motherfucker.

Once I get to school, we have an AP Chemistry AP practice, for which there are a few math problems. I pull out my bag to look for my graphing, calculus-doing, $150 TI-89 calculator and it's not there. I search through my bag, then search again. The last time I used it was for the Chemistry test friday. In Calculus everything we're doing is integtrating volume around the x-axis, graphing and integrating on the calculator. I can't do my homework. I get home and frantically search my room, my car, my bag again, and it's not there. I've probably left it in AP Chemistry on Friday, or back in the lab for Forensics, and somebody took it. Now I have to buy a new $150 calculator--not for me, for the school. You know that sinking anxious feeling you get when you've lost something important, something that's not yours? And you have to buy a new one and it's going to take all the money you have? Remember that short story The Necklace? That's what I feel like right now. I'm going to go to school and frantically search Mrs. Herrell's room, and when I don't find it, I'm going to spend all my Christmas money buying the school a new calculator. And the longer I don't have it, the longer I can't do my calculus, and the further behind I fall in class.

We took my phone to the cell phone place and they reprogrammed it to make the battery last. I got text messaging. Hurray. So after all that, I call the lady whose son I tutor, and ask her about tutoring. "Seven?" she says, and I agree. She calls me back on the way home, at 4:45, to tell me that she's had her son checked out for ADHD, he's on medication now, and is getting all his homework done. "But if we get behind we'll call you," she says, essentially firing me. No more income. Which, it isn't like a real job anyway, but on Mondays I have to get my brother, Wednesdays and Fridays I have FPS, and even though I no longer have tutoring Tuesdays and Thursdays I don't think I have time to get a real job. So when I get a new calculator with all my christmas money I'm broke, permanently.

To recap:
a.) My car slid off the road.
b.) My cell phone died (right after said car said off said road).
c.) I lost a $150 calculator that's not mine.
d.) I got fired from tutoring.

I don't know what I did to deserve this much bad karma. Have I wronged you? What can I do?

Now, if tomorrow were better than today, I'd drive to school, find my calculator first thing, put my money in the bank, go to FPS, and not have to charge my cell phone every two hours.

If it's worse than today, I think I'll kill myself.


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