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Mar. 5th, 2010 11:48 pm
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good things:

  2. listening to Sterogum's Independent's Day Mix which I never get tired of. However I have it arranged alphabetically by artist, which is how iTunes decided to do it, but I think I rather like that order, I like having Psychic City Last
  3. I'm finally drinking a coke, I've wanted one for hours.
  4. I'm having a birthday tomorrow, 1pm, audubon park, picnic. I gave you invitations and you're cordially invited, bring your own cup. PB&J and lemonade will be served.
  5. brunch in the Quarter at my birthday!

bad things/to do list:
  1. carbonyl reactions, memorize them --test tuesday. Finish chapter 20 carboxylic acid homework. Work some synthesis problems on the whiteboard/legal paper.
  2. electric current homework due saturday
  3. creative scholars application, set up date to meet and go over it next week, also write creative scholars personal statement
  4. start reading Freud's Dora for English monday
  5. send out mail for my wives/michael winn that has been sitting round on my desk for a bit
  6. orgo lab, physics lab over the weekend

  7. this orgo test is gonna be the worst. so many reactions, so much synthesis and it's all so awful much. Synthesis has been compared to organic chemistry chess--start with this reactant and end up with a product. Write a series of steps that will give you the correct one. Just thinking retrosynthetically requires such a knowledge of how reactions fit together, not only the chemistry but all the reagents, acid-catalyzed epoxide hydrolysis vs base-catalyzed epoxide hydrolysis, if you use an isotopally labeled oxygen where does it end up. Reducing and oxidizing alcohols, carboxylic acids, ketones, aldehydes. Wittig rxn, Grignard reactions, protecting the grignard reagent with acetals and removing the acetals in aqueous acid wash. RAR RAR RAR ahhhhhhhhhh

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some points
  1. Brand New, you always come through for me when I need you
  2. I could still really use some appreciation
  3. I am typing on a computer keyboard where the y doesn't work. I have to Ctrl+V instead. how awful is this. This is because this is obviousl not my laptop, because when I came back there was sex, and so I'm in Willow lab. Whatever, I understand. But I don't have a lot of time to do homework today and this is pretty much it, so guess I'll just read Anthropology, Physics, and Orgo tomorrow. Whatever, it's not a lot.
  4. If this were my laptop I'd upload a new brand new song for you, from daisy, but it's not so I can't.
  5. I don't know my photobucket password. This isn't a problem except when I'm on other computers. I only have about 5 passwords, you think I'd remember....
  6. I dreamt of spanish class. Well, this isn't exactly right, I was in the high school auditorium but somehow watching the Superbowl at the same time. and I was thinking about Spanish--hablamos sobre el bolero, y en clase anteayer escuchamos a la cancion de "Piensa en mi" lo que es el titulo de la Phantom of the Opera, so in this dream they were singing "Think of Me" at the superbowl, except Raoul's part had been greatly expanded and included a soliloquy about how much he wanted to marry Christine but also how he couldn't because of a deep dark secret in his past, which I'm pretty sure was that he was already married. This is Phantom of the Opera at the superbowl with the plot of Jane Eyre in my dream.
  7. Also I'm taking my boyfriend out to dinner for his birthday tonight, which will be fun because we're going to the restaurant that invented bananas foster. But everytime I think about my birthday I just get kind of upset, because my birthday was pretty awful.
  8. I also had a dream that I met [ profile] copperbadge on a boat to discuss fic over Andes mints and he was an especially petite girl. This is not what he is actually like, obviously, but this didn't really bother me at all and we discussed Torchwood and Mackinaw Island and food for a long time. I woke up starving
  9. and have still not eaten. I will go get a muffin, I think, because one cannot live in sexile without both computer AND food. cranberry orange muffin nom nom nom
  10. tension tension TENsion tensIONs. Positively and negatively charged atmospheres, how appropriate. I'm not doing well this week
  11. I am so glad there is not school tomorrow
  12. Brand New, you ALWAYS come through for me.


Mar. 15th, 2008 12:14 am
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so after my field trip, my friends decided to throw me a party today (a week late) to celebrate my birthday. it was a surprise party and a good one, because I was very surprised. I got four jones sodas, an umbrella, a lolly and a jawbreaker and a disney princess balloon (which Nathan picked out). I have good friends :D <3

then we watched Never Back Down which was pretty bad. fights are now apparently the number one video on youtube and, in flordia, are treated like football in texas. But I liked it nonetheless, even though everyone just talked about how much it sucked the whole time. I also watched Casablanca today with the boyfriend. Humphrey Bogart is of course great but that's the whole movie, everyone is just a prop for him.  "of all the gin joints in the world..."

I listened to Hellogoodbye's Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! (Werewolves, Monsters, Shoestrings, Catalysts, yarn, elehpants, Schrodinger's Cat...) which is fun and poppy. Oh, and we went to an energy conference for a field trip where the speakers were all international politics majors and didn't know any science, and one guy kept talking about "the obselete Carbon atom" and everytime he said it I started laughing. or rolled my eyes.

tomorrow I go to Louisville (STATE!) to do written composition from 4:30 to 6. then, after that and more then (hopefully) SEEING GSPEEPS.  the PARTY L-VILLE EDITION. maybe. we're all unorganized, so I might not. whatev.

I lost everything past Chapter 5 on the Daniel Johnson chronicles when I lost my flash drive. and I love chapter 5, which I had typed up and don't want to retype. Mollee, you have chapter 5, so you should put it up and then I'll write chapter 6 and beyond.


Mar. 7th, 2008 10:27 pm
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was my birthday. surprise!  I'm eighteen.
my parents are amazing, they got me an iPod. 80gig, named Milo, he's cute.<3
my boyfriend got me books, American Gods and Darcy Takes A Wife (which I've wanted to secretly read for ages but have been ashamed to read. I'm still afraid to be seen with it in public), Casablanca and the new Mars Volta CD as well as an actual copy of What's the Story morning Glory, plus a little cake. awwwww.
my friends got me...nothing. they didn't even remember it was my birthday. they suck.
but we went to a piano concert tonight, classical blended with pop. I liked the classical better but I'll take amazing piano any way I can get it, any way at all.

I should mention that tomorrow I am leaving my house at 6:30 to fly to New Orleans to visit Tulane and that I will be back Monday night around midnight. Also that we're supposed to get snow and monster storms (storms are happening right now) so I hope nothing gets cancelled. I'm packing light, better hope not.

no chapter tonight, I have to pack and shower AND wake up at 5:45am.

happy early birthday [personal profile] spammityspam and [profile] musical_writerI love you both amazingly and if I remember will mail/give you something respectively.
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!!!!!!!!!!!!! my first birthday present, from the best friend ever, [personal profile] blackballoon      . by the way, she gets all scarves I make in the future. All of them. Every one. At least every single one she wants. And if she wants an afghan, she gets that too. Or a purse. Or anything, really. Just start looking around for anything you want that I can make and I swear I will.

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now, back to my crazy PMS-powered cleaning spree.
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Happy Birthday, Brandon Thorpe. May your cult live fast and die young.

Anyone know what Marilyn Manson is doing today?


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