Nov. 21st, 2008 01:15 am
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o conor
you remind me why I get up in the morning.
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I'm a cartoon, you're a full moon, let's stay up...

today is an elliott smith day, I woke up and some genius at the tulane radio station was playing elliott smith and it rained.

guess who is coming to new orleans on the 20th? CONOR OBERST that's right you know it. ahhhhh bright eyes is STILL one of my top five bands of all time so I will be listening to his solo CD now till then. so much more important.

also quantum of solace friday.

these three things have provided an excess of joy in my life. God exists and he's American.
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october 28th, a sunday.
mom said: "take it up with dad."

I shouldn't get this excited until I know that I can go.

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coming home is killing me! ugh. if it weren't for my boyfriend I would be so lost, simply because the people are so incredibly different. Nobody...is the same, if that makes sense. I can't take these people in large doses after being at GSP this long. I have to ease in slowly.

I now have to crosspost every blog between LJ (my primary blog), MySpace, and G-Space (Facebook imports my notes automatically, God bless it).

I came right back into church, where everyone else who went on the Jamacia Mission Trip gave a presentation on their experiences. It was so surreal, because I'm used to being a part of these people and this group. And they were only gone a week. All of church was dedicated to it, to one week in Jamacia--testimonies, slideshow, special music. I felt like I didn't exist, like I was completely alienated from my home.

tomorrow my boyfriend is bringing me chinese for lunch (shrimp-fried-rice) and we're going to sit around and watch Tenchi Universe, because we're cool. And then we have to go do Praise and Worship at the workcamp, because my boyfriend can actually play guitar and so my church adopted him. The funny thing is that at these events, I don't do anything. I sit around. But I have to go, because my boyfriend plays guitar-bass-drums in the praise band. And he plays them all well, which no one else in the band can actually do. So even though he's not a part of my church, and I'm the one getting left out, I'm the reason he's there. ...awkward? Methinksso. A bit. Awkward mututated cancerous turtle!

People, add me to IM instead of this constant Wall-writing on facebook. purplenicole@msn.com or abinicole on AIM. This is David and Michael I'm talking to. As well as Hannah or anyone else who wants to talk. Or you can call me! etc.

all of a sudden I miss everyone. Is that a Sigur Ros song? Or Modest Mouse CD, or something? I forget.

Maria Taylor opened for Jimmy Eat World, she was amazing. Jimmy Eat World opened with Kill (and I cried. FAVORITE SONG EVER), played Disintegration, Table for Glasses, a Go Big Casino song that he introduced as "new" (Carry Me), For Me This is Heaven, 23, and for an encore came out with an acoustic guitar and made the audience sing The Middle, which was HILARIOUS. It was amazing. Completely completley amazing. It was in a theatre, the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville--like an opera house theatre, with seats and balconies and everything. It was entirely different for a concert. Of course, if I hadn't been able to sit down I probably would have passed out from exhaustion. JEW the day after GSP? smart? oh yeah. I was so tired. But it was so worth it. I loved every minute.

The Bijou Theatre is located on S Gay Street, by the way. JEW on Gay Street. Ha,ha, ha.

now it is 11:58, a good time to end a blog. Happy tomorrow all.
much love,


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