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so it’s the Friday night after my FINAL EXAM IN GROSS ANATOMY (shew) and all week I’ve had this sewing fever and already made these pants:

which had their own lil set of conerns but whatever, I found wool pants for $3 and now they fit me. The madness did not stop here, however: at that same trip I found a Jcrew stripey sweater, a turtleneck, a sweatervest, and a Liz Claiborne skirt that fit my roommate perfectly. All these things, keep in mind, are 100% wool, because KY had 3 days of sub-40 temperatures and I suddenly realize that come winter I’M GONNA DIE. I’ve lived in a subtropical climate for the past four years yall. So ant-and-grasshopper style I’ve been furiously scouting goodwill for all the wool clothes. You think I’m joking? I bought men’s pants today when I went back.

anyway so the scoop.

B4: a gray Land’s End XL 100% merino wool sweater

(with the arms!)

B4: XXL Pronto-Uomo 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool Men’s Sweatervest

whatever they looked like that.

so the after pics which is really where it’s at:

the black sweatervest, when I sewed up the sides (but not so much redoing the arms) became a weird fitted t-shirt like thing? I planned to wear it over a white button-down for warmth & stuff so we’ll see how that works out

and the really interesting thing here was the gray one. so I spent like 4 hrs going “I wanna sew something” and clickin around blogs for cute clothing remods and then all of 50 minutes doing actual sewing on both of these shirts. So I had this wild idea to make this gray shirt into a Dolmann, which gross I know, they’re so trendy-early-2000s, but my response was gonna be “This shirt was THREE DOLLARS and is ALL WOOL” but this shirt did not want to be a dolmann and fought it with all its might. So here is its journey:

sewing up the bottom? nope sleeves still look awwwww-full

sewing up the sleeves? UN HELPFUL. what is up with that torso you ask and with good reason.

did not work out. obvs. so then I just sewed it up the regular way:

right? normal shirt! great. So all I did here was resize an XL to a S with some weird branches along the way. WHATEVER I HAVE A NEW MERINO WOOL SWEATER. and a blurry cat.

I also resized the turtleneck much like the gray one, which is embarrassing because it’s still a turtleneck, but it’s gonna get so cold I won’t care. It’s also gray with a black stripe right across the boobs. new wardrobe for winter! entirely in black and gray! it may look sad and depressing but it’ll be so warm!!! I just need to knit myself a bright red scarf or something.

anyway next time on FRIDAY NIGHT SEWING PROJECT! There are fiiiiiiiive more goodwills in town! and I might start a quilt! the end.
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my friend gave me this shirt and I thought it was fabulous. perfect for someone who just applied to medical school :P But not as a tshirt. too easy to get stained, too hard to read, just in general difficult to appreciate the awesomeness. So I made a pillowcase!

before and after... )

I'm thinking about buying this math cheat sheet shirt and making a matching pillowcase set for my full bed. How can I get equally awesome science sheets? hmm.....
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I woke up at 9am thinking about quilting. What do I want to do next.

I saw this a while ago, which is a beach house quilt, and it's adorable. And the one I thought about doing this morning would be like that, only with more complicated houses, blocks you spend all day on, houses with porches and swings and two stories and little corner pieces, just like the ones on St. Charles Avenue, right? And then I thought I could have tall narrow blocks of live oak trees in between the houses, and gray strips between rows for roads, and maybe streetcar blocks and it would be ADORABLE. also super heavy labor intensive. And more than two colors, which I was going for purple/green/white for my next one, but this one is just such a cool idea.

It would be long term, though, doing individual blocks over a long period of time then piecing them together in the coolest quilt ever. A little St. Charles Ave quilt! But it couldn't be traditional piecing, anyway, it would have to be appliqued for all the little snitty bits on the houses and streetcars and trees. Buy a lot of light blue fabric for the sky behind the houses, and some gray for road-strips and maybe the backing, then tons of millions of other colors for the houses. Rolls of variegated and patterned and etc. I could use machine-sewing to get the blocks together and the edges and do the actual quilting, but the blocks would be done by hand.... ahhh I need to start taking pictures of the houses and trees and streetcars so I know what shapes everything is.

Also for my next afghan, if anyone gets pregnant again, I'm making one like this. FISH. TESSELLATING FISH. Lots of blue ones and then colored ones in between. IT WILL BE ADORABLE.

I don't know why I'm this blanket crazy. I slept with my fleece blanket UNDER my sheet last night, instead of on top of it, and it was the best idea ever. Apparently it inspired blanket dreams.
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"We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now."
-Martin Luther King Jr.

I just solved a physics problem I've been working on all day and got a wave of happy. Forget the other five problems I have to solve before Friday that I can't do yet. One victory enheartens the soldiers!

It's 70 degrees in New Orleans. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the wind is warm on my legs. I'm still in long sleeves, but the sunshine is heartening. When the sun shines and I can wear dresses it's Regina Weather. Half the reason I came to the city in the first place was "and all the streetcars say hallelujah" all up and down the tracks my first visit here, and the promise of reading in the sunshine in Audubon Park.

I keep getting ideas to sew on, now that I'm at school without a sewing machine and, in short order, will be too busy to do even if I had one. The big shirt I'm wearing right now needs sleeves made smaller, I want to start a new quilt in mardi gras colors, I found the greatest pattern to make sweater-boots from Goodwill sweaters and ugly flat shoes, and as of watching Mary Poppins last night I want to make a navy blue tailcoat (probably from another coat). The workload is fairly light right now and it makes my fingers itch to make things.
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moody writing, I would like to take a good notebook and start writing again. I journalled prolifically in 2008 but not at all in 09. I want to start the decade out right, writing again, but at the same time I feel very quiet these days. I don't know where to start.

maybe with fairytales.

My english class is intense. my teacher is a man who is just very intense. He is very focused, very deep, has thought processes that are...wow. Most people are not like this, they are not this focused on consciousness. Today we talked about fairytales and how suspension of disbelief is essential to the human mind and inbred at a young age--how much of our analytical process is based on suspension of disbelief, what logical fallacies are inherent in our everyday thinking?

It's interesting because I too think about these things, how did we get from single-cell amoebas to creatures that store a form of collective consciousness on machines? how does evolution work that way? I didn't think other people thought about these things and this class is proving me wrong. I am the kind of person who pays attention to details, and I am very much interested in how stories are crafted and appreciate that above all else--the attention to small details, well-placed; sketches of characters in a few deft sentences; plot twists that are entirely logical, unexpected, and delightful (the tree-of-life sap at the end of the Fountain). A good sense of timing.

"pattern recognition" he wrote on the board. how we take all these details in our lives and make them make sense. propter hoc--the notion that events that come in sequence are casually linked, how the human brain tries to make unrelated facts become patterns and place ourselves into those patterns. hocus pocus.

I found my song for January, 2010.
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jayne hat 002
Originally uploaded by purpleabigail
I finished jayne hat 2. Everything I am knitting right now is a repeat: this again. I made this for Kelsey last year, and his friend saw it and requested that I make her one as well, so I did and I will be repaid (in either money or bread or some combination of the two?). How much should I ask for? In bread and money alike, how much is this hat worth to a serious browncoat....take into account it is loving handknit as well as the too much orange.

also I went shopping and bought teal things. teal and red. Everything in stores is purple and teal and blue and I love purple and teal and blue, so I was very excited. if I had teal yarn I'd teal it up, though in truth I probably need some purple scarf or something to go with my new teal jacket and jeans. I COULD BE LIKE ONE OF THOSE UNICOLOR PANTSUIT OLD LADIES. IN TEAL. I'm done.

I just discovered flickr will tell me what camera I took a picture with--not only that, but the aperture, exposure, focal length, flash condition, ISO speed, exposure bias, encoding process, and other things I didn't even know I could do. I knew the internet was smarter than me but now my camera and flickr are working against me! someday they will overtake me. run, run fast.

TEAL GOES WITH ORANGE. as well as purple. maybe I will wear something orange now.

I am getting more sleep but not getting more sane. This is getting a bit ridiculous, living in my head is like trying to make a jam sandwich with a spork and two eggs instead of toast. and chemistry.
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I finished the quilt! My first. I wanna make another one though.

I finished the mittens!

I just like making stuff )

I still need to get christmas presents for three people, and finish one more. Oops.
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what I feel like right now.

Last night I dreamed that Evian turned me into a vampire--like any good vampire dream in New Orleans, it featured Lestat--and it still didn't help with this awful toothache. In the dream, woke up in a four-poster going: "No! Vampires don't have toothaches!" and starving, ready to dig into some pancakes (with one half of my mouth) but woke up instead. 1000mg of acetomenaphin later (yesterday there was about 1200mg ibproufen, so I'm gonna start switching back and forth) I still can't swallow without feeling it all on my left side.

which turned into four inches of snow. I'm not in New Orleans anymore.....and oh, the Saints, so :( come on, win the rest and go to the Superbowl already. If you do, I'll forgive you this one.

knitting....oh man I've done mittens! I would say I've done lots, but just because totoro here takes forever...

in a good way. It's the fun kind of takes-forever knitting.

PS: I've decided Fionn Regan's The End of History is my winter playlist. it's lovely and sounds like winter. Right now, Snowy Atlas Mountains is very appropriate for being home, when the weather is desolate, in the snow and mountains.
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I just wanna wear this hat all the time. I'LL EAT YOU UP!

The more I use Genius and Genius playlists, the less I trust it. iTunes is no replacement for a human playlist, where you can have happy and sad songs together and you can define things not by genre but by individual sound and/or lyrical themes. more on this when I make my next mixtape.

everyone I know is sick.....but I think I'm the carrier? boyfriend has white pus in his throat and my roommate woke up puking and congested, and I am the only link between them. Hurm. Watch me say this and get swine flu. I would spend all my time in bed being so bored, watching the sunlight slats on the floor gradually grow bigger and smaller between naps, wearing this hat (because now I wear it all the time when I'm in my room and won't look like a dork), blowing my nose incessantly, watching lots of Doctor Who. that's a lie, I'd just drag myself to class and do homework and feel awful. but I like to think that being sick would make me leisurely, or at least tired enough not to care when I don't do things.

"evidence for the merchanism of electrophilic addition: carbocation rearrangements" have you ever heard of such a thing? all night I dreamt that every time I rolled over or stretched out I was an isomer, straining all my bonds and creating steric interaction between all my alkyl substituents. today I should write a note to my grandparents, buy stamps, and do some physics.

Neil Gaiman and all my KY friends are talking about cold weather and sweatshirts and canning things for fall (well, mostly Neil Gaiman on that one). While here I am wearing my/Amanda's rainbow sundress and cowboy boots. It is not cold or fall or even close. Maybe it will be fall in November or December. Yum, Nola.
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reading James Frey after finishing House of Leaves feels like the chapter where Johnny Truant gets the magical little yellow pills. Fake.

I have been very busy this week. I wore new pants and they don't fit quite right. Perhaps I should grow bigger or smaller to make them work. My Alice in Wonderland pants. Tonight is my only free night, tomorrow I work late again and then Friday I leave for the exclusive lakeside island retreat where there are no cars allowed and it will be chilly and crisp. I am taking blanket material to sew on. I have cut up rectangles, o the worry. here's hoping they turn out all right.

see you when I return.
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oh yesterday, yesterday I went to Big Lots with my mother and I got cheap mohair and peppermint facewash but the music. Big Lots was playing music, nice indie quiet music, Feist and Jason Isbell who I have discovered because I was sensible enough to twitter the lyrics and now have downloaded Seven Mile Island. I wish I did that to all the songs they played that I didn't know. I should live at Big Lots if they play music like this all the time.

I am crocheting a shawl, hopefully I will be done soon and you can see it. I bought yarn so now I must knit to get rid of it. I must make a shawl, a sweater, a shrug, and a hat. Presto!

I also spent the fourth of july playing dominoes as it rained out our fireworks. We played all thirteen rounds, I tied with my father.
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reading about The Navidson Record makes me just want to photograph things. I know exactly know what the house at Ash Tree Lane looks like, you know. I have its picture in my mind, its white walls and connected rooms and stairs. I reread this to try to actually get Johnny Truant's side of things and once again I'm just entranced with Will Navidson.

here comes the fourth of july!

project for the week: Be Nice Or Leave book: finished!!!!

I'm more excited than anyone else I've showed it to. But then, seeing something you've written in an actual book between your fingers is just so thrilling. I'm sending it off to VAMPY counselors soon, and hopefully they will enjoy it. Still not done the Klein Bottle hat, though. Nor the other blanket which I have fabric for now. Hopefully I'll start piecing together ideas this weekend. I've looked around at patterns but can't really find anything I like just yet. That's easy. Whose squares I can sew mostly and quickly by hand. Ah, I'll find something, or make one up...
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so I got bored and decided to do a few prints of the delilah house stories. I've wanted to do some special actual physical copy of these stories for a while now, and I actually considered hand-writing one out in a notebook? To make a very unique version, and actually doing a gauge of how many words I could write per page and etc. Of course every time I rewrite these stories, not just revise, they change a little and (I hope) get better. But that's a lot of work. So instead I'm laying it all out in Illustrator and doing japanes book-binding with it, making each page the size of a quarter of a letter-size sheet of paper. the cool thing about this is that I'm lazy, and when I bind it I'm not going to cut the pages, just fold them, so the books will be like books were in Darwin's day--where you have to slit open the pages as you read. A book-letter. I think this is really cool.

But when I went to open Illustrator last night Illustrator, being large and taking up lots of space, said it needed more memory, so I spent all night cleaning my computer instead. And since I was bored and wanted to make something, I made a skirt out of bandanas. Because when I was thirteen I thought it was cool to wear bandanas all the time (I was wrong) and so I have tons. Tonight I'll put a waistband in it and it will be awesome.

So hopefully by this weekend I will have both of these things done. And I can print up and bind copies of the first Delilah House story...eventualy I want to do all of them. And have a new skirt to wear. Hurray!

This has been your episode of Making Stuff with Nicole, back to your regularly scheduled programming...
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some things I would like to do this week:
-smell nice
-finish the Klein Bottle hat
-finish the VAMPY letter
-finish the other letters
-make special hot chocolate
-make tea
-play the ukulele and learn some more songs
-write some more on the blue hurricane house story.

this will eventually go with Blue Lips, the song, and if I get ambitious I will actually knit the scarf that one of the characters is knitting. Because I like blue, and I like knitting, and I like linking all my crafts together, and I just gave a panel on this stuff.

If anything important has happened in my absence, please let me know now. otherwise I will assume that, having caught up on the neil and amanda blogs, everything is fine and move on with my non-internet life.
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I need to find things to sew that will get rid of all my leftover scrap tshirt fabric. I'm still thinking another blanket but I want to do maroon/cream/navy for that one and I'm seriously lacking on the maroon part and the cream part. it is made for a very patriotic person who I am trying to make look classy and yet still keep the patriotic thing alive. we'll see. I can go buy fabric if necessary.

things I love this very instant: the new Regina Spektor CD. Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer twittering about each other. things that amused me today: my brother saying: "I was afraid I might have to think about pants" and the Megan Fox interview in Entertainment weekly.

I bought a dress. it's got cute buttons. I found it for $23 and then found it elsewhere for $45 and thus compelled to buy it for $23. You would too, you know it. But mainly I just want to make things with cute buttons, ie the button sweater I just made? But SEWING. My latest and greatest crafty addition. I just get real bored, guys.

Tonight I played with my dad--he payed guitar and I played ukulele. He got really excited about it and it was nice, we don't do very much stuff with just me and him and it was nice to just hang out and play our stringed instruments. Guitars are so big, guys! Huge! I had to tune his and man, it's huge. How can you reach the tuning knobs and play the strings at the same time. I am a ukulele player.

I've discovered that we are killing off the animals to make way for the plants. The age of global warming? Increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? Plants evolved leaves because CO2 was scarce and they needed a large surface area so they could get enough of it. All this rain we've been getting all summer? I feel like I'm living in a jungle when I drive, everything is green and wet and dripping and running over with fertility.

new things I want to do. I should and will add these to the big list.
  1. write a story called The Color Of Our Planet From Far, Far Away where someone wears a blue scarf
  2. knit this blue scarf
  3. next blanket
  4. rid myself of all these tshirt scraps in some way

pointless post over. I am a bit tired and it is 11:11; I wish for a good day tomorrow.
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  1. the revolution will not be televised
  2. My Tshirt quilt is done. It is not really a quilt because it has a fleece backing instead of a liner and traditional backing cloth. Pictures below:

  3. now I want to make a million more blankets. I have the next one lined up though and a recipient promised already. For this I have put knitting on hold.
  4. knitting; finished the Moebius strip, behold. it's wrapped twice to work as a cowl.

    now for John Max's klein bottle hat.
  5. crocheting. Restarted on the blanket Dad commissioned for the basement forever ago. Now I will finish it and all will be well.
  6. haircut.


    not drastic stylistically but it's about four inches smaller.
  7. My father suggested I do a craft show featuring various projects and submit it to HGTV. I said, "If I made one of those it would be ten minute how-tos on YouTube." I'm just making all this because I like making stuff, kids. Don't get ideas.
  8. Read The Soloist and Life of Pi. Life of Pi was wonderful, everything I wish the Reluctant Fundamentalist had been. It was funny and warm and despite all the awful things that happened I laughed, I enjoyed it, and I never lost hope.
  9. I'm trying to make a playlist of cute indie songs to sew to. ADVISE ME. so far: Fionn Regan, hellogoodbye, rilo kiley, etc.

now you are up to date, with pictures. I wish the things I ordered off the internet a week ago would be here before....next week. Does it normally take three weeks to receive something you order online, or is that just me? it happens in KY and NOLA.

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Meme TIME!meme )
in more interesting news, I made a ringtone out of the Big Bang Theory theme because it said autotrophs. HOW MANY SONGS SAY AUTOTROPHS. NOT MANY. NOW ONE OF THEM IS MY PHONE. WHY DOES FIREFOX NOT RECOGNIZE AUTOTROPHS AS A WORD.

more things.


next project: a big moebius strip scarf for Tom, who requested one. it's a good break from all the sweaters I've been doing. probably in blue and yellow, as requested as well. after that klein bottle hat, since I'm knitting mathematically I might as well make a ONE SURFACE HAT. you don't know how cool it is until you try it on.

OTHER STUFF I'M MAKING. my tshirt quilt. I'm gonna do it this week for real. Mom's getting me cardboard to template and cut the shirts, then is going to help me with the sewing machine--though its all straight lines, so once she helps me get started with all the stuff I never remember (setting stitches, threading bobbins, figuring out all the knobs and buttons) I should be able to get all the squares put together on my own. I think I'm going to cheat and do the backing as a fleece? Instead of doing traditional batting and then cotton. But it's my first, so give me a break. If it turns out well I'm hoping to make another one for someone else. If it turns out poorly, well, maybe it's time to start a better one with more care this time.

also I started playing the ukulele again, specifically to play Andrew Jackson Jihad songs. everyone needs more ukulele players in their life.

I also saw my wives.

I'm done here.
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I need a haircut


UP was just sad, guys.. I cried three times. It's not uplifting, like the other Pixar movies? Well, it's UP-lifting (har, har) but it was just terribly sad. In a way it's awful because so many bad things happened to Carl, and he just has to take it. There's nothing he can do to fight it, he just has to move on and live his life among people who don't even know or understand what he's going through. And Russel not having a dad wasn't the worst part, the wrost part was that this wasn't even a big deal, that it didn't even get the full story or any big explanation because this happens to so many kids that we already know how it ends. This movie was 80% sad.


spending time with my brother....I really didn't miss this as much as I thought I did.


The pollen is out again, dry yellow dust on my car that I can push off with the windshield wipers. It sits on the surface of the lake, too. I feel like my whole head's been put through a wringer, smushing up my face and compressing all my sinuses. I get headaches...plants are stupidly overproductive in southeastern KY. Reproduce less, plants. What's up with that.


guys I got this far and I am OUT OF YARN. so angry. ANGRY. GRRRR. I asked mom to get me some more but I really hope they have the same color! Or else I'll frog it and start the ribbing earlier and have a short sweater. I guess I could rip it out and have quarter-length sleeves or something awful like that. But I don't wanna do that.


Reading Human Croquet. It's all musical lyrical witty unique. I can't tell if I really like the writing style or just think it's really annoying, can't tell if the narrator is clever or just self-pitying and obnoxious.
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so somebody put Twilight on hold, and it was sitting open at the front desk when I came in. I think whoever came in before me was reading it. So guess what I've been doing...
unnecessary )

...so this morning Clay County High School celebrated their graduates by throwing them a party. To do this they blocked off the street where the library is. This really doesn't make sense, there's a park a block away.

KNITTING. All the books I've been reading have been depressing, so I checked out Human Croquet but have been knitting on Buttony instead. I'm to the end of the waist-shaping, if I knit this weekend I'll have it done. GUYS amd LADIES, this is a sweater a week. I gotta slow down or get smaller needles or more complicated stuff or something. Maybe I'll just design stuff instead. I've wanted to do dual Franny/Zooey patterns for a while now...I think the idea of making patterns to go along with books/music/TV makes it more interesting and meaningful than knitting alone, though I could be overthinking this.

also my parents are going to Boston? wtf? I found this out from my grandparents. Surprise! So staying with my grandparents Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday next time with my brother in tow.

also it's going to rain for the next three weeks straight. Rain in every day of our seven-day forecast. Good thing I switched my car CD from the Genius playlist of You! Me! Dancing! to In Rainbows, cause it fits the weather better.
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slow day at the library. Probably a good thing, too. Yesterday we were really busy and today it's been nobody! So I'm knitting. I lied about Shalom, I'm knitting Buttony instead. It's real pretty.

It's probably a good thing I'm sitting down, I started my period and now everything I eat meets my stomach and says "hey, I don't like you" and runs away from it. So I'm kinda shakey and starving and sick. :(

I rarely mention my twitter on here but I have it, and if you want to hear about the various interesting old ladies that check out 20+ trashy romance novels at a time and pregnant young rednecks on myspace, you can follow me...

Staying at my grandparents tonight and probably tomorrow night, which means I won't have cell-phone or internet except at work. So if you need to get ahold of me....which you probably won't...oh well. Maybe the lack of internet will motivate me to work on Delilah 2.0 story.


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