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reading about The Navidson Record makes me just want to photograph things. I know exactly know what the house at Ash Tree Lane looks like, you know. I have its picture in my mind, its white walls and connected rooms and stairs. I reread this to try to actually get Johnny Truant's side of things and once again I'm just entranced with Will Navidson.

here comes the fourth of july!

project for the week: Be Nice Or Leave book: finished!!!!

I'm more excited than anyone else I've showed it to. But then, seeing something you've written in an actual book between your fingers is just so thrilling. I'm sending it off to VAMPY counselors soon, and hopefully they will enjoy it. Still not done the Klein Bottle hat, though. Nor the other blanket which I have fabric for now. Hopefully I'll start piecing together ideas this weekend. I've looked around at patterns but can't really find anything I like just yet. That's easy. Whose squares I can sew mostly and quickly by hand. Ah, I'll find something, or make one up...
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still working on formatting delilah story...please tell me I just didn't do all this to have my margins off.

saw Transformers. In the first ten minutes Shia Lebouf had successfully yelled at Bumblebee, stood up Megan Fox, and ignored Optimus Prime. What a fail.

I feel restless and hungry all the time. I've stopped my giant making-things-constantly binge for now. I bought House of Leaves and a moleskine calendar at BAM. I'm not really as pretentious as this makes me seem. I like talking on the phone every night and I'm still stuck in The Color Of Our Planet. I started reading a lot more books. I think I'm moving from production mode to consumption mode, slowly. It doesn't really matter if no one benefits from my production, though, does it? Driving makes me think about my carbon emissions and a tank of gas a week and momentum, inertia, physics. Combustion. trying to separate play-doh reminds me of trying to cut out cancerous cells. I'm afraid all my letters will go unanswered and the things I have to say will be unimportant. I still have not watched Stranger than Fiction.

and just so you're filled in on the important things, neil and amanda are still dating and it is still the highlight of my summer.
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so I got bored and decided to do a few prints of the delilah house stories. I've wanted to do some special actual physical copy of these stories for a while now, and I actually considered hand-writing one out in a notebook? To make a very unique version, and actually doing a gauge of how many words I could write per page and etc. Of course every time I rewrite these stories, not just revise, they change a little and (I hope) get better. But that's a lot of work. So instead I'm laying it all out in Illustrator and doing japanes book-binding with it, making each page the size of a quarter of a letter-size sheet of paper. the cool thing about this is that I'm lazy, and when I bind it I'm not going to cut the pages, just fold them, so the books will be like books were in Darwin's day--where you have to slit open the pages as you read. A book-letter. I think this is really cool.

But when I went to open Illustrator last night Illustrator, being large and taking up lots of space, said it needed more memory, so I spent all night cleaning my computer instead. And since I was bored and wanted to make something, I made a skirt out of bandanas. Because when I was thirteen I thought it was cool to wear bandanas all the time (I was wrong) and so I have tons. Tonight I'll put a waistband in it and it will be awesome.

So hopefully by this weekend I will have both of these things done. And I can print up and bind copies of the first Delilah House story...eventualy I want to do all of them. And have a new skirt to wear. Hurray!

This has been your episode of Making Stuff with Nicole, back to your regularly scheduled programming...
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I sent this off to TWO betas two weeks ago and neither has returned it. (This started as my 2008 halloween story, by the way. it took me 9 months to write it.) SO HERE IT IS. the next installation in the Delilah house, a time-travelling extravaganza with love! loneliness! fires! children! and a brightly-colored air force! In roughly 13,000 words and two parts I give you...

Be Nice Or Leave: Part One )

Part 2


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