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I got Hannah this sweatshirt--the Amy Pond sweatshirt, ie the dolman sleeve hoodie from AA--for her birthday, because it was red, and I wanted one. then amanda got one, and I decided if both my wives had one I wanted one too. so it goes. I'm waiting on my red one to arrive.

I've been very consumptive lately; my phone is no longer useful as a telephone, as it rarely allows me to make or receive phone calls that have incoming sound, and it is mostly a texting machine. As much as I like to text, I would like to be able to receive phone calls, and so have ordered a new phone. I am anxiously awaiting all these things. Checking their tracking numbers. It was in New Orleans yesterday why isn't it here yet!?! Why hasn't she shipped it I need it!!! I had a conversation today with my Shakespeare professor about how we should do Shakespeare movie night (I already do that at my house) and how tracking numbers are ruining my life. I'm not sure how well we get along, but I'm taking Shakespeare II with him next semester because I enjoy Shakespeare.

Which brings me back to red. In that notebook, the aforementioned one: it's technically for class, as my creative writing teacher wants us to keep an observation journal. I've been keeping observation journals for years. As soon as I finish one, I start a new one. So I just started writing overheard quotes in my current one. Though, to be fair, what I mainly use it for is drawing pictures while I watch TV with Evian. During our second Shakespeare movie night, which was the Anthony Hopkins version of Titus, I kept drawing out things in the movie. It's a beautiful movie: from Saturninus's steampunk-gargoyle throne up to Tamora's red riding outfit. I want that red riding outfit, I want to get it for Evian for Christmas. So I started drawing pieces of Titus: Lavinia with the blood dripping from her mouth, Tamora riding across the field, Aaron buried in the dirt. The only marker I have is red so that's the only color in all my pictures, which I think gives it an unintentionally violent affect. And then when I drew Amy Pond's red sweatshirt, watching The Time Of The Angels with Evian, it was the last straw. So I bought it.
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a.) I made new ringtones. I made a james bond ringtone, a ringtone of the firefly theme song, the wreckless eric song 'whole wide world', the 'zydrate comes in a little glass vial' clip from Repo, and that song from Doctor Who that the Master plays when he goes crazy, Voodoo Child. the HERE COME THE DRUMS HERE COME THE DRUMS song. it's crazy-poppy and has been in my head breaking my train of thought making me snappy and now it's on my phone begging to be my new ringtone: Trust Harold Saxon.

b.) it's lovely storming right now, I'm avoiding my family down below and hiding in my dad's office, where I will sleep tonight on the floor next to my brother. there's lovely windy dark rain thunder outside and I want it to go on forever.

c.) I discovered I can do without food or sleep but not both: today I slept only the normal seven hours and tried to eat the normal bowl of cereal and dinner and I was a raging wildebeest of rage. If I get twelve hours of sleep and a cereal/sandwich all day I'm okay; if I get seven hours of sleep and real food I'm okay. Now I just want to curl up in the sleeping bag on the floor and stop moving, get rid of my muscles aching and my head staying in one place when I move. mono, dammit, I'm constantly convinced I have mono. I gave it to boy, how can I not have it? But there is no real treatment except rest and wait, so even if I did, I'd still be doing exactly what I'm doing now.

d.) oooh getting a new phone tuesday. I think it'll be purple but it might not be after all. dad wants me to decrease my texting and I think this is unlikely.

e.) desirous desirous of bed for long amounts of time with laptop for watching Torchwood and knitting. I am on the last episode of Torchwood season two what a catastrophe. :( my lounging in bed will be so much less purposeful slash excusable now. I should read House of Leaves again. I don't know if I enjoyed it but it's a book that I feel like I should own because it's important and odd. Also I never read the appendices.

f.) call me my phone will ring HAROLD SAXON'S CAMPAIGN SONG

g.) dominoes, brb.
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guys when I get into something, I get into it hardcore for about a month or so, and then I give up, never to be seen in fandom again. example: wheel of time. example: iron man. example: howl's moving castle. example: house. example: pride and prejudice.

my newest? Doctor Who. OMG THIS SHOW IS MADE OF CLEVER. THE WRITERS ARE ALL GENIUSES. I watched Season 1 on Netflix and bought Season 2. of the new one, that is, not the old one. and I started out not liking David Tennant at all, but now I think he's ridiculously attractive. It's like an equation. the more I see of him the hotter he gets. But Christopher Eccleston made a better Doctor. less random, anyway. and because it's the new season, and despite my knitting thing, I'm not making that scarf. not unless somebody else wants one. that...you know.

speaking of my knitting thing. I FINISHED MY SWEATER! omg guys I knit a sweater, I'm crazy-awesome...just not as crazy-awesome as all the other knitters on Ravelry and my lj comms. AND I WANNA MAKE ANOTHER ONE. just like all the cute little sweaters they wear on Harry Potter.

also I watched the Olympics. not all of them, by any means. but tonight (august 9th) was my last night at work, standing at the hostess counter in this restaurant all panelled in wood and peanut shells, and we watched the Olympics, me and Katie. It was my last night of cheap steak ($4 for 8oz) with lots of steak butter and sweet poatoes with lots of cinnamon butter and brown sugar. it was sweet and delicious and I am glad for it, because now steak is gone and I don't know when I'm going to get it again. o well. meat is not forever.
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some good advice.

so I traded with my brother. I read Tithe and Valiant and Ironsides and he read Monstrous Regiment. He definitely got the better end of this bargain. cut for spoilers...

book-talk )

the end.

on that sweater I'm making? I have everything done but the sleeves! It's even sewn together! So it's a sweater...vest. I'll make the sleeves and attach buttons and viola! done! Yesterday I finished the front of the sweater during a marathon of Doctor Who, which I watched because of copperbadge. My favorite episode was the one with the London bombings in 1941 with the creepy little kid in the gas mask. Too bad I'm never home on Friday nights to watch it, or else this might become dangerous.


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