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New!Doctor, Doctor11, is restoring my faith in Doctor Who. It gives me that feeling, now, when I watch it, that I had when I first started watching it--that something fantastic is happening, that things will be clever and good. New monsters, new dangers and horrors and puzzles to be solved in clever ways; the universe is a large and fascinating place and we have a benevolent and clever guide. Except the new episode. Don't get me started on the awful science in it. RTD did Daleks much better. But I'll forgive them if the Weeping Angels go well.

Names! The Weeping Angles. The Nightmare Child, the Shadow Proclamation, the Medusa Cascade. WAY TO GO NAMING THINGS AWESOMELY. The noun + unusual modifier in the form of a title? But I love titles not names, thus the Arsonist, "see the Anarchist, all in black. In the dark you can only see his eyes" - Thomas Pynchon. When I read it I stopped cold and texted it to Amanda. The Arsonist and Delilah, they're living inside of me and they want to get out.

The Crying of Lot 49--I should be writing my research paper right now but ahhhhh it's 1am. I watched Doctor Who instead. But I read it and I loved it, it's all the busy-crazy-funny-referential postmodernism I can get swept away in and laugh at, delight in and enjoy. End some sentences with prepositions about. It's a bit like The Da Vinci Code except literary and with a schizophrenic narrator; ie much more interesting.

I'm being demanding this week; grouchy, hungry, irritable, menstrual. I'm being rude to my friends and demanding understanding and forgiveness. I'm not really going to apologize for this--I want and feel I deserve some understanding and forgiveness. Give me a little leeway. I want it more. I'm not asking for all the things I want--Audubon Zoo, Voodoo BBQ, new underwear, neutral-colored flats, some peppermint Dr. Bronner's, a new water bottle, my bike fixed--so just give me some understanding and forgiveness instead, okay? And then I'll gradually cheer up.


Feb. 7th, 2010 12:03 pm
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jayne hat 002
Originally uploaded by purpleabigail
I finished jayne hat 2. Everything I am knitting right now is a repeat: this again. I made this for Kelsey last year, and his friend saw it and requested that I make her one as well, so I did and I will be repaid (in either money or bread or some combination of the two?). How much should I ask for? In bread and money alike, how much is this hat worth to a serious browncoat....take into account it is loving handknit as well as the too much orange.

also I went shopping and bought teal things. teal and red. Everything in stores is purple and teal and blue and I love purple and teal and blue, so I was very excited. if I had teal yarn I'd teal it up, though in truth I probably need some purple scarf or something to go with my new teal jacket and jeans. I COULD BE LIKE ONE OF THOSE UNICOLOR PANTSUIT OLD LADIES. IN TEAL. I'm done.

I just discovered flickr will tell me what camera I took a picture with--not only that, but the aperture, exposure, focal length, flash condition, ISO speed, exposure bias, encoding process, and other things I didn't even know I could do. I knew the internet was smarter than me but now my camera and flickr are working against me! someday they will overtake me. run, run fast.

TEAL GOES WITH ORANGE. as well as purple. maybe I will wear something orange now.

I am getting more sleep but not getting more sane. This is getting a bit ridiculous, living in my head is like trying to make a jam sandwich with a spork and two eggs instead of toast. and chemistry.
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new shoes! I did actually cook thanksgiving in this outfit.

this week has been great. It's made me realize that it's possible to live in New Orleans and not jut be stressed out all the time! a week without homework? you know, Saturday I just went and took off to Magazine, JR drove us and we went to the yarn store, looked through prohibitively-priced boutiques, Friday night we ate at Juan's Flying Burrito. You know how much homework I've done? zero. I slept late and watched a lot of How I Met Your Mother, dressed up and wore tights and went internet shopping and bought christmas presents for people.

I feel better, too. not angry, not overwhelmed or harboring any resentment. I think one of the reasons I was mad at my roommates was because they watched Glee without me and didn't even ask me. well, you now, that's not the only reason, but it was the icing on the camel's back. but now Evian is back and let me wear her giant ridiculous christmas bow, and is reading New Moon, and last night we had a thanksgiving potluck and it was lovely. maybe things will not be awkward and awful for a while between people, just with school. because the next two weeks are the last week of classes and finals, which is just long frenzied nights of studying and then stumbling when you can't study anymore but feel like doing anything else would be counterproductive. finals. terrible times to be had by young and old.

but then christmas! home! no school! gingerbread houses with the library, floor is lava, knitting, watching star trek with mum and andrew. driving again! thank god for all these little things which overpower the big things.

ps I have google wave invites. anyone want one? come procrastinate with me.
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Bailey asked me how my life was going "you know, outside of school."

A very puzzling question, indeed.

I'm sitting in the Academic Advising center right now. Physics Lab is due before class at 1, and my lab partner didn't email me his part until after midnight last night....by which point I was asleep...so this morning after physics I frantically ran to my appointment with the pre-med advisor. She's ridiculously laid back and all "meh, whatever" but said if I can keep a 3.6 (KEEP A 3.6) there's a good chance I'll get in Creative Scholars, which means I'll be accepted to Tulane Med School and won't have to take the MCAT unless I really want to (or want to apply to other places). So that's good and I just want to keep a 3.6! so much! If I can keep that up! If I can get a B in physics, an A in Orgo, and an A in everything else. O man. This is even more "KEEP GOOD GRADES" than I already am. 3.6 is real hard, guys. This is college. I have a 3.8 right now but Physics! orgo! ahhhhhh and next semester I want to take Genetics with Dr. V and Orgo II and Physics II and Literary Investigations, because this means that I'll be an English major. Oh look, that's my schedule, unless I also take Spanish. Maybe I'll take a semester off from Spanish. I have to write a paper for spanish today---

basically, it's not going, not really at all. just school. but if this creative Scholars thing works out then I will be GOLDEN after this. Junior and Senior year will be that. So one year of stress now.

and on top of all this I have a sty in my eye and didn't eat breakfast. what a shame
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reading James Frey after finishing House of Leaves feels like the chapter where Johnny Truant gets the magical little yellow pills. Fake.

I have been very busy this week. I wore new pants and they don't fit quite right. Perhaps I should grow bigger or smaller to make them work. My Alice in Wonderland pants. Tonight is my only free night, tomorrow I work late again and then Friday I leave for the exclusive lakeside island retreat where there are no cars allowed and it will be chilly and crisp. I am taking blanket material to sew on. I have cut up rectangles, o the worry. here's hoping they turn out all right.

see you when I return.
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  1. the revolution will not be televised
  2. My Tshirt quilt is done. It is not really a quilt because it has a fleece backing instead of a liner and traditional backing cloth. Pictures below:

  3. now I want to make a million more blankets. I have the next one lined up though and a recipient promised already. For this I have put knitting on hold.
  4. knitting; finished the Moebius strip, behold. it's wrapped twice to work as a cowl.

    now for John Max's klein bottle hat.
  5. crocheting. Restarted on the blanket Dad commissioned for the basement forever ago. Now I will finish it and all will be well.
  6. haircut.


    not drastic stylistically but it's about four inches smaller.
  7. My father suggested I do a craft show featuring various projects and submit it to HGTV. I said, "If I made one of those it would be ten minute how-tos on YouTube." I'm just making all this because I like making stuff, kids. Don't get ideas.
  8. Read The Soloist and Life of Pi. Life of Pi was wonderful, everything I wish the Reluctant Fundamentalist had been. It was funny and warm and despite all the awful things that happened I laughed, I enjoyed it, and I never lost hope.
  9. I'm trying to make a playlist of cute indie songs to sew to. ADVISE ME. so far: Fionn Regan, hellogoodbye, rilo kiley, etc.

now you are up to date, with pictures. I wish the things I ordered off the internet a week ago would be here before....next week. Does it normally take three weeks to receive something you order online, or is that just me? it happens in KY and NOLA.

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summer goals...cleaned out my closet. man I have a shit-ton of hangers. here are some before and after pictures:

when I first came home


but I'm cleaning out my closet! while watching america's next top model. oh how the mighty have fallen.

also while cleaning out my closet I found a bunch of clothes which would be good if I ever needed a costume for _____. AMANDA I'M BRINGING THESE TO YOU. I might have found a pair of bright red short overalls too and I might be wearing them.

should I ever wear these in public? I'm taking a poll. so far it's two against to one for.

started amanda's sweater and I'm excited. It's a unique construction, loosely based on this. I think next time I'll do it in a bulky yarn though.

also my purple purse broke a while ago and now I'm carrying a copper Prada bag: my aunt Pearl gave it, some other purses, and a jewelry box to me after Teresa's funeral. It feels weird going through and still finding a lighter, a pair of pants, rings she wore...I don't want to get rid of any of it.
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happy winter solstice.

this is an order: celebrate this longest night of the year by doing something memorable. I don't care if you cook something you haven't cooked before or talk on the phone all night to someone you love or write a novel or just stay up to watch the sun rise. Me? I think I'll watch marathons of Torchwood.

I decided that marathons of Torchwood are important after I hit some truck in this really cramped parking lot and knocked out my left turn signal (again) and put a dent in my hood. I think my front left turn signal is just cursed. The good news is that I didn't do anything to their car except wipe dirt off the bumper, though this lady was really crazy. The only reason I was at said shoe stores is to spend my gift certificate that expired two days ago. I got new chucks. I tried other shoes and failed at buying them. Also apparently at driving. It just put me in a really bad mood. GRRR SO ANGRY

Maybe by the time I finish season one of Torchwood I'll feel better.
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I keep hearing Rhapsody in Blue. This is at least the fourth time in the past week that I've heard it: randomly, on TV, on a movie, just out. I wonder if god is trying to tell me something via George Gershwin?

Moving the 21st, how terrifying. The only thing I have packed is all my Tshirts and a few pants. That's only four days left in which to pack my things, round up all the stuff I loaned out (unlikely), and say goodbye to everyone I know. I think I'll skip the last one: I hate goodbyes. I do my best to avoid them altogether. They're tearful and uncomfortable.

I also came home from my journey to Hannah-Amanda-Emma-Nora-John Max (during which we watched Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and I got a $5 purple trench coat) and was sick (though whether this sickness is disease or just strange food I have yet to tell). Between that and my three almost-wrecks on the way home (two of which Amanda was there for), I think I'll stay home tonight (and practice my parenthetical phrases).
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conversation at work:

guy: You remind me of somebody...
me: Uma Thurman in--

No joke I've had this same conversation six times. So I suppose it's time to show you my new haircut, eh? I would have posted it earlier except I can't find a picture I like.

uma thurman in pulp fiction

my new haircut

I am writing something with Amanda started from late-night desperation. It's like 1001 Arabian Nights, except it's 1001 Different Ways to Die. It even rhymes. We're just writing lots of random first-person snippets about dying in different ways and then will go back and write a frame story.  Last night we started texting about Hancock and Batman and this for thirty minutes, then I was like this is stupid, I'm calling you: so then we talked on the phone for an hour and a half. I LOVE YOU AMANDA WALLACE.

I also wrote something last night at one am. it's about faeries and abortion. if anyone wants to read it, holler (hillbilly code for "comment").  it's not about lesbians I think.

Now that school is out, I don't talk to any of my friends anymore. They all work during the day and I work at night, so our schedules don't exactly match up. I didn't realize how much I missed them until I saw Camille at Starbucks and got really excited. Because I do miss having friends, you know? I just talk to Hannah and Amanda and they don't live anywhere near me. If they did, we'd live together. No joke. In the same house and everything.

Which brings me to my next point.  I hung out with Mollee and Luke and watched Flashdance and ate PB&J. It was much more exciting than it sounds,  I promise. And then I went to see Dustin, and put all my songs on his computer (and Firefox) against his will, which are also more exciting than they sound, and just hung out. And then today we ate lunch with monica and went to the park and just talked. It was nice, seeing people again, people who aren't my family or my boyfriend or work. Like I have friends or something, you know?

11:11 make a wish.

no work tomorrow whoo! still making a sweater. It's so cute! and I have the back and half the front finished now, so just the other half and sleeves to go. very exciting. that's what I've been doing all week: the exciting life of spongebob marathons on Nickelodon every day and knitting a sweater. They work well together.
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So tonight, while my parents talked about how they're going to pay for my college...I made a hat! Whee!

It's this loverly pattern in navy blue, my leftover ravenclaw-scarf yarn. I still have that scarf sitting on my floor, waiting for a good home. If I make the pom-poms silver, the hat will match. won't that be adorable? or I could do them in green and have it match my new school colors. I don't think I need a cute earflap hat in New Orleans, though.

And for ONCE it came out the right size. At first I thought it was too small, but it stretches quite nicely. When every hat you make ends up too big, it's hard to tell...

also, I started this because Amanda sent me a graduation invitation. I'm supposed to knit leg warmers for her, but they have cables. blah. so I made this hat for...I don't know who instead. But this was just to say that if you send me an invitation to your graduation/birthday party/whatever, I'll make you something. Out of yarn, duct tape, paper, canvas, ink, whatever... I made Alexa  a pair of shoes, remember those? anyway, just a heads-up, if you want me to make you something for some occasion just tell me.

this hat on revelry
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this is my closet. UPSIDE DOWN STYLE. (oops.)
I need to clean out my closet.
I thought about offering up random items of clothing for whoever wanted them, but I'm too poor to pay postage. So....if you want a random Tshirt or shirt or something, you can...email me and we'll work something out. SURPRISE CLOTHES GIVEAWAY!
otherwise I'm cleaning it out and it goes to Goodwill, where good scene/indie kids can buy it back.

and, for reference, my shoe pile.

also: when I got home, my A/C stopped working. it was so hot the gelly fishes on my window melted.

and my shower doesn't work either. I LEAVE AND THE CHI GOES AWAY. Now I am back and the Chi must restore itself.

I spent all day looking at funny HP fantart at http://buttfacemakani.livejournal.com/?skip=100&tag=art, so look if you're interested.

and no, I'm not gay, the title is from Trapped in the Closet, by R Kelly. HILARIOUS.
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more shoes!

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saturday night:
front row!
Chris Conley played acoustic!!! and took requests and we got songs played.
say anything was say anything, which was great.
you are jealous, end of story.

in other news. I am still obsessed with amanda palmer,
ben folds,
howl's moving castle
and writing in my black-and-white journal.
however, I am making shoes.

shoes! )
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I had to drive, by myself, for the first time, today. About an hour ago. It was very exciting. After this it'll be really lame and routine, but it was the first time I ever drove by myself so.

My Aunt Mary and Uncle Joseph sent their christmas presents (so they'd arrive on Saturday, actually, but we didn't get them till today) and now I have Phantom of the Opera and an actual copy of one of my favorite CDs, I'm Wide Awake It's Morning. I even bought this CD from iTunes but I was still really excited about the real version. It's just, you know, an amazing album.  my desire for a bright eyes icon is sending me on a spree of icon-making for this cd.

All my outfits are red or purple. Really. And I had a purple purse but not a red purse, so I got one with one of my many gift cards. hurray! So now I have a purse to go with the all-important ruby-red shoes. And I got my cell phone fixed, so I have voicemail now. leave me a message!

I woke up this morning after dreaming about how I was writing in a computer lab in some foreign college and kept leaving my flash drive in two places at once. I laid in bed half-asleep and got up to ask my mother a question about how single crochet could be used instead of sewing, because I can't sew but I'm really good at single crochet.  Why do I wake up thinking of this stuff.

Later my brother's going to go to a friend's house, so I'm going to see if I can possibly go to Cracker Barrel with my boyfriend and go shopping to get a cord to connect my phone to the  computer and the cool flippy-wallet thingy I wanted. It's a wallet but it's a book. It's on hinges. You can open it and snap it closed and it's like...snap! and it closes! omg! and it's in white and red and black.  More gift cards right there.

mer, ta.


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