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so it’s the Friday night after my FINAL EXAM IN GROSS ANATOMY (shew) and all week I’ve had this sewing fever and already made these pants:

which had their own lil set of conerns but whatever, I found wool pants for $3 and now they fit me. The madness did not stop here, however: at that same trip I found a Jcrew stripey sweater, a turtleneck, a sweatervest, and a Liz Claiborne skirt that fit my roommate perfectly. All these things, keep in mind, are 100% wool, because KY had 3 days of sub-40 temperatures and I suddenly realize that come winter I’M GONNA DIE. I’ve lived in a subtropical climate for the past four years yall. So ant-and-grasshopper style I’ve been furiously scouting goodwill for all the wool clothes. You think I’m joking? I bought men’s pants today when I went back.

anyway so the scoop.

B4: a gray Land’s End XL 100% merino wool sweater

(with the arms!)

B4: XXL Pronto-Uomo 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool Men’s Sweatervest

whatever they looked like that.

so the after pics which is really where it’s at:

the black sweatervest, when I sewed up the sides (but not so much redoing the arms) became a weird fitted t-shirt like thing? I planned to wear it over a white button-down for warmth & stuff so we’ll see how that works out

and the really interesting thing here was the gray one. so I spent like 4 hrs going “I wanna sew something” and clickin around blogs for cute clothing remods and then all of 50 minutes doing actual sewing on both of these shirts. So I had this wild idea to make this gray shirt into a Dolmann, which gross I know, they’re so trendy-early-2000s, but my response was gonna be “This shirt was THREE DOLLARS and is ALL WOOL” but this shirt did not want to be a dolmann and fought it with all its might. So here is its journey:

sewing up the bottom? nope sleeves still look awwwww-full

sewing up the sleeves? UN HELPFUL. what is up with that torso you ask and with good reason.

did not work out. obvs. so then I just sewed it up the regular way:

right? normal shirt! great. So all I did here was resize an XL to a S with some weird branches along the way. WHATEVER I HAVE A NEW MERINO WOOL SWEATER. and a blurry cat.

I also resized the turtleneck much like the gray one, which is embarrassing because it’s still a turtleneck, but it’s gonna get so cold I won’t care. It’s also gray with a black stripe right across the boobs. new wardrobe for winter! entirely in black and gray! it may look sad and depressing but it’ll be so warm!!! I just need to knit myself a bright red scarf or something.

anyway next time on FRIDAY NIGHT SEWING PROJECT! There are fiiiiiiiive more goodwills in town! and I might start a quilt! the end.


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