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Oct. 22nd, 2009 06:47 pm
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I just thought I should tell you that I finished everything on my to-do list for today and it feels FABULOUS. I might take a shower and watch Glee to reward myself. Then, of course, I'll think about molecules some more.

I am very grateful for my boyfriend, my roommates, my parents, my grandparents, my church, my university, and all the people who are coming to visit me for Halloween. Están las razones que me despierto por las manañas.
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I'm super excited. It's in Manchester, not London, so I'll have to drive 45 minutes to get there, but working at a library is so worth it. I'll probably stay with my grandparents a lot and it'll be awesome!!! It's only part time, 25 hours a week, and I think minimum wage? what is minimum wage now? but I don't care, I get to read books and do stuff with books all summer.

Also I'm doing programs there to teach knitting and making purses out of duct tape. for real.
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Today was a Good Day. I finished Mollee's Georgetown hat

got my picture taken with my giant sunglasses for the times-tribune

and made it to Sonic with my brother in time for happy hour.

(also we ate a Panera blueberry-lemon muffin. v. good)
also I'm emceeing the talent show tomorrow.  wonder what MC stands for.
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This is why the Galt House is my favorite hotel; every time I come here I have a good experience. Beta Club, STLP even, academic team (or lack thereof, in my case..) Last night I went to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat performed by St. X, an all-boys catholic school that my friend Michael Winn! goes to. (and adam orr, but he wasn't in the play.) I sat next to Jodi and Taylor (gspeeps) and Emily (tori amos fan <3) and afterwards we went to TGIfridays and back to the galt house to talk. now, I love these people. they are amazing. they ooze vivacity from every orifice.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was a different matter. I'd never seen it but St. X did a great job--they have really good singers there (even if they don't have a good choreographer). But for someone who's grown up in church and heard the story of Joseph a hundred thousand times, this play was really ironic in an inside-knowledge kind of way born from hundreds of sermons about Joseph. It's hard to explain just why it was so ironic unless you're me. Part of it is the difference. Joseph's story is so dark, so depressing, you know? Attempted murder by his brothers, sold into slavery by his brothers, worked as a slave, rose to power yay! oop, seduced by your master's wife, she calls rape on you and you go to jail for a long time. then you get to see pharoh and become his right-hand man. all this told in an hour of song and dance is much more amusing than it has a right to be. it kind of detracts from the gravity of the story, if a musical can detract from anything? I don't know how to describe it, except that I found it extremely ironic.
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With that being said. Sunday was amazing. I got to stop and eat lunch with Amanda Wallace! I miss my dear Amanda and Hannah EVERY DAY. Certain people I live with for a few weeks and I stay friends with for years afterward--like Charlotte, like Amanda and Hannah. I just feel completely comfortable around them all the time. The end.

Tori was amazing. She opened with Bouncing off Clouds, then played Little Earthquakes (OGODTHISLIVE), Upside Down, Father Lucifer, Little Amsterdam, Doughnut Song (I ALMOST DIED), Space Dog (got from the drums), Code Red (which is awesome live), Amber Waves (I wanted to cry when she said "tell the Northern Lights to keep shining"), Precious Things (as an encore, we all screamed at the top of our lungs "does that make you Jesus"), covered Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Spark, Glory of the 80's, Big Wheel, Cornflake Girl (this surprised me for some reason), Beauty of Speed, and finished with a full-band version of Hey Jupiter which was really different but really amazing. I knew every song (but two) and it is probably the best entire experience of my life ever. Billy even said he liked it! I got a Body and Soul shirt, which was ironic because it'd been in my head all day. This is why Tori Amos is my favorite singer, ever. And she's adorable! and tiny. If I'm just ears with feet then she's just a voice with fingers.

setlist )

And it was WORTH EVERY BIT OF CRAP I'VE GONE THROUGH TODAY. Like getting to school and having to compare poems for AP practice first thing in the morning. Like sigma and pi bonding, and word problems in AP calc, like not having showered since Saturday and my eyes burning out, since I wore my contacts till 1:30 last night, and then put them again in 7 this morning. Tonight I have NHS/Beta initiation, which I'm supposed to be practicing for right now, but I just showered and I have to put on makeup. Then I have to go to my brother's basketball dinner. I just want to sleep for a long time and make a new Tori LJ layout.
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We had an academic game Tuesday (three of them, actually, and we won the first two).  This was my favorite question.

16. What is the formula for the gas compound that completes this ditty?
    Johnny, finding life a bore
    Drank some H2SO4.
    Johnny's father, an MD
    Gave him CaCO3.
    Now he's neutralized it's true,
    But he's full of...

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saturday night:
front row!
Chris Conley played acoustic!!! and took requests and we got songs played.
say anything was say anything, which was great.
you are jealous, end of story.

in other news. I am still obsessed with amanda palmer,
ben folds,
howl's moving castle
and writing in my black-and-white journal.
however, I am making shoes.

shoes! )
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Amanda Palmer's solo CD is going to be the best thing since Silent All These Years.

I've only heard three songs from it--all live versions--and I can't stop listening.
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I thought this song was so obnoxious until I saw this video.
Mainly because she plays a tambourine, does her own backup vocals (two of them), claps, plays a kazoo, and sings three or four parts at once. It's like a six-piece band, except it's just her and a looping pedal and it's highly entertaining.

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In other news, my boyfriend spent the night with me Saturday night. It wasn't nearly as exciting as you'd think. My youth leader was also spending the weekend at my house and we played Mexican Train Dominoes from eight till eleven thirty. Who won? Me. Totally, completely, me. I only lost three games, one of which doesn't count because everyone lost that one. This was out of thirteen games (for one complete round).
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Allison says:
Jillian, I'm so sorry about this morning. I was.. caught off guard. I do hope you can forgive me.
abincarnate says:
Of course. I'd forgive you anything, Lydia.
abincarnate says:
It just hurt, the way you looked at me.
Allison says:
I was afraid, you know how I am.
abincarnate says:
it was like you dno't even know me anymore.
Allison says:
I don't Jilly, you said it yourself you can't tell me anything.
abincarnate says:
you don't trust me.
Allison says:
No... I do trust you.
Allison says:
Just not with her.
abincarnate says:
Why don't you trust me with her, you never trust any of my girlfriends anymore! She loves me, okay? She needs me. She has problems, and I'm the only one who can help.
Allison says:
Allow me to highlight the word PROBLEMS!! Wake up Jillian!! She could spaz out any minuet and go crazy! Drug addicts do that!
abincarnate says:
she's not addicted! She's experimented a couple of times, but she doesn't keep it in the house!
Allison says:
Bull! I know better! You've had a contact high every since you've lived in her apartment!
abincarnate says:
I have not! Living with her just makes me happy, why can't you accept that?
Allison says:
Because I care about you, and I worry about you. Just because our relationship didn't work, that doesn't mean that I don't want you to be happy with other people. What about Ashley? I thought she was nice.
abincarnate says:
Ashley wanted to control me. She wouldn't let me do anything. She would never let me do what I wanted to do. She couldn't have a good time.
Allison says:
So she was a little uptight, it could have worked.
Allison says:
If you hadn't thrown her Valentine's Day gift in the blender!
abincarnate says:
No. I need freedon in my life.
abincarnate says:
She got me a cat! I'm allergic to cats!
Allison says:
I'll never forget the sound of that kitten going round and round, and all of my smoothies have hair in them now! But is freedom more important than love?
abincarnate says:
I'm a free spirit, Lydia. You can't chain me up.
Allison says:
I'm not trying to, but it's the fear of someone else trying to that scares me.
abincarnate says:
Then why are you worried about Tanya?
abincarnate says:
She's the only one who's really let me be me.
Allison says:
Sure, she'll share her joint with you, sure she'll let you run wild and share her addictions. She'll gladly let you run your life in the dirt with hers. Jillian, don't you see what she's doing to you?
abincarnate says:
she loves me. You're just jealous because she has me and you don't.
abincarnate says:
You were always jealous of me.
Allison says:
I've never been jealous of you. I've always loved you, and wanted nothing more than to share my life with you, but it didn't work between us. You wanted to see the world, and I wanted a family. I understand that though, and I wish you the best in seeing this beautiful world we live in, but I just want you to be safe doing it.
abincarnate says:
I want to do things. I want to go somewhere. You wanted to cage me in, adopt some kids.
abincarnate says:
I'm not ready for that, Lydia, can't you see?
abincarnate says:
I need this.
Allison says:
Yes, I see that. You do this, you need out. But Jilly, she's going to destroy everything that you've ever dreamed of.
abincarnate says:
You have no idea what you're talking about.
abincarnate says:
Don't even talk to me anymore, Lydia.
abincarnate says:
I don't need you holding me back anymore.
abincarnate says:
It's over between us.
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I read Dave Barry's Big Trouble today. Too Hiiasen. I can't spell Hiiasen and I don't care enough to look it up. I've read a few of his books and I don't like them. And sure, Barry is, of course, funnier than you, but ohmygosh the plot. +bangs head on the wall+ The plot! Oh, the woe! I think I'm reading some of his other books (just because my life sucks so I sit around and read, lalalala) but I'll try to find the columns published first. And speaking of columnists who have books you need to read, I highly recommend Lewis Grizzard. Hilarious.

I've been listening to Matchbox 20 all day in one way or another. Someone had a shirt this morning that said Crutch so I went around singing Crutch all day. And then came home and popped in Mad Season. Yummay. It's vaguely reminiscent of little things. Vaguely reminiscent's a nice phrase.

I started a piece for the infalliable Suus [ profile] enchantress_cat to console her about having to go to a family party...and it's been three days. You don't know me and stories. Three days is like, novel-length time in my book. I could have gazillions of things written in three days. It's 2700 words and it should have been done ages ago. It's vaguely surrealistic and wants to drag out forever.

On my back with some dirty dishes. Crazy piano music is playing overhead as I look for my seat, next to an insubstantial shadow wearing pink reflective aviators. The woman in front of me is an old lady in a floral jumpsuit who starts rattling on about train peanuts as the engine fires up and the wheels start turning. Most of my compartment lapses into silence, and after a while even the floral jumpsuit trails off. I don’t have a windowseat but I can see through the shadow and for a while I just watch the city lights bounce off the river until they disappear.

and it keeps rambling in this fine tradition for, oh, four pages or so. This is a monster of a story. At least to me.

And since my life is boring and all my friends have more exciting things to do, I'm going to keep reading books obsessively--next on the list is Neverwhere, and then The Joy Luck Club before I have to hit the library again--and writing. I almost have [ profile] blackballoon's notebook finished, and I'm going to start one to my precious RYE [ profile] im_rye_godamnit that will be a composition book decorated with lurfly bumper stickers and ribbon and things. GORGY.

And maybe Jaime Saturday. Who knows. This is a surprisingly coherent journal entry.

And while on the subject...anyone want to recommend me any books? Charlotte, I know you're supposed to have a list for me, and there's a short story collection by Gaiman I have to dig up, but anyone else want to throw titles at me?
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When I was a young boy growing up in Texas, I was in a band called Loose Change...


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