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 what's he building in there

a playlist I made a while ago of malicious songs, for halloween. 

1) What's He Building - Tom Waits
2) Prelude (the Family Trip) - Marilyn Manson
3) Is There Anybody Out There? - Pink Floyd
4) Lullaby - A Perfect Circle
5) Slide - The Dresden Dolls
6) Devils and Gods - Tori Amos
7) The Widow - the Mars Volta
8) Climbing Up The Walls - Radiohead
9) This Devil's Workday - Modest Mouse
10) Posed to Death - the Faint
11) The Dreaming - Kate Bush
12) Teflon - the Mars Volta
13) the Nobodies - Marilyn Manson
14) Welcome to Bangkok - Brand New
15) House of Wolves - My Chemical Romance

download the .rar


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I now have fake zombie blood on one of my pillows. o halloween

I was thinking, I was thinking about how little pieces of people you loved mean a great deal. How I receive texts from the people I am close to but getting notes from them, small hand-written messages in their handwriting is so rare, those letters and forms, the way they dot their i's and slant their letters, how they press the ink into the paper. When you spend so much time and exchange so much with someone it is easy to take them for granted and forget all the little things about them that are still hidden from you. Even if you walk down their hallways and in and out the front door every day they still have something buried in the attic, la casita de Tomas that you will never discover. Skeletons in the closet indeed.

I was thinking how when you're really attracted to someone they smell nice, how the smell of people becomes linked with different things. How you can start to hate someone and still think they smell nice, or how you can really like someone but wish they would wear deodorant more often. Pheromones, how important are they? What do people smell like anyway?

I have a sink full of dirty dishes. I personally think everyone should follow the 'if you cook you shouldn't have to do the dishes' rule and I cooked a lot.

I'm really glad I'm single and have good friends.
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Kerosene and Dust )

still working on it, it needs revision. But it is Halloween, and I refuse to break with my self-imposed scary story tradition.
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oh man guys, all the numbers in spanish that are 100s are xxxcientos EXCEPT five hundred, which is quinientos. When my teacher made us read aloud in class NO ONE could say 1527, because we all said un mil y cincocientos y veinte siete, pero no es correcto, because unlike all the other numbers, five thousand is QUINIENTOS. this was throwin me off all weekend when I thought about it and now I understand why our teacher (native speaker from Chile) wants to give us a dates quiz.

Other than that my weekend was wonderful. my WIFE was here :D and Dustin and Welleford! We did EVERYTHING by which I mean we walked a lot...down Magazine and to the French Quarter...lots of walking. For Halloween we had a large party, consisting of: Neil Gaiman's Death (me), Marla Singer (Amanda), the Guitar Hero (Dustin), Dr. McNinja (Welleford), Simon Tam (JR), The Dread Pirate Roberts (Kelsey), Slave Leia (Rachel), the Phantom of the Opera (Miranda), and a zombie-Joker-clown (Evian). There is no group picture because I didn't want to take my Polaroid or Nikon to the French Quarter (understandable) and Amanda never took one. We lacked cohesiveness. Some year we say we'll all go as the Serenity crew, or all as the Endless, but I doubt this will ever happen.

also drunk people scare me and the Quarter at Halloween has lots. The person standing next to me on the streetcar (very next, two feet, it was the 1am streetcar) was throwing up drunk, but the kind of drunk where he was just kind of leaning against the doors and had vomit dripping out of his mouth. I think drunk people terrify me more than protesters, and protesters also terrify me. They're so angry! waving and shouting! They're so accusatory. JR wants me to go to the Tea Party in Baton Rouge next weekend. I hope that it will be a very peaceful protest, full of nice mugs of Earl Grey.
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my stomach is too full of acid to sleep. 1 day late for halloween--

Lamb )
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hey ladies and gentlemen, it's 82 degrees in New Orleans (thank goodness, I do not want it to be 60 EVER AGAIN. this will not happen). My wife is coming to visit me this weekend :D! and Dustin, and Welleford.

now that I finished PHYSICS (for this week) TEST and HOMEWORK and I just have a lot of orgo to do (a chapter or so). but I have a new mug! It's ugly but it was 99cents so I bought it because hot water is free and it was less expensive than regular tea. you have no idea how excited I get about being able to drink hot tea in the mornings, because prior to this I had no cups. Mine went.....somewhere. So now I have one again and NO ONE WILL TAKE IT FROM ME EVER AGAIN. It's large so I leave the teabag in there to swim around. Yesterday my teabag disintegrated so I was drinking chai leaves. Perhaps I should get some sort of infuser ball, which would roll around and clunk while I drank it.

I've been SO ANGRY the past three days. Angry at my teacher, angry at my roommates, angry at my lab partners. Today I was feeling better until I found out that Rocky Horror was tonight and not tomorrow night, so now I'm angry again. the hell. It's supposed to start at 12 halloween night, not the night before. that FRIDAY by the way, halloween night starts midnight friday night/saturday morning. I just can't stay happy. this week has just worn me out.
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I sent this off to TWO betas two weeks ago and neither has returned it. (This started as my 2008 halloween story, by the way. it took me 9 months to write it.) SO HERE IT IS. the next installation in the Delilah house, a time-travelling extravaganza with love! loneliness! fires! children! and a brightly-colored air force! In roughly 13,000 words and two parts I give you...

Be Nice Or Leave: Part One )

Part 2
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"It's not easy having a good time. Even smiling makes my face ache."
-Frank N Furter

o blog.

I have written my 1667 words (exactly) yestereday and intend to write more today after my field trip to the art museum and studying spanish. but I do not count this as novel writing. I feel like this novel is so far away from being written that I am treating nanowrimo as a sort of series of daily writing exercises in the world and situation I have created to see if I get anywhere. if I don't, fine. I will not update my wordcount on the nano site until I am sure I am really doing this, ie about 10,000 words. college, after all, is college. and a spanish test looms.

this weekend was VERY kind to me, I had rocky horror and fishnets and all the associated songs and quotes and costumes: then I had my wife and dustin. o that was lovely. halloween in new orleans? even if most of the time we just spent wandering lost around the quarter and eating beignets and laughing at cafe du monde. then saturday we woke up, wrote our 1667 words, and went back to sleep until three: ate at the strange and unusual camila grill where dustin invented a bacon and cheese omelette. I'm sure someone else somewhere else has invented one of these but his was tastier I swear. and the mushroom, of used-CD and poster fame. I now have the only poster in the mushroom I really wanted to buy and it makes me happy. I'm sure you'll see it eventually in pictures.

saturday we watched firefly. (<3 that and all its associated people.)
also went to taco bell at one in the morning, as usual, and I laughed until I cried until I hyperventilated, then decided I needed sleep, so my roommates entertained dustin and amanda until about 4 or 5. we're not sure because the time changed: thus I woke up at 6 this morning convinced amanda was never going to get back to UK in time for class monday. obviously this is not true.

I don't know what's throwing me off more: the time change or the fact that my roommate's clock is wrong. moving along.
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I began this in Creative Writing, 2nd period, and finished after I got home from school around 5:30...so while the beginning and end tie together, they don't really fit together (as in, one doesn't obviously lead into the other). Constructive criticism is appreciated...tell me what you think is odd, if I messed up some plot details or something like that. I know the beginning and ending are different, but I'm not sure how to fit them into each other better...and I'm not sure about the ending. Haha. just read it.

Personally, I like it.

This is a Halloween story, by the way, as is appropriate.

The Six Houses of Monticello Street


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