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some points
  1. Brand New, you always come through for me when I need you
  2. I could still really use some appreciation
  3. I am typing on a computer keyboard where the y doesn't work. I have to Ctrl+V instead. how awful is this. This is because this is obviousl not my laptop, because when I came back there was sex, and so I'm in Willow lab. Whatever, I understand. But I don't have a lot of time to do homework today and this is pretty much it, so guess I'll just read Anthropology, Physics, and Orgo tomorrow. Whatever, it's not a lot.
  4. If this were my laptop I'd upload a new brand new song for you, from daisy, but it's not so I can't.
  5. I don't know my photobucket password. This isn't a problem except when I'm on other computers. I only have about 5 passwords, you think I'd remember....
  6. I dreamt of spanish class. Well, this isn't exactly right, I was in the high school auditorium but somehow watching the Superbowl at the same time. and I was thinking about Spanish--hablamos sobre el bolero, y en clase anteayer escuchamos a la cancion de "Piensa en mi" lo que es el titulo de la Phantom of the Opera, so in this dream they were singing "Think of Me" at the superbowl, except Raoul's part had been greatly expanded and included a soliloquy about how much he wanted to marry Christine but also how he couldn't because of a deep dark secret in his past, which I'm pretty sure was that he was already married. This is Phantom of the Opera at the superbowl with the plot of Jane Eyre in my dream.
  7. Also I'm taking my boyfriend out to dinner for his birthday tonight, which will be fun because we're going to the restaurant that invented bananas foster. But everytime I think about my birthday I just get kind of upset, because my birthday was pretty awful.
  8. I also had a dream that I met [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge on a boat to discuss fic over Andes mints and he was an especially petite girl. This is not what he is actually like, obviously, but this didn't really bother me at all and we discussed Torchwood and Mackinaw Island and food for a long time. I woke up starving
  9. and have still not eaten. I will go get a muffin, I think, because one cannot live in sexile without both computer AND food. cranberry orange muffin nom nom nom
  10. tension tension TENsion tensIONs. Positively and negatively charged atmospheres, how appropriate. I'm not doing well this week
  11. I am so glad there is not school tomorrow
  12. Brand New, you ALWAYS come through for me.


Apr. 19th, 2009 01:33 am
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Yesterday I went to the aquarium. The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, to be more precise. As a rule, I like aquariums, and this is a good aquarium. The first exhibit is a coral reef, bright colors, loots of fish, lots of signs. They have an amazon rainforest exhibit with parrots and an anaconda, trees and iguanas and big foliage and lights and color. There's jellyfish, and sea horses, and penguins, and sea otters, and frogs, and even a mississippi river exhibit (almost as bad as the river Ankh) with a white alligator.

But in the middle of the Aquarium is a big tank. You can see it from various points around the aqaurium, but you don't really look at it till the end. At one point all you can see is some metal poles sticking down into the water, and there's a circular piece of glass on the floor. If you stand on it you can watch dark shapes swim under you, which is an unsettling experience. And at the end of the walk-through you can see under the water to this exhibit--it has no colorful signs or lights telling you what the fish in it are . It has a small sign that says: "Gulf of Mexico" exhibit and lists the sponsors--oil companies. Inside this tank there are no plants, no colorful fish. There's a lifeless, sandy bottom, and some big rusty pipes sticking out of the floor--the feet of the oil rigs, I suppose. In this tank are giant, mean, ugly, gray fish. Regular gray sharks, nurse sharks, sting rays, big gray fish with names I don't know. While the rest of the aquarium is comforting, educational, colorful, well-lit, this exhibit is sketchy, mean, full of dangerous animals, and frankly just terrifying. It's unsettling. What I Learned Yesterday: The Gulf of Mexico is a terrible place.

Last night was French Quarter Fest, which I didn't go to but my roommates did. They came in at 3:30 crying while I slept. Time to roll over, make amends. In a sea of essays and electrochemistry, as well.
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I just wrote a poetry response for "I Sing the Body Electric". I actually do like writing poetry responses, after all that crap I gave everyone about poetry after GSA. It's much better when it's real poets, with poems that mean something. I think poetry would be so much cooler if it were a rebel thing to do. If writing poetry is respectful and expected, no one wants to do it. We've been watching the Dead Poet's Society in Creative Writing and that's what I keep thinking. Poetry was so beautiful because it was outside the rules, and it was about real life. You can't have it forced on you, you'll die of it. Poetry has to sort of sneak up on you in the middle of the night. It has to be a song that gets in your head and associates itself with things. Does that make sense? I don't, I know.

We also finished season two of House today, which was...eh. It all went downhill after Euphoria, I barely liked any of the episodes after that. The last episode? Where he hallucinated the entire thing? Man, I hated that so much. Ugh. It drove me up a wall! I read a recap as soon as I finished watching it just because I wanted to know that someone else was as mad at that as I was. Everything went wrong at the end of season two, it was terrible. We did get to watch some with Jaime and Jared, though, which was exciting.

I was so distraught I came upstairs, played piano and ate ice cream and Lucky Charms. Then we went back down to watch Lupin III movies. Oh, Lupin III. I still have to read the Adventures of Arsene Lupin at some point, if I can get my hands on it. Right after I read Lysistrata and A Million Little Pieces and Memoirs of a Geisha and write my essay on Atlas Shrugged and read HP7 again and and and....

It is now 10:41 and all my homework is done. O frabjous day!
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Notes From Nicole!:

1. Radio music. Normally, I avoid this like a thing which carries a very dangerous communicable disease. However, I worked for my mom every day last week and the radio was on. My alarm clock goes off at 6:45, and it's either the radio or obnoxious beeping which gets louder and louder, a terrible way to wake up. So I've been listening to radio. And I've found my fair share of Things To Hate. Such as: Avril Lavigne's Cheerleader-Girlfriend song. Who took this woman out of the elementary schools and let her make a record? It's like the bazooka-bubblegum song, but a direct ripoff and less charming. The one song about the girl who's leaving her boyfriend because she needs time along. Really, "I'm gonna miss you like a child misses its blanket"? Is there no better simile there we can use?
         However, I have found Things I Like, as well. Classic rock, as per usual, Styx Heart Queen Journey Elton John etc, all the things I grew up with and still love hearing on the radio. And, surprisingly, the new Good Charlotte song--just because it's so deliciously depressed. A far cry from the other "this is the anthem, put all your hands up" is the lovely: "everybody put up your hands, say 'I don't wanna be in love, I don't wanna be in love.'" I like it in a cruel way. They're depressed. It makes me happy to see such a formerly cheery band decry love in misery and pain. I'm glad they're making music for tweens to slit their wrists to.

2. Homework. I have AP Chem and AP Calc every day. I have it right now, in fact, and AP English is getting close. But you know the amazing thing? Even if I have homework in every one of my classes ('classes' here having the meaning of 'AP classes'), that's only four classes. I can never have homework in more than four classes! It's wonderful! We're writing short stories in Creative Writing, due the first Thursday in september. I really want to use my old ones. just because I love them so much and nobody reads them.

3. Oh yes! I have a collection of pictures from the past few days, here for your viewing pleasure. There are 15 of them. Includes: bubbles, movies, shoes, hannah, amanda, and joan jett. Can be found here.

4. Oh yes. the Cyanide and Happiness comic is here, so you can read the words of wisdom from those who also believe political correctness is silly.

5. I watch House all the time. I think I watched about eight or ten episodes this weekend, and I had guests and homework and a house party and Nibroc and church. I don't care. I don't want to do anything else. I could just sit around and watch this show, mindlessly, rotting into a paroxysm of Hugh-Laurie-loving, mindless delight. Yes, I had to use mindless twice, because television is really that alien to me.

6. Bad things. I'm tired all the time. I wrote down my eighteenth birthday on my planner last night and I felt like committing suicide. I don't know why this sudden onslaught of depression and world-hate has hit me. It's part of the watching-House-all-the-time thing too. I don't want to do anything. I don't want to go out and be social and make friends and be happy--it feels like I'm faking it. I feel...off-kilter? Like I really want to do well and be good at things and study and pay attention and learn things, whether it be how to do limits or nomenclature, and when I look up from my work I realize everyone else...isn't doing it. I'm not like these people. I love being loud and having fun and being happy and being studious and good at things and learning. Is that weird? Am I the weird one or is it everyone else? I don't know. I even listened to Michael's CD today and it didn't help. I'm tired, and hungry, and all day long I've had gastrintestional episodes. Perhaps it's just the monday syndrome.

7. I am still rereading Atlas Shrugged. I fall more and more in love with Francisco d'Anconia every time I read it. It makes it a lot harder to deal with liberal teachers in class, though. This was a terrible book to read before I go to college, because I'll be gritting my teeth thinking: "Well, what's wrong with capitalism, then?" in my head. I really want to know--what is wrong with capitalism? I don't understand why everyone bashes it. Sure, it gets taken advantage of. What's better? Socialism? Do you really think the government can control anything efficiently, better than private business? Of course there are corrupt businessmen. But it's still the best system of government out there (aside from Vetinari, which is ideal while he's alive). Anyway.

8. Food! Homework! Book! Adios.
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I have a newfound love for The Eels.

and this is my history assignment. I think I messed up the time line but who cares.

I am also writing my third period portfolio on the Health Hazards of Being A Pirate. It's supposed to be a Boating Safety essay. But I'm too cool. I'll post it when I'm done, too.

my kick-ass homework paper )


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