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 because I can't bear to close them. But tonight! tonight I am!

thank you, that will be all.

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I woke myself up this morning with the sound of my own breathing. oh hi respiratory ailments.

I've decided to get a tumblr as well. I'm now using dreamwidth as my main posting platform, because I trust it, then importing into my old-and-much-beloved livejournal, which gives me a feed that goes into facebook and tumblr. in case you're curious, dreamwidth, LJ, facebook notes are all the same content, but I think I'll use tumblr for other things besides actual blog posts as well, because it's good for that. I don't think any of this crossposts to my twitter. now if you wanna socially follow me you've got everything. while I'm at it you should explore colourlovers and last.fm, too.

which, I mean, I'm intrigued and got tumblr because it is good for blogging + blurbing, and sometimes I like to blurb things. but at the same time I like blogging because it's cohesive. You must take all this random content you find and integrate it somehow into what you want to say. it's not mindless consumption--it's still consumption but you must analyze it, write about it, find something to say. I frequently do multimedia blog posts. I am not a photoblogger but I do post a photo with every entry: it's a way for me to use my photos as well as forcing me to take the sort of photos I'd want to post with a thoughtful entry. I do links so you can download songs that I like right now and are influencing me. I try to integrate things.

That being said I like tumblr's system, facebook and stumble have spoiled me and I want to be able to wordlessly like something. Give you silent appreciation. Right? and sometimes I want to give you something I've done with no context (though that's not the point of blogging: rather, blurbing). I use twitter the same way, to record observations I have or send messages out when I have no one to send them to. I joke that I use twitter as a sort of 'notes to self' and forget people actually read it. I see the internet as this big place where your words will bounce around until they find a home somewhere. maybe no one will read it but I feel better saying it, and maybe it will bounce around until someone thinks "oh! yes!" and then they understand you, too. And they probably won't be inspired to write something but they will like it.

anyway, that's what I did this morning.

some beautiful things have been happening recently. Last night I went out, by myself, to get my phone checked on--I can't get a new one without renewing a contract, so I'm looking at secondhand phones to last a bit--and then went grocery shopping, got tuna fish and almond milk and pudding. The same snack packs my grandmother buys at the dollar store; this is something I am glad to do. My grandparents are on a train, touring through Canada right now, and I am in New Orleans Winn Dixie holding pudding that I'm sure my grandmother has packed away in a yellow Dollar Store bag somewhere with her. My grandparents are repositories of goodness and I am lucky if I can be half the person they are.

after grocery shoppping I drove around New Orleans, looking for ice cream and listening to Amanda's CD. brandy alexander, bridges and balloons, glass. I went to creole creamery and got a melonberry waffle cone and then sat on my trunk, eating an ice cream, watching the sky turn pink around the edges. This morning Hannah sent me a text

"earl grey tea and toast with honey, early-morning studio time. The walls are white and clean and the light is coming in above my cubicle and it's just me"

and Amanda sent me "i drove into morning with your 2009 cd and the song from the where the wild things are trailer [wake up, arcade fire]"

there are people who understand this.

Ingrid Michaelson is singing "I knitted you a hat all blue and gold / To keep your ears warm from the Binghamton cold / It was my first one and it was too small / It didn't fit you at all, but you wore it just the same" and I have had exactly the same experience but the hat was too big. the same colors and everything. There are these shared experiences and they give me comfort.

thank you for your time.


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