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I couldn’t not see new Bond if all my friends were, right? (jumping off a bridge etc. Also spoilers.) The writing was good (dealing with role of antique spy program in a modern world, Bond’s psychological issues & substance abuse, M’s job making her a terrible person, Bond & M aging, etc), but the point of it was to bring back the Original Bond….at the expense of women. And while sleeping with a sex worker and allowing her to die was pretty awful, it seemed no more apathetic a sex scene than any of Bond’s other miscellaenous conquests. What I found worse was treatment of Judy Dench as M (there is actually a scene where Bond yells at her to get in the kitchen? for real? like, okay, there’s a bomb or something, but you know the writers just started laughing when they put that line in). By the end of the movie, we’re left with a male authority figure in M, and Bond’s former partner has given up field work (on his suggestion) to become a young black woman secretary (who is then introduced for the first time—after Bond slept with her, of course—as Eve Moneypenny). And Judy Dench unrealistically died from a gunshot wound to the side of her hip just to get rid of her. Also the antagonist is a gay man trying to kill his mother.

I know it’s ridiculous to complain about sexism in Bond, but I was actually pleased with what they had done via M-as-a-lady & things in the first Craig-as-Bond movie, and this was just a total reversal back to terrible old sexist Bond. So basically there is a lot going on that makes this James Bond: Return to Patriarchy the movie.

But the car chases were pretty great!

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  1. HEY GUYS I PUT UP A CHRISMAS LAYOUT, go look at it for the three days before I have to take it down. I should have done this sooner... o well. hurrah!
  2. my gpa is a 3.689. hurrah! (I think?)
  3. also I'm crocheting my firefly River Tam vest. square one done. hurrah!
  4. I get to see hannah and amanda monday! and the party. hopefully Dustin comes. hurrah!
  5. my car is still left-turn-signal-less and dented. it will cost me lots of money. boo...
  6. watching james bond marathons on spike. I think this is not a 'hurrah!' or a 'boo...' but it just is. better than the altermative?

merry day before christmas eve.
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I'm a cartoon, you're a full moon, let's stay up...

today is an elliott smith day, I woke up and some genius at the tulane radio station was playing elliott smith and it rained.

guess who is coming to new orleans on the 20th? CONOR OBERST that's right you know it. ahhhhh bright eyes is STILL one of my top five bands of all time so I will be listening to his solo CD now till then. so much more important.

also quantum of solace friday.

these three things have provided an excess of joy in my life. God exists and he's American.


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