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I couldn’t not see new Bond if all my friends were, right? (jumping off a bridge etc. Also spoilers.) The writing was good (dealing with role of antique spy program in a modern world, Bond’s psychological issues & substance abuse, M’s job making her a terrible person, Bond & M aging, etc), but the point of it was to bring back the Original Bond….at the expense of women. And while sleeping with a sex worker and allowing her to die was pretty awful, it seemed no more apathetic a sex scene than any of Bond’s other miscellaenous conquests. What I found worse was treatment of Judy Dench as M (there is actually a scene where Bond yells at her to get in the kitchen? for real? like, okay, there’s a bomb or something, but you know the writers just started laughing when they put that line in). By the end of the movie, we’re left with a male authority figure in M, and Bond’s former partner has given up field work (on his suggestion) to become a young black woman secretary (who is then introduced for the first time—after Bond slept with her, of course—as Eve Moneypenny). And Judy Dench unrealistically died from a gunshot wound to the side of her hip just to get rid of her. Also the antagonist is a gay man trying to kill his mother.

I know it’s ridiculous to complain about sexism in Bond, but I was actually pleased with what they had done via M-as-a-lady & things in the first Craig-as-Bond movie, and this was just a total reversal back to terrible old sexist Bond. So basically there is a lot going on that makes this James Bond: Return to Patriarchy the movie.

But the car chases were pretty great!

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 this weekend, in light of my forthcoming endocrinology test (quick! ask me about the anterior pituitary!), I read Solaris, the infamously trippy, psychological-but-yet-still-hard-scifi novel by Stanislaw Lem. And then I watched the movie (the 2003 George Clooney, as the person who loaned me the book said she liked it better). 

And. There were parts of this book that I really appreciated--and one of them was how CREEPY it was. It's paranoid, and it makes the reader paranoid. You are Kris Kelvin, you're following his every thought throughout this whole ordeal. When he arrives on a space station to find the person who invited him there dead, and one of his colleagues uncommunicative and paranoid, the other locked in his lab, you start to get creeped out. You are just as confused as he is when the planet scans his brain and recreates an immortal simulacra of his dead wife. The fact that Snow and Sartorius are both unavailable--both physically, conversationally, and emotionally--for the entire novel makes it a very isolating one. You, the reader, are Kelvin as he has to try to figure out how to deal with his 'visitor' on his own. There are brief moments that are frightening in their details: the conversation Kelvin has with Snow, only to realize at the end that Snow is holding the hand of someone or something that is hiding in a cabinet the entire time. Creepy also is the fact that their 'visitors' cannot leave them--watching Rheya, not knowing why she did it, rip apart a space station door because she can't see Kelvin is a moment of real power in the narrative. It encases and includes the claustrophobia, the sense of confinement. 

I think I mention these things because these were things I LOVED about the book that the movie completely ignored. 

Solaris is a few things. It is an exercise in claustrophobia, it's a commentary on the nature of space exploration, it's a lot of fake hard science, and it's also a love story. The love story, while integrally a part of it, and for that matter an interesting part--his wife's suicide, the subtle way in which she goes from something he wants to destroy to something he wants to protect--is NOT the entire story (which, if you watch the movie, you will not learn). Of course the movie was going to get it wrong, I know, hollywood loves a love story, and telling bits of the story from her point of view was interesting. But I'm not sure why they left out all the things I mentioned above--you know, the super cool, super creepy stuff that could have made this a really visually interesting and scary movie--in favor of love scenes between two actors with awkward, barely-there chemistry. When Solaris the movie tries to be creepy, it has blood on the floor. There was just so much more to work with in their source material. What you end up with is a love story, randomly set on a space station, with some unnamed and unquestioned force bringing back his suicidal wife. And sure, you get some pre-Inception Inceptioney questions about 'how close is a memory of a person to the person's actual life' (duh, not very), but that's really not what Solaris was about. 

The premise of Solaris the book is that space travel (science fiction space travel, anyway) is about finding a reflection of man. Man goes into the stars looking for something like himself. Whether it be language, bipedalism, warm-bloodedness, M-class planets, single star orbits, a nervous system, a system of communication--whatever life we encounter out there must be like us, right? All the life we know is like us. We have a lot of attributes. Of course something in space will be like us. The 'hard scifi' part of Solaris--and a good third to half the novel is spent explaining this phenomena--is the fact that Solaris is a planet with an unstable orbit around a dual star system. The thing holding the planet in check is a giant, probably-sentient 'ocean' that can do anything.  It's not made of cells. It may be made of atoms or maybe neutrinos (I'm not sure how good Lem is on physics, considering this was a 1961 novel, but he tries real hard). It may be intelligent--it doesn't react the same way to stimuli when stimuli are given, anyway. This laundry-list of the ocean's attributes takes up a vast number of pages in this very short novel, turning it into (if you subtract the characters and just give Kelvin's reading and inner monologue) a scientific review of the Phenomenon of Solaris. It does get tedious. But reading the book you are never to doubt that what this book is really about is the ocean. 

And what is the ocean? Kelvin, by the end, is ready to theorize that it's a very young god; a sly way by Lem of criticizing humans for deifying anything they can't understand. The fundamental, and most interesting part of Solaris, is the question of the other. Other than human. There are still a vast, unaccounted-for number of things that humanity does not (cannot?) understand. And our reaction to the unknown--the human tendency to become small, afraid, mean, and protective when faced with what cannot be understood--is what's being examined in Solaris, just as closely as Kelvin examines the ocean. 
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antichrist television blues! I've heard that watching television makes people feel less lonely and I agree. the illussion of companionship. The rest of the article was about how the human brain hasn't yet evolved to the point where we can distinguish in any meaningful way the difference between real people and and fake people on television--that is, they light up the same sorts of parts in your brain.

So this movie is kind of hilarious and I forgot that it was hilarious at first and just that it's stupidly sentimental at the end.

"Would you care to play bridge with me and my wife?"
"I'm sorry, but I cheat. It's an addiction."

"Don't talk to me."
"Don't talk to you? Then why did you call me?"

"And then...hmm? What? I thought you said something."
"Oh, I didn't say anything."
"Right. But you're right, you know."

"Do you speak Gaelic?"
"How do you say let's get out of here?"

"Oh, my knees! They're as old as I am."

feeling restless. I'm ready to go back and not ready at the same time. waiting is awful. wish my friends would call me back, but I suppose you get what you deserve...

dinner of tomatoes and radio wire, honey bunches of oats and ricemilk, V8 splash and pink champagne....oh wait, guess not. why aren't any shakespeare movies on tv tonight?
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I have a talent for losing things in stupidly small amounts of space. My lenscap, in the three feet from my bed to my bookshelf. My thread, from my bed to my closet door. This could be because I'm trying to pack, and to pack I have to clean my room, but I have to dirty my room first by having open suitcases all over the floor with things falling out of them.

adventures in space. I have revised my summer to-do list accurately reflecting things I read or made, things I gave up on trying to read or make, things I still want to read or make at some point. Hurrah.

I finally saw harry potter, too. On the last day they were showing it. Trailers that made me really excited: Sherlock Holmes and Where The Wild Things Are. Let's be honest, my love for Where The Wild Things Are plus the Arcade Fire have made me watch that trailer about six times now. I swear it's a different version. And every time I want to cry. Cute tiny humans! Being left alone! With giant monsters! Being cute! And the Arcade Fire! Every single thing that could trigger my cute/protective/this is gonna be awesome instinct is there.

I'm making a list of movies where the trailer outlived and was cooler than the movie itself. So far:
1. Watchmen
2. Where The Wild Things are
3. that new movie bout the cloth robot dolls with the Coheed and Cambria song
4. ...
This could also double as a list of movie trailers which basically serve as music videos and make the movie, which may or may not be any good, look good. I'm sure there are more, I just can't think of them right now. Oh, let's not forget The Room. The trailer for that made it look ten times better than it actually was, and if you've never seen The Room or the trailer for The Room, that's saying something.

back to sewing. I have this week and half of next week. I better get sewing/packing/knitting!
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"Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you shall eat or what you shall drink, nor about your body, what you shall put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? [...] "Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day's own trouble be sufficient for the day."

Matt 6:34

always good advice. I should start every post off with a bible verse, a good way to cite my sources, using a higher authority (pun intended) to give credence to whatever I have to say. Just wait till I start pulling in the Song of Solomon. "Your neck is ike an ivory tower..."

yes, I know it's not easter anymore. was gonna post this yesterday but got distracted by soup, movies, etc. not doing homework, the Dr. Who Easter Special, the like. so let's just carry on with our little charade of pretending it's easter and I'm not being late...

obviously since I'm just now returning to the blog I should do something cliche and predictible, like a music meme.

Using ONLY SONG TITLES from ONE artist, cleverly answer these questions:
A: Tori Amos, who I am listening to at present.

1. Are you a male or female: London Girls(london girls are the best in the world)
2. Describe yourself: Cornflake Girl (never was a cornflake girl)
3. How do you feel about yourself? Happy Phantom (and I'll go running through the streets without my mask on)
4. Describe your ex boyfriend/girlfriend: Doughnut Song (you thought that I could decipher your message--this no one here could, no one at all)
5. Describe your current boy/girl situation: Professional Widow (honey bring it close to my lips yes)
6. Describe your current location: Blood Roses (the belle of New Orleans tried to show me once how to tango)
7. Describe where you want to be: Little Amsterdam (in a southern town)
8. Your best friend is: Marianne (and I knew you, pigtails and all, girls when they fall)
9. Your favorite color is: Famous Blue Raincoat (last time I saw you, you looked so much older)
10. You know that: I Don't Like Mondays (gonna shoot the whole day down)
11. What’s the weather like? Cloud On My Tongue (I don't need much to keep me warm)
12. If your life was a television show what would it be called? Space Dog (she can't understand, she truly believes the lie)
13. What is life to you?
Wednesday (nothing here to fear, I'm just sitting around being foolish when there is work to be done)
14. What is the best advice you have to give? (come and kneel with me)
Body and Soul
15. If you could change your name, what would it be? Talula (she's chasing tornadoes)

I want to make a mix CD of this only it will be all Tori Amos. maybe I'll do it as a starter kit for anyone trying to get into Tori. it's got old, new, B-sides, live, covers, lotsa boys for pele...wow, lotsa boys for pele, I should diversify a bit. you can tell it's my favorite. anybody interested into getting into Tori or just want some of these songs (London Girls, I know, is rare) just holler. that's ky-slang for give me a comment about it.

links expire in a week.

B. things I have been clicking around on for days:
slowly clicking through all the movies available on movie25.com
a list of games with concealed rules, featuring Mornington Crescent, Mao, and Double and Triple Cranko
Inspire me, now! all the way back to page 75. getting this far took me days and days .

C. news. lent was lent-like. my roommate went vegan and didn't eat anything for forty days (slight exaggeration). I heard about the movie THE ROOM, which if you haven't heard of I recommend you try. I had spring break and watched lotsa movies and never figured out the end of the Delilah time-travel story.

since today was Easter I went to church, but halfway through the service (which was in this Gothic catholic church, very pretty) I got very nauseous, ran outside, and commenced with my poor digestive system in front of Loyola. happy Easter. since then I'm back in my room reading Out of the Silent Planet (appropriately Christian literature) in my underwear and drinking iced mint tea I made, because a Google of 'digestive system remedies' turned it up a a good idea. Also I read it in Cosmo once. If it's in Cosmo it must be right.


not a good picture. all done with triangles and yarn that Bailey got me for my birthday, very pretty varigeated. I wanna knit stuff all summer.

E. a list of painful ways to die, compiled with amanda:
-garrott wire, carrot wire, socks filled with blood, socks filled with rocks, jack russell terriers with poison teeth, seals with lasers on their heads, aliens on fire, acid spitting trees, hydrofluoric acid balloons, one million paper cuts, thermite coated termites, razor-tipped fedoras, corsets with scorpions, dreadlocks with hidden poison darts, daleks, cybermen, borg, roumlan war birds piloted by razor-winged pterodactyls, a dragon, pistols filled with broken glass, rats with watch bombs, bats covered in napalm, thieves with flying buses, magical broomsticks with deadly embroidery skills, old ladies with cats
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walmart on saturday mornings and movies all saturday nights (young frankenstein spaceballs dr. horrible fight club. all from 9pm - 6am.)

also rainboots. when it rains. my mommy sent them to me, I love her dearly and miss her intensely. <3. also I miss my wives and the party and am intensely grateful for michael winn's =D cd.

also cramping. dammit. the orange pills lied to me and it's only monday! I should have two more days of non period days! dammit. I have a to-do list a mile long and haven't eaten in years or slept in minutes. sleeping, of course, replaces eating in this context. perhaps I am trying to get my life on track. I want to take organic chemistry instead of calculus. (all this because we're doing the organic chemistry chapter in bio right now.) no, I'd rather take calculus than spanish. bleh. spanish is far too red, and for some reason all that reading Jane Eyre and whatnot when I was younger made me feel that all foreign languages should be blue. and thus learned in a blue way. Not a red way, which is just awkward and I dislike it. is this normal? does anyone else feel like this? or was it just too much victorianesque literature as a child? I blame my dislike of spanish on jane austen and jane eyre. also anne of green gables. so the moral of this paragraph is that if I had my druthers, I druther organic chemistry than spanish. damn and blast.

i am inheriting from monica and amanda a noneating. oatmeal, banana, cupcake, pasta in last 48 hours. it's like nonhunger is a communicable disease. this does not help with my sleeping or homework situation. today = RAPED IN THE FACE. damn and blast.

all this just reminds me of people. people who I miss. also there are people here I love dearly, love with a love that is more than love. too bad many of these people are spread out across various cities in america. MY LOVE SPANS FROM OCEAN TO OCEAN.

I apologize for the negligible readability and coherency of this post and I will not end this paragraph with damn and blast.
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I keep hearing Rhapsody in Blue. This is at least the fourth time in the past week that I've heard it: randomly, on TV, on a movie, just out. I wonder if god is trying to tell me something via George Gershwin?

Moving the 21st, how terrifying. The only thing I have packed is all my Tshirts and a few pants. That's only four days left in which to pack my things, round up all the stuff I loaned out (unlikely), and say goodbye to everyone I know. I think I'll skip the last one: I hate goodbyes. I do my best to avoid them altogether. They're tearful and uncomfortable.

I also came home from my journey to Hannah-Amanda-Emma-Nora-John Max (during which we watched Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and I got a $5 purple trench coat) and was sick (though whether this sickness is disease or just strange food I have yet to tell). Between that and my three almost-wrecks on the way home (two of which Amanda was there for), I think I'll stay home tonight (and practice my parenthetical phrases).
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Today I was in the operating room all day, watching people get cut open, fixed, and then sent on their way. one-time through, get to know all these people from the inside and then don't see them again. okay. it is curious and fascinating. I got to see two gallbladders taken out.

I went to see The Dark Knight. Kind of like the If Tyler Durden Was a Superhero movie. I miss clever heroes. they're not very fashionable hereabouts. Sherlock Holmes, Sam Vimes, Tiffany Aching, Arsene Lupin, Hercule Poiroit, Edmond Dantes, Fransico d'Anconia, the Doctor, House, Lupin the III. These are clever heroes. They have it Figured Out. you know how in Batman the Joker was the one with all the cool scenes? Like in every scene the Joker had some new exciting plan or thing to blow up in a really cool way, where Batman was like "o shit what do I do" the whole movie. That's like the opposite of a clever hero. That's a clever villain. There are far too few clever heroes in modern cinema. People who know what they're doing. And when they come along they are badass. You watch it or read it and you sit up and yell: "BAD ASS!" every so often. (This is true in a literal sense, but is also a Discworld joke.) Like when i was reading The Counte of Monte Cristo, when he killed Ferdinand I just sat up and yelled: "I AM EDMOND DANTES!" and it was awesome, and when Francisco d'Anconia wrecked everything I was yelling triuimphiantly. You know how it goes. Adrian Vedit was that way too. He was definitely badass. But you know, he's not really a good guy, is he? Watchmen was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly and I got SO EXCITED. except this is the graphic novel without a hero.

I made a mix cd for anyone who loved the Juno soundtrack. 100% mellowed-out indie. I'm pretty happy with it. it all started with one song, Life in Disguise by The Slip, which I heard and then kind of fell over. It's got lots of songs by Elliot Smith and Belle ane Sebestian and Bright Eyes and The Postal Service and Ryan Adams and the Decemberists and all things. This has been my past few days, this cd.

also today I drank a mint chocolate chip frappucino and wore someone else's jacket and black shoes. it was very nice. I think that the fun part of my life is made up of moments of time when I'm not doing the things I'm supposed to be doing. which is markedly different (and marketably different) from doing the things I'm not supposed to do. obligations vs rebellion. you know. I like to talk during movies. I know people find it obnoxious, and I don't really care. I know that I'm wearing a coat too big for me in mid-july. whatever, I don't care. I don't care if you like my haircut or my habits or the way I dress or talk or what. I'm going to watch a movie and listen to a cd and read a book and think what I think. peace out.

good news! I got my AP Scores back and was very happy. I got a 3 in Calculus, 4 in Chemistry, and 5 in English. They bought my essay about Yossarian and Orr! Whoo! And I get credit for Chemistry and English. Not Calculus, but whatever.

and did I mention I love Dr. Horrible? too bad it's not free to watch anymore. I downloaded it and put it on my iPod, though. even if act three did make me sad. It's the title of that indie CD I made: lacy, gently wafting curtains. From Captain Hammer's quote: "It's curtains for you, Dr. Horrible! Lacy, gently wafting curtains."


Mar. 15th, 2008 12:14 am
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so after my field trip, my friends decided to throw me a party today (a week late) to celebrate my birthday. it was a surprise party and a good one, because I was very surprised. I got four jones sodas, an umbrella, a lolly and a jawbreaker and a disney princess balloon (which Nathan picked out). I have good friends :D <3

then we watched Never Back Down which was pretty bad. fights are now apparently the number one video on youtube and, in flordia, are treated like football in texas. But I liked it nonetheless, even though everyone just talked about how much it sucked the whole time. I also watched Casablanca today with the boyfriend. Humphrey Bogart is of course great but that's the whole movie, everyone is just a prop for him.  "of all the gin joints in the world..."

I listened to Hellogoodbye's Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! (Werewolves, Monsters, Shoestrings, Catalysts, yarn, elehpants, Schrodinger's Cat...) which is fun and poppy. Oh, and we went to an energy conference for a field trip where the speakers were all international politics majors and didn't know any science, and one guy kept talking about "the obselete Carbon atom" and everytime he said it I started laughing. or rolled my eyes.

tomorrow I go to Louisville (STATE!) to do written composition from 4:30 to 6. then, after that and more then (hopefully) SEEING GSPEEPS.  the PARTY L-VILLE EDITION. maybe. we're all unorganized, so I might not. whatev.

I lost everything past Chapter 5 on the Daniel Johnson chronicles when I lost my flash drive. and I love chapter 5, which I had typed up and don't want to retype. Mollee, you have chapter 5, so you should put it up and then I'll write chapter 6 and beyond.
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So I’ve been trying to write a review of The Golden Compass since I skipped the North/South basketball game (which is just as important as it sounds) to go see it. And since I have reread the book (finishing last night) since watching the movie, and love it just as much as I ever did, here goes.

 The movie wasn’t bad. But the book is long—very long, in three parts. I really liked the casting in this movie—Daniel Craig was quintessential Lord Asriel, Dakota Blue Fanning was the perfect defiant stubborn Lyra, and Nicole Kidman was even a suitably creepy Mrs. Coulter. After she rescued Lyra, when she was just sitting by the bed with her head in her hands—genuine mother concern, which really hit on that different part of her character. Iorek Brynison’s voice even sounded like him in my head. And the visuals were good. They sped up the plot, obviously, and took things out of order—they rescued the children after Iorek was king of the bears, not in the book. Billy Costa didn’t get cut in the book, John Faa had more speaking parts, the witches daemon spoke before her, etc., etc.  They completely left out Svalbard (except for the bears fighting) and Lord Asriel killing Roger, making the bridge, Dust being good, or anything that could be offensive.

 But the pacing was terrible. O gosh. This is a very long, very detailed book, which unfolds, not quite slowly, but not movie-speed. In the movie, things were rushed—Lord Asriel’s presentation on Dust was rushed to the point where it wasn’t plausible or really made sense, unlike in the book. And while all the actors played their characters well, they weren’t given enough screentime between all the action to develop them. Everything happened too fast. The anbaric powered things were all very cool, but the pacing ruined the movie. I don’t think it will make enough money to justify making the Subtle Knife or Amber Spyglass—which, judging by the ignorant reactions to this movie, is just as well. They can stay locked up in my imagination. But man, I’d love to see Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman making out while Lyra watches, holding her dead friend, and then they abandon each other. POW. WHAT A KICKER. SEX ON A STICK. Peter Jackson should take over and remake it with the same cast. It could last five hours and take the time it deserves.

 I also saw Enchanted, which I thought looked dumb, but we took the Beta Club to see it (along with some little kids we bought presents for) and it was great. well, not great, but classic Disney. It was cute.

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So instead of studying for my AP Chem test last night (I hate gas laws, I hate gas laws), I watched Transformers. It was exciting. It was so exciting I had very little idea of what was going on and focused on the little yellow car the entire time, because it was my favorite and it was the first transformer.

PV=nRT. pfft, what nonsense.
wish me luck!

fake life

Nov. 6th, 2007 07:53 pm
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I think perhaps I make the college thing a little harder on myself than it needs to be. Instead of looking up schools as I'm interested in them and think about it and finding out what I need to do early, I look at college websites and apply all at once, the night before the Heart of Darkness test while I still have AP Chem homework to do, and then realize that I need to take 2 SAT Subject Tests, and my dad's like: "no! they're just kidding, send the ACT instead!" and I'd owe the late fee.

hahahahahahahahhaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAeiwofejewfafeowijfa eo.

In other news, I watched American Gangster today. and ate spaghetti for dinner.

edit: forget this studying crap, House is on.
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what we did Sunday:

yes, everything in the credits is misspelled on purpose.
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my bedtime, since I came back, has been growing ever and ever later. this is probably not good since I have school Wednesday. I mean, normally I'm a ten o'clock bedtime kinda girl. I love sleep. trust me. I love sleep so much. I think I have zero three am entries in the entire five years since I've had LJ. and I'm staying up till one or two every night.

I'm excited and sad.

I read Wuthering Heights today, I'm a few chapters from the end. I wore red and white peppermint stripes, with cute shoes that gave me blisters until I decided to go barefoot. But they matched the outfit so perfectly!

The Bourne Ultimatum was amazing. Not anything like the book. But it was still AMAZING. I think I said: "Oh, shit!" about a thousand times and laughed out loud and clapped during scenes and was flailing around in anticipation the entire time. JASON BOURNE CANNOT DIE. He's sixteen times cooler than Chuck Norris ever DREAMED OF BEING. We decided that of the trio--Jason Bourne, James Bond, and Jack Bauer--the only way one of them will ever die is if the other two gang up on him. They're all pretty much invincible.
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so, on the Bourne Ultimatum, coming out Friday.

Actually, tonight I watched the last half of the Bourne Identity. It made me re-realize that there was NO mention of Carlos, Saigon, Vietnam, Jason's family, Jason's real name, or really anything that would possibly connect it to the Bourne Supremacy or the Bourne Ultimatum. I still love it. But it's completely different. Completely different. UGH THOSE BOOKS OWN ME.

So, I talked to Lauren Llama for about three hours last night, that was fun. My senior pictures were boring and terrible, I only liked the one with my chucks. church is driving me CRAZY!!!!!!! It does this when I'm around it too long. I have a love-hate relationship with my church. the end.

Tonight, I stay up for long periods of time reading Wuthering Heights. Let's hear a cheer for that one. My blogs grow more pointless the more tired I am.


Jun. 22nd, 2007 10:27 am
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The Golden Compass is going to have James Bond in it!!
I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lyra is the child of Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig!!!!!!!!!
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So of all the movies I have watched, Pride and Prejudice was the cutest. !!!!!!!!!!!!! they're so adorable!!!!!!!!!

Let's see. Home Alone 2 was, well, Home Alone 2 (with Tim Curry), Little Shop of Horrors was horrifying (aaaaahhh), Lupin III was clever and cheesy, Pirates Of the Carribean 2 was unresolved, and.....I watched something else right before Pride and Prejudice that I can't remember.

But Pride and Prejudice was so cute! And it had amazing music. Absolutely oceans of piano.

So I'm going out for lunch with my grandparents then coming back to watch The Life Aquatic and sew some more squares together.
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So, for our English The Scarlet Letter project, we're making a movie.
Modified version of the book as probably adapted (loosly) into movie form below.

My Version of the Scarlet Letter, as soon to be immortalized in movie form )


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