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today I am waring the large flannel shirt my m other gave me as a dress, listening to Gregory Alan Isakov in the wind and doing homework--

things could be better, this morning I got up at 5am and stumbled out in the dark to throw up in the bathroom. It was cold and I drank coke to try to get the taste of bile out of my mouth; it's still a little achey film on my teeth despite the mouthwash. I am glad I wore this overlarge shirt to bed.

I have 80 orgo problems, 6 chapters of physics for a test, a spanish paper/oral exam, and a project for anthropology. I think I will drink a coke now and do some homework.
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Bailey asked me how my life was going "you know, outside of school."

A very puzzling question, indeed.

I'm sitting in the Academic Advising center right now. Physics Lab is due before class at 1, and my lab partner didn't email me his part until after midnight last night....by which point I was asleep...so this morning after physics I frantically ran to my appointment with the pre-med advisor. She's ridiculously laid back and all "meh, whatever" but said if I can keep a 3.6 (KEEP A 3.6) there's a good chance I'll get in Creative Scholars, which means I'll be accepted to Tulane Med School and won't have to take the MCAT unless I really want to (or want to apply to other places). So that's good and I just want to keep a 3.6! so much! If I can keep that up! If I can get a B in physics, an A in Orgo, and an A in everything else. O man. This is even more "KEEP GOOD GRADES" than I already am. 3.6 is real hard, guys. This is college. I have a 3.8 right now but Physics! orgo! ahhhhhh and next semester I want to take Genetics with Dr. V and Orgo II and Physics II and Literary Investigations, because this means that I'll be an English major. Oh look, that's my schedule, unless I also take Spanish. Maybe I'll take a semester off from Spanish. I have to write a paper for spanish today---

basically, it's not going, not really at all. just school. but if this creative Scholars thing works out then I will be GOLDEN after this. Junior and Senior year will be that. So one year of stress now.

and on top of all this I have a sty in my eye and didn't eat breakfast. what a shame
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Songs I Would Write on the Ukluele, if I Only Had It With Me: this lists includes things which I have felt moved to write songs about and thus far sung without accompaniment, such as "Why Am I Doing Homework In The Dark" with a chorus about "I'm not anymore! I stopped to write this song!!" and love ballads for my roommates which include specific lyrics about big spoon vs little spoon. Also I feel an "Ode to The Window In The Shower (The One With The Frosted Glass)" is in order.

Bailey was watching Veronica Mars and I thought it was Dead Like Me. Sound-alike narrators when being heard through two bathroom doors.

man, physics is killing me. something awful. help? why won't the law of cosines/law of sines work for me.
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the quilt I made. without the quilting part. I want to make more, a quilt of multicolored beach houses and a mardi gras beads quilt. I want to make things, which is something I'm relatively good at.

Josh's suitemate has swine flu. Since I sit next to him in Orgo, as soon as he gets it I will get it, then JR and Carrie and Bailey and Evian will get it. Also a girl in my spanish class has it and just comes to class anyway. Today I discovered she lives on my floor. So if my roommates don't somehow pick it up first, I'm sure I will and give it to them.

And physics is awful. I don't know about force or magnitude or resultant vectors. I don't know physics at all. We're going to switch. I'm going to do her Orgo lab and she'll do my physics lab. Because I know about chemistry, me and chemistry are good and me and physics are not.

I am going here for dinner. what entrees sound good? I'm thinking shrimp something. I love shrimp a lot. Many of their shrimp dishes are named after people.

I've also discovered that I'm a lot worse friend than I thought I was. In many different ways. And I don't know what to do about it.

I could really use some appreciation right now


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