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just exactly in the nick of time, here is the finalized 2012 playlist.

  1. When I Go - Slow Club
  2. Tickle Me Pink - Johnny Flynn
  3. Neutered Fruit - St. Vincent
  4. Honey Bunny - Girls
    concerts of 2012
  5. The Last Polka - Ben Folds Five
    concerts of 2012; stayed in my head extensively while bike touring
  6. The Kill - the Dresden Dolls
    graduation blues
  7. A Better Son/Daughter - Rilo Kiley
    graduation blues
  8. Come On Youth - Slow Club
    post-graduation blues
  9. The Party - Regina Spektor
    post-graduation blues
  10. Werewolf - Fiona Apple
    post-graduation blues
  11. Crow's Song - Hunger O'Dalaigh
    for absent friends
  12. Lakehouse - Of Monsters & Men
    for moving somewhere new
  13. For Those Below - Mumford & Sons
    for absent friends
  14. Hood - Perfume Genius
    new life blues
  15. Bushel Hyde - Jessica Pratt
    Joanna Newsom, Jessica Pratt, and Joni Mitchell are like the Jason Bourne/Jack Bauer/James Bond of lady folk music
  16. The Man Who Lives Forever - Lord Huron
    go west young man
  17. The News From Your Bed - Bishop Allen
    new life blues
  18. Paper Hearts - Why?
    the best song of the year hands down the end.
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lacy, gently wafting curtains

1. Life in Disguise - The Slip
2. How Dare You - Clearwood Bellawater
3. Piazza, New York Catcher - Belle and Sebestian
4. Beneath Rocks and Sand - Forest City Lovers
5. Communist Daughter - Neutral Milk Hotel
6. King's Crossing - Elliott Smith
7. Across the Universe - the Beatles
8. Creep - Damien Rice
9. Lord, Help the Poor and Needy - Cat Power
10. Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains) - Ryan Adams
11. New Slang - The Shins
12. Not Your Year - The Weepies
13. On the Bus Mall - The Decemberists
14. Chicago (Multiple Personality Disorder Version) - Sufjan Stevens
15. When I Was A Young Girl - Feist
16. Heart it Races - Architecture in Helsinki
17. Arc of Time (Time Code) - Bright Eyes
18. Natural Anthem - Postal Service

winrar file on sendspace

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please, please
1. comment if you download and
2. listen to it in order?
it took me forever to upload, so please be nice.
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some things.

In my excessive but not enjoyable freetime I've been doing too much of this browsing LJ nonsense. and I love it. I keep clicking around on random journals and I downloaded someone's playlist called 'china rust patterns' and I've listened to it five times now. I really wish I remembered where I found it so I could go thank that person, but I...have no idea. It was late. also I was looking for iron man icons and got sucked into a new fandom. this happens to everyone,  I swear. o man. why. speaking of fandom:

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speaking of the playlist thing. I made a playlist at 1:36am last night called 1:36am june 11th 2008, and if anyone wants a copy I'll do something cool and upload it with art and stuff. it sounds very much like songs you'd listen to at 1:36 am on june 11th, 2008 by yourself in the dark. since I'm going LJ-cut happy, here it is:

I also wrote

I've also been writing in my journal. A lot. My giant map-of-the-world journal. I wrote two pages of an essay called "The Difficulties and Necessities of Modern-Day Pirating" taking a look at the reasons, causes, necessity of, and proper tools for, modern day piracy, but then stopped in the middle of a sentence talking about the role and importance of a "ship" and how the perception of "ships" can and should change for the modern-day pirate. It was pretty strange. But I liked it.

I also keep thinking about Evolution. Evolution and the Internet. At what point does technology become part of natural selection? Why have as humans developed a collective consciousness that doesn't really exist? It only exists in our interconnectivity. I'm thinking about writing an essay called Darwin and the Internet or maybe more something like Darwin vs Steve Jobs, but I might just save it for college when it will be useful. Since I'm attending Starfleet Academy and all.

I also got six inches of my hair cut off.

also it has been 100 degrees here, which is very hot. I've been reading Marvel's Civil War comics. Between that and my Trekker status and my knitting I have no cool points left. It's okay. ..I embrace it. 

and finally some pictures from summer.
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