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I woke up at 9am thinking about quilting. What do I want to do next.

I saw this a while ago, which is a beach house quilt, and it's adorable. And the one I thought about doing this morning would be like that, only with more complicated houses, blocks you spend all day on, houses with porches and swings and two stories and little corner pieces, just like the ones on St. Charles Avenue, right? And then I thought I could have tall narrow blocks of live oak trees in between the houses, and gray strips between rows for roads, and maybe streetcar blocks and it would be ADORABLE. also super heavy labor intensive. And more than two colors, which I was going for purple/green/white for my next one, but this one is just such a cool idea.

It would be long term, though, doing individual blocks over a long period of time then piecing them together in the coolest quilt ever. A little St. Charles Ave quilt! But it couldn't be traditional piecing, anyway, it would have to be appliqued for all the little snitty bits on the houses and streetcars and trees. Buy a lot of light blue fabric for the sky behind the houses, and some gray for road-strips and maybe the backing, then tons of millions of other colors for the houses. Rolls of variegated and patterned and etc. I could use machine-sewing to get the blocks together and the edges and do the actual quilting, but the blocks would be done by hand.... ahhh I need to start taking pictures of the houses and trees and streetcars so I know what shapes everything is.

Also for my next afghan, if anyone gets pregnant again, I'm making one like this. FISH. TESSELLATING FISH. Lots of blue ones and then colored ones in between. IT WILL BE ADORABLE.

I don't know why I'm this blanket crazy. I slept with my fleece blanket UNDER my sheet last night, instead of on top of it, and it was the best idea ever. Apparently it inspired blanket dreams.
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I finished the quilt! My first. I wanna make another one though.

I finished the mittens!

I just like making stuff )

I still need to get christmas presents for three people, and finish one more. Oops.
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rose-tinted sunglasses & bangers and mash

have two songs I've had on repeat.
Blame It On Bad Luck (acoustic) by Bayside, courtesy of Jason. it's like...emo music being interesting, an acoustic guitar confession with jumps in melody that keep it from being boring and repetitive like so much emo acoustic music. And the change in dynamics add to the emotional intensity as well.
Seven-Mile Island by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, courtesy of Big Lots. it's like Ryan Adams in the best way, and a bit like Jon Booth, who I wish I could see play again. The first time I heard this song I twittered the lyrics so I could look it up and it's been just as powerful every since.

guys ahh quilting?? no way I'm going to get this done in time. I have four fabrics but am unsure if one matches, so as soon as I decide I will begin, because I have two patterns picked out in either case which are very similar. it's a classy kind of patriotic. But I need to really knit some things first, though I'm technically crocheting this shawl. My to-do list in the moleskine calendar is quickly turning much larger. I am so close to finishing so many things, they are just a few rows away, a few pages away, a few stamps away from being crossed off that list. sugar babies and chicken salad.

I decided that if Muggles really want to play Quidditch we should replace the brooms with unicycles. It would be amazing.

I would very much like to see my wives again and get a good night's sleep.
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reading about The Navidson Record makes me just want to photograph things. I know exactly know what the house at Ash Tree Lane looks like, you know. I have its picture in my mind, its white walls and connected rooms and stairs. I reread this to try to actually get Johnny Truant's side of things and once again I'm just entranced with Will Navidson.

here comes the fourth of july!

project for the week: Be Nice Or Leave book: finished!!!!

I'm more excited than anyone else I've showed it to. But then, seeing something you've written in an actual book between your fingers is just so thrilling. I'm sending it off to VAMPY counselors soon, and hopefully they will enjoy it. Still not done the Klein Bottle hat, though. Nor the other blanket which I have fabric for now. Hopefully I'll start piecing together ideas this weekend. I've looked around at patterns but can't really find anything I like just yet. That's easy. Whose squares I can sew mostly and quickly by hand. Ah, I'll find something, or make one up...


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