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now I am done with all my finals and it is raining like this. so my last night in new orleans I am somberly spending inside with too little food and the internet. I fly out tomorrow at 10am and usually I like to do flying-out sum-up posts. so.

It has not been a very good semester, or maybe I've just done a poorer job at being a happy human being this semester. I am glad it is over and I hope I got good grades and that next semester will be better, that I will do a better job managing all myself. I have not been very happy this semester. I have a month to work on it.

I keep giving myself more problems! first lactose intolerance and now maybe hypoglycemia! I've dismissed it before but THREE PEOPLE THIS WEEK have told me that I act like a hypoglycemic. I'm sorry guys, when I don't eat I get angry and then dizzy when I walk up stairs, why do I keep discovering eating-related disorders I may have. what if I really am perfectly healthy to eat anything and secretly have an eating disorder.

what if secretly inside my head I'm a crazy person who is going to die very soon?

I am very glad finals are over because maybe I will stop being crazy and get enough sleep and knit and read some books again
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today it stormed, again, like it did yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that. The tree-bending winds and ten pm sky, the rain in sheets so thick you can't see across the street, etc. Like it's been doing all summer.

did I tell you my next story which I started last night is about a series of hurricanes and a love triangle? I started it last night and it will incorporate:
  1. a light-up umbrella
  2. black button dress
  3. shoes
  4. a handkerchief
  5. blue scarf
  6. Far (in essence, not by name)
  7. rain
  8. an unmistakeable smell
  9. a ribcage
  10. a 1972 Mustang
  11. the pre-war apartment
  12. the post-war apartment
  13. blue rubber band
  14. the Bible
  15. a wallet
  16. and a hitchhiker.

I will compound a story from these things. Also I'm using names from Taming of the Shrew by accident because I can't name anyone or anything.

I have typewritten (as in, on a typewriter, as in not computerized) the first page of this and am sending it in the VAMPY notebook, by which point I'll probably have it done and posted online, but they will get a unique original. I may have accidentally turned into a New Orleans writer with the Delilah story and now this succession of hurricanes story. But really, it's just inspired by our constant weather and regina.

I am going out of town, starting tonight, and will be gone at an exclusive lakeside retreat for only the most talented writers where I will attend panels given by greats like Ernest and Flannery and John and then an afterparty hosted by Neil and Amanda, some pop culture with Stephen. Mark is expected to show up Saturday for a panel on experimental writing, and then I will speak on a panel talking about detail placement within stories and arts and crafts in a literary environment. I will be dressed as the Third Doctor and/or Death from Sandman. Expect no pictures, this is a top secret affair and you will never hear it spoken of again.
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I'm a cartoon, you're a full moon, let's stay up...

today is an elliott smith day, I woke up and some genius at the tulane radio station was playing elliott smith and it rained.

guess who is coming to new orleans on the 20th? CONOR OBERST that's right you know it. ahhhhh bright eyes is STILL one of my top five bands of all time so I will be listening to his solo CD now till then. so much more important.

also quantum of solace friday.

these three things have provided an excess of joy in my life. God exists and he's American.


Sep. 10th, 2007 04:46 pm
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it's raining!
which is wonderful, because London is seventy days away from being out of water supply. oops.
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I can hear it raining very hard on the skylight just above my head.


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