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my roommates came in for a few minutes then left. I think they go the message with the PJs, the tea, the loud music and the HOMEWORK STREWN ALL OVER MY BED. HI I HAVE FINALS NEXT WEEK. THAT'S RIGHT, GO STAY AT YOUR BOYFRIENDS' HOUSE.

As it is I am blowing off a party for this. It is a party at the monastery, where I go for all my parties, but it is 33 degrees outside and everyone there smokes but me, so I would be outside in 33 degree weather watching a lot of people smoke cigars/cigarettes for a few hours. IT'S THIRTY THREE DEGREES oh it is so cold and it is so silly. It is SNOWING. not sticking, mind you, this is New Orleans. but still snowing.

finals list! I need to do orgo/physics/spanish and instead I just want to knit mittens. My hands were so cold today, guys. I'm gonna make owl mittens and line them in fleece and totoro mittens and line them also, in all likelihood, and then another pair for myself. I just want to knit mittens! I don't want to review 20 chapters of physics or proton nuclear magnetic resonance or infrared spectroscopy or rewrite my papers. I want HOT CHOCOALTE

okay sidetrack here. being on my period during aforementioned STUPIDLY COLD WEATHER has given me insane cravings for hot chocolate. I went downstairs, to the coffee shop under my dorm, you know? because they have ANDES MINT HOT CHOCOLATE and OM NOM IT IS DELICIOUS. So last night in the midst of my menstrual despair and mood-swings (if you can't tell by my tone so far) I went for this amazing hot chocolate. Three people in line. I walk up to the counter and am told: "I'm sorry, we're out of Andes Mints" and I'm pretty sure my face fell about three feet and looked like a five-year-old about to cry. The girl behind the counter looked very concerned and I walked away dejectedly.

So today I went to get hot chocolate at the cafeteria? except the machine also dispenses coffee. So the hot-chocolate I got was hot-chocolate with old, sour coffee. This was disappointing. Then I went to the food court, and THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED. My room has only tea, which normally I love tea and I'm drinking some right now but ON MY PERIOD AND IT IS COLD AND HOT CHOCOLATE OM NOM OM NOM.

Someone brought Chocovine to our thanksgiving party, which is a dutch alcohol that is basically "Dutch chocolate mixed with fine red wine" and by that I mean alcoholic chocolate milk. I tried a little bit even though I do not drink very much (this is my experience with all alcohol, just sipping out of other people's cups). Evian said it was her ideal menstrual drink. Chocolate and wine! perfect! But I must say just some creamy sweet hot chocolate is all I want. Maybe with whipped cream and marshmallows. oh man. I'm making myself crazy with desire for hot chocolate.

Okay, so 90% of this post has been just describing how badly I want hot chocolate. If you can't tell my moods are all over the place. Every song on my 'two weeks of rain' CD has at least 18 plays, it is really all I have been listening to and it is not really helpful either. Once you hit Upward Over the Mountain it's all "blood on the walls, and fleas on their paws, and you cried till the morning" and oh man, Brand New is nothing if not a downer. I don't think the rest of the CD is adequate enough to recover from it.

I was mopey all over the mall this afternoon and I don't know why except that malls always make me feel like an awkward, out-of-place middle schooler and I have no idea why. I'm blaming other people for my own decisions that have led to my conflict with them and I think we're too far gone to fix it. I do not know the boundaries of where relationships are worth trying to salvage.

I cannot be mopey anymore. As much as I want to wear pyjamas and knit on a couch while watching movies and drinking hot chocolate
there is organic chemistry on monday at 8am and I need to read/review/annote three chapters of physics a night to be on schedule for my friday final.
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both my roommates have swine flu.

I'm not living in my room this weekend/next week. this is really inconvenient. also it's sort of bringing a lot of issues we were having to the forefront. Next year I'm getting my own room, with a bed by itself and no other beds, no other people sleeping next to me.

The plus side of all this is that I've realized the small, incestuous group of friends I have is all willing to house and clothe me, which makes me feel loved. they're even willing to share cigarettes and alcohol, if only I smoked or drank. instead, I think I'll get them groceries.
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my roommate (suitemate, actually) has swine flu.
oh shit. and it's more dangerous if you have diabetes...
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aw man, my iTunes just got FANTASTIC. You guys have this, right? Everything is bad and you've been doing the same physics problem for over an hour (pretty soon this blog will just be about how much I hate physics. are you tired of hearing about it? well, I'm not tired of hating it yet, sorry) and everyone is being all funky and then, all of a sudden, Summer in the City comes on! And you feel happy, and then there's even MORE. the killers and tori amos and box car racer and then The Worst Day Since Yesterday, which was just...you know, accurate. It's been the Worst Day since Yesterday.

actual phrase in my spanish workbook, working with verbs of "to become": "La fiesta se pone una orgia, ya que no habia adultos presentes" lolololol. Tenemos orgias en espanol? following sentence: "Cuando recuerdo lo que ocurrio, me puse furiosa" I bet.

Amanda's post on her horrible day makes me want to post about this week. really though it's not that bad, not too many bad things have happened? I just can't take being bad at physics gracefully, I'm not okay with not knowing things and not being able to figure them out and having no clue what's going on. I think this is understandable. Next week I have an orgo test and a physics test, which I probably will invariably complain about some more, and a spanish test. Also is my roommate's birthday next wednesday, and next thursday she has a german project, an orgo test, and a physics test. She's worse off than me, but her stress is making me stress, and it's just not good for either of us.

In anthropology we're reading about food-foragers, the relatively leisurely life of these very low-tech, no-tech societies where people spend most of their time entertaining, talking, searching for food. They work 15-20 hours a week to survive, the rest is just them having a good time and doing whatever it is they do. I'm comparing my life in college with the lives of people who work, even, even very demanding jobs....usually it ends when you come home, you have an allotted period and that's it? am I wrong here? You still have your time. I'm not sure if college is supposed to be time-consuming, if I just can't balance my time correctly: I feel like I'm doing well. And we have all the food we need, and then some, so we are doing nothing to provide for ourselves and working twice as much. Evolution is weird, guys. Evolution is so weird.

When I'm living in a zeppelin floating around the world, I will write books and make things and stop and food-forage. I do not think it will be hard: we will stop in on church dinners and make money playing the ukulele on streetcorners and picking up change in parking lots. I will photoblog my experience and everyone will wonder why they didn't give up this fast-paced lifestyle to float around the world in a blimp. Zeppelin sales will rise exponentially; we will spark a mini lighter-than-air-transport revolution. How much are zeppelins? Do you think they'd be less than med school?
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one more day! gonna stay One more day! then I gotta go!

packing. waiting till my parents get here. People have finals right now, isn't that crazy? Half my hall is gone and people are still studying for tests that will determine their GPA. Going to see Star Trek with my Trekkie mother tonight. It will be an exciting and joyful reunion with Captain Kirk.

new layout for summer. I'm moving out, might as well clean house in LJ too. After this frenzy of activity and craziness and people and things and cars and walking and organizing I will stop and move into nothingness. Two days in a car, stuck to a chair with nothing to cushion me against this transition. I expect to be jarred.

Time to move on. I have a good job lined up and a list of projects I want to do, and friends I am going to see and friends I am going to write letters to. Sentences to end prepositions with.

"All my packing is coming undone! I still need to live. I forgot that."
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oh I played scrabble last night. and won. hurrah. poor JR, he loathes scrabble. win!

today I'm sending out the michael winn mix cd called "hoy puede ser un dia fantastico" because I can't stop thinking about that picture series I stumbled once and it is a pretty awesome mix. win!

also writing some essay about how america should reduce its oil consumption, which is basically just me talking about evolution and behavioral ecology a lot. Not meeting criteria here. but still getting it done. win!

roommate situation is still weird--or maybe it isn't, I dunno if we're avoiding each other or what--but I went to get smoothies with her boyfriend today. they gave me a large instead of a regular. win!

really everything is not a win, but I need to list off some wins in my life right now to make me feel better. It's that end of the year fever, where you're kind of sick of all the things you've been doing all semester and really want to go on vacation (didn't help that I didn't take any vacations this semester) but you can't, so you're all just getting on each other's nerves. I think it's just me, I don't think anyone else is having problems being this angry all the time.

Today it was 85, which is oppressive int he middle of summer but now it's still nice, girls in bikinis. I am acting like it is middle of summer heat, where you stay inside in the air conditioning and play loud music and drink lots of water even though you don't reallly need to. All the blinds drawn in the darkness. I always think of summer in terms of my basement--it's dark, light-canceling shades with dark blue walls, twelve of concrete underneath it all, with the big TV going in the darkness, blankets and air conditioniny . But when you opent eh door outside it's ninety degrees and you take off the blanket and you're in a bikini. Those are the extremes of summer. Sleeping downstairs where it's cold.

This summer I just want to be a person who makes new things and thinks about them. I have a sweater plan, a plan for a tshirt quilt and yarn dying and such. it'll be awesome. actually I'll be really bored, working par time and not meeting up with my friends because they'll all be doing cool things somewhere else. HAVE FUN WITH THAT GUYS. lol. I'm sure I'll text bailey and amanda a lot complaining about how nothing is on TV.

pretty sure this post had no point, so have a fiction I wrote for oneword earlier this week.

manual )
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feeling vaguely sick, wearing nopants and all black

so I feel like I should tell you all about nopants friday. Here we have Nopants Friday, which is the one day of the week where you don't wear pants. You know the leggings that are so popular right now? Have you seen the girls who just wear leggings and a shirt? Because when we do, we look at each other and say: "That girl is not wearing pants. That girl is, in fact, wearing no pants." So we started calling leggings nopants. It's sort of complicated in that you can be not be wearing pants which is not the same thing as wearing nopants. And on Nopants Friday you can wear a skirt, a dress, nopants or any combination thereof. So since it is now 1am on Nopants Friday I am wearing nopants.

In the past twenty four hours I have slept at least ten of them
gone to class for two and a half
done homework for oh, three or four
been on the internet/wasting time for four or five
done laundry for three
the end. also I ate twice at 9:30 and 9:30.

My roommate is also feeling very sick, coughing and coughing, sometimes coughing up blood. We like to eat things that go bump in the night, like licorice and popcorn, but her boyfriend is coming in tomorrow so for now she is not eating anything...what a time to get sick. <3

My dystopian cruise ship adventure novel is still eating at my brain. Also I'm currently doing preliminary notes. The more I think about writing this the more excited I get. but I cannot do NaNoWriMo! not at at all. I do not have time and school is far more important. Please remind me of this so I don't go do something ridiculousy foolish like tell myself: "Oh, it's only 1667 words a day, I can do that in twenty minutes if I write fast..."


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