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"We get to thinking that there is no other happiness or good fortune in life except marriage; and it's offered in fiction as the highest premium for virtue, courage, beauty, learning, and saving human life. We all know it isn't. We know that in reality marriage is dog cheap, and anybody can have it for the asking--if he keeps asking enough people. By-and-by some fellow will wake up and see that a first-class story can be written from the anti-marriage point of view; and he'll begin with an engaged couple, and devote his novel to disengaging them, and rendering them separately happy ever after in the denouement. It will make his everlasting fortune."
-March, in William Howells' A Hazard of New Fortunes

I've been overcome with the desire to fill my life with beautiful things. This means reading lots of books, taking lots of pictures, texting my wives. I have this strange relationship with Amanda and Neil: I started reading both their blogs at the same time, and for a while it seemed like no matter what I was feeling Amanda managed to say something about it. But now I feel more like the plums and the honey, the cats and the words. what good is sitting alone in your room? But that's where I am now. Besides, I'm not alone in here, I have the whole internet coming with me.

Anyway, the upshot of all this is that I made bread, strawberry jam, tuna salad, chicken salad, regular salad, and spaghetti over the weekend. I'd love to go buy some yarn if the yarn shop weren't closed. Maybe it's the impending sense of fall--not weatherwise, I pool-lounged reading White Noise (review to follow) most of today, but school-wise. School equals fall. and school is catching up, books and plays to read, homologous chromosomes to organize, tests to study for, etc.

the water is pedal-deep so I'm hiding out in thel library. I'm at the beginnings of a head cold, the cotton-brain, phlegm-throat kind, I fell asleep at the beginning of Act V of A Midsummer Night's Dream last night with the light still on and tea getting cold and woke up at midnight to close my laptop and turn off the light. I woke up at 9 with the most vivid dreams that dissipated on sight. my life feels like a series of vignettes, waking up on the couch to sunset rubdown and a crick in my neck, waking up abruptly at rue de la course with a molecular biology book imprint on my face, not remembering falling asleep. A cocoon of oceanic bedding and waking up to Bottom's Dream. I woke up after a vivid dream about Jeopardy on ice, backwards jeopardy where the contestants fined the host and he came up with the right answer to get out of debt, but the host was neil patrick harris. all this was on one edge of a circular ice-skating rink.

I also have to get a new phone. Mine cuts off all calls arbitrarily at two to five minutes, takes three tries to send texts--also the port that the battery charger plugs into is stretched out to be a little too big for the charger, so it doesn't ever charge the battery properly. I could deal with all this if it would just text and call people correctly (the only things I do with my phone). I suppose a trip to the AT&T store is in order? I spent a lot of time on the phone with tech support for them to tell me I had a bad phone. any suggestions on what I should get for my new one?

I do believe I've spent more time writing this blog post than on my creative writing assignment. We all know where my true loyalties lie.
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in bed feeling sick, listening to Organic chemistry--the Kamikaze hearts, I mean--and doing organic chemistry. ethers shouldn't be giving me this much trouble. but about 3pm my head started filling up and by 5 my ears were pressurized at what feels like 3atm. I've been going slowly, I stumbled a bit about Kekule and how he invented line-bond structure before they discovered the electron, how clever! necessity is the mother of invention. He dreamed up the benzene structure in his sleep and came up with the idea of resonance, the single-double bond alternating but of course they didn't know about electrons much less orbital or the electron cloud, for 1850 he was damn important. how clever he must have been. Of the first five Nobel Prizes ever awarded his students won three. (van't Hoff was one. Gen chem 2 is coming back to haunt me) I still think A Short History of Nearly Everything may be the most wondrous book I've read

It's Lundi Gras, I'm in bed with homework and headache. I might do parades tomorrow, but oh that's a lot of parades on a stuffy head, I did a few already and it makes one's feet ache. Next year I turn 21 on Lundi Gras, can you imagine the joviality? Turning 21 in New Orleans the day before Mardi Gras! how droll, how jovial. drovial.

I am hungry but all I have to eat is oatmeal and my roommate's giant stash of luna bars. there is, however, a vending machine around the corner. I think I'll go do one of those things and hope my sudafed kicks in soon. Poor pseudoephedrine, you've been used as a natural decongestant for 3000 years and now I have to be over 18 to buy you and sign a form in Walgreens saying I won't make methamphetamine with you, what did you do to get such a bad rap...at least they're making Drixoral again.
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today I am waring the large flannel shirt my m other gave me as a dress, listening to Gregory Alan Isakov in the wind and doing homework--

things could be better, this morning I got up at 5am and stumbled out in the dark to throw up in the bathroom. It was cold and I drank coke to try to get the taste of bile out of my mouth; it's still a little achey film on my teeth despite the mouthwash. I am glad I wore this overlarge shirt to bed.

I have 80 orgo problems, 6 chapters of physics for a test, a spanish paper/oral exam, and a project for anthropology. I think I will drink a coke now and do some homework.
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Ode to a Sinus Infection
the sinus pressure, oh the pounding
of my poor head, the victim on the pillow.
how glorious! for an array of kleenex
strewn across my comforter, like sheep on a field.
I dreamed
of roaring seas, pounding waves, fifteen-foot swells
and awoke to blow my nose with disdain.

My Fortune Cookie Says: La verdad, como el aceite, siempre queda encima.
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contents of my trash can: twizzler wrappers and kleenex.


just took a bio test, too. chem test wed and spanish oral test next week and all I wanna do is lounge around wearing sweaters and my boots drinking tea. at PJs, with my laptop or a book, wasting time. watching it be fall, though here leaves don't change color and trees don't change. They put the christmas lights and wreaths on the palm trees down in the French Quarter already.

I'd forgotten that it's easier to write once you do it a lot. this is silly and something I really didn't forget, only didn't practice. let's see if this revelation has any effect on the frequency of fiction posts on my blog.

my newly made class schedule for next semester: chem 108, chem lab, ebio, ebio lab, spanish 203, expository writing with public service credit. only 16 hours. BAM. I have to take honors expository writing cause all the other ones are full. o damn, it might kill me.
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so many people around me are just sleeping all the time.

did I really give everyone I know mono? really hope I don't get it. I keep checking my lymph nodes every ten minutes. damn...
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Ode to a Cold
the sinus pressure, oh the pounding
of my poor head, the victim on the pillow.
how glorious! for an array of kleenex
strewn across my comforter, like sheep on a field.
I dreamed
of roaring seas, pounding waves, fifteen-foot swells
and awoke to blow my nose with disdain.

My Fortune Cookie Says: You will experience small success, especially in romance.
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what have I been doing all day?
laying on top of my comforter reading Watchmen, and listening to Rockin the Suburbs by Ben Folds.
I have a cold, I can taste nothing and my voice is hoarse.
what happened to me last week? stomach virus? now I have a cold? My immune system sucks. My mom is giving me cough drops which are just cherry-flavored zinc to eat every three hours, and they're nasty. Don't ever try them.
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I knew  green tea was evil! Anything that "good for you" and "traditional" that hit mainstream at once of course can't be true! It will make you sick! It will eat your fetuses! It is, in a word, BAD!

I shouldn't have had to regurgitate it to find it out!


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