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just finished season one of Leverage and now I'm so happy! GUYS FORGET MED SCHOOL I WANNA BE A CAT BURGULAR. IMMA START GYMNASTICS YESTERDAY. I did take a practice MCAT today so I'm not totally slacking off, that was my reward for four hours of practice testing.

I know it's summer but I keep listening to winter music, I want Fionn Regan's opaque beauty in my life. You know how things just get so lovely sometimes? That, in music form so Bunker or Basement the bills pile up, the sea view was never an option below sea level...

So just an FYI on my activities. I take the MCAT the 4th, head back to NOLA leaving the night of the 5th or morning of the 6th. Right? No time for packing. Evian you're gonna be loaning me a lot of clothes, thanks lady.

Overall, though, this has been a good summer.

But it's not been a good school year. This past year wasn't a very good one in any respect. I lost almost fifteen pounds, due to stress, IBS, and an inability to eat by myself. I injured some friendships to the point where I don't know if they will ever be the same again, if I can ever look at these people without resentment. I lost a cousin and an aunt.

But I gained things, too. My culmulative GPA is 3.9, I have early acceptance to medical school. I lost fifteen pounds! (That's American, right, to celebrate something like that.) I made a lot of really great new friends, got to take Organic Chemistry (I'm gonna miss orgo so much) and spend lots of time with Josh Kamnetz. I might have lost my mind a few times. I don't know if the grades were worth it, though, worth the injured relationships and the unhappiness...maybe it would have happened anyway, maybe some things are inevitable. But I'm going to try to do better next year.

This summer has been good for me. I get to eat two or three meals a day (!!! this doesn't happen in college). I get seven to eight hours of sleep a night (!!! this doesn't happen in college). I have a real job, I'm making money, I get to see my mom every day and eat food that has been cooked, go grocery shopping, wake up and do sun salutes, read books, only minimal studying. Try to give myself time to get over a lot of that anger and frustration that built up last year...it's worked, a little bit. I found a new TV show, watched some movies, wrote on time-travel story, got to drive the parkway, see my wives. I feel like a real person again!

LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE LITTLE THINGS. Watching the Food Network, reading the Wall Street Journal in the mornings, Jeopardy with grandmom, mum buying soymilk specially for me. I keep thinking that I'm closer to thirty than sixteen (TRUFAX, ENTROPY GUYS) and that things aren't going to get easier ever. How many books have I written? How many paintings have I stolen? I've got to make the soymilknewspaperdays count, there are too many good books at the library to spend lonely nights feeling sad anymore, and there's always a movie on TV to watch with my mom (the greatest person alive). What do you like about being home?


Jul. 9th, 2010 10:23 am
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This makes the second night in a row I've dreamed episodes of Leverage, because my subconscious is awesome. In this one they had to pretend to behead Sophie--very convincingly, actually--because their offices were infiltrated. Also Nate had to fight off a demon who came to him via an elevator with mirrored sides, Parker was temporarily made queen of an island nation because Elliott's mum, the real Queen, was being a Miyazaki-eque pain and attempting to vacuum all the scum out of the ocean. I slept wonderfully.

I'm leaving tonight to go to the real ocean! I'm sure I'll have pictures once I get there. Have a good weekend, everyone!
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my thoughts are all focused on summer. It's hard to study for Genetics when I'm debating what CDs I'm going to put in my car for the drive to work, quilts I want to make (I have this planned out), all the things I'm going to get for my room next year, places I want to go with my mother. Mumford & Sons! The new New Pornographer's CD! Laura Marling's latest and older one, the new Kate Nash, some mix CD with bits of Joanna Newsom and Bob Dylan.

It got to the point where I was updating my twitter every thirty seconds with some new thought and decided to just go ahed and blog it. I've been listening to Little Lion Man since someone at [livejournal.com profile] audiography was kind enough to upload it for me after I posted Laura Marling. I know, this is turning into a little music blog. whatever. he's her ex- or regular-boyfriend or something and it's fantastic, he's like a version of her with a little more bluegrass, except he sings well and not like bluegrass. I mean, I like bluegrass. But not when they sing. He sings like someone I would lie but uses all fun bluegrass instruments, banjo and guitar and upright bass and etc. So do that, if you want.

we finally signed a lease. we have a house! faine offered to sell me all her furniture for one lump sum, I have accepted. Right now Sam and Bailey are in the other room watching Deadwood and Chris and Carrie are on the other bed watching The Pacific. I'm here by me onesie writing a paper. If we had a house tonight's the kind of night when I'd be in the kitchen table by myself, playing this lovely lovely new Mumford & Sons CD with a solitary light, watching light reflect off the water and hunching over too much, straightening up and cracking out my hips. I hope for that, someday, to write until 2 in the morning, not realizing what happens until Bailey comes out for a glass of water and reminds me I'm being silly.

I can't wait for summer. all these silly fantasies. boxer-shorts and tank-top pyjama short stories at 2am. fridge raids an dipping your feet in the lake in the moonlight because it's too hot to sleep. that silent darkness at my grandparent's house, where my room is scary because of the full-length mirror I can see from my bed, the stifling fuzzy darkness at my house in my room, fluffy and humid always. watching Torchwood at all hours of the morning, knitting unseasonable sweaters because that's when I can...I'm going to read books, so many books. Knitting and sewing, staying up late to keep yourself entertained, sleeping a little, waking up to drive across town. Park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor, dream about me.

it's almost summer! summer! my head is filled with visions. tell me how you are, loves.
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The past few days I haven't fully unpacked, ie no toothbrush. I've been using mouthwash instead.I don't think this quite works well. Also, there's a bottle of Drano right next to the mouthwash under my sink. This could end poorly.

Dreamt I was at a a picnic with everyone and a marching band was playing Dr. Horrible. Also there were delicious brownies.

progress on the list:
1. I'm catching up on House, slowly. Partway through season five now...
2. almost done with the sleeves/back of amanda's sweater. I might have to go buy more yarn *wince*
3. closet is cleaned out! also all my suitcases are unpacked and so is my floor.
4. I did not make caramel apple cupcakes; instead, I made caramel apple MUFFINS with Lindsey. they were delicious, I'm doing an instructable whenever lindsey sends me the pictures.

unrelated, but I found my toothbrush and brushed my teeth! mouthwash is no substitute.

negative progress: have read no books, watched no movies. but it's only been four days.

I start work tomorrow. A Librarian! O man! I'm just that awesome. I'll be readin books like no other. I'll be on fire. Also I get to help out with their programs, which is all projects to go with books, like arts and crafts. So I get to read books and make things all summer at my job. Awesome!!!!
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I'm super excited. It's in Manchester, not London, so I'll have to drive 45 minutes to get there, but working at a library is so worth it. I'll probably stay with my grandparents a lot and it'll be awesome!!! It's only part time, 25 hours a week, and I think minimum wage? what is minimum wage now? but I don't care, I get to read books and do stuff with books all summer.

Also I'm doing programs there to teach knitting and making purses out of duct tape. for real.
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"Your neck is like the tower of David, built with rows of stones on which are hung a thousand shields, all the round shields of the mighty men."
Song of Solomon 4:4

Ladies and gentleman, I am packing to leave college.

For some reason, (and none of my friends are doing this) I'm packing my clothes first. I have three full suitcases and posters still on my walls, books still on my shelves. I did not realize I had so many clothes I don't wear. This summer I'm weeding out tshirts and clothes and closets and everything. I also have a mile-long (okay, page-long) list of books to read. I wanna watch Big Bang Theory via proxy with JR and watch Red Dwarf for my own amusement and finish the Delilah story (this has been a goal for six months now) and make a tshirt quilt and knit amanda's sweater and clean out my closet and get rid of all my possessions but books and yarn and clothes and oh yeah, stuff I wanna knit. maybe I should get a job too. LET'S SEE HOW MANY OF THESE I ACTUALLY DO.

really. so much stuff. I'm converting all my DVDs and CDs to digital files and getting a bigger external hard drive and making my laptop better (ie faster ie it won't have all of new Who and Torchwood and movies and 7000 songs cause they'll be on a nice terabyte hard drive I will get) and clean my laptop! and replace all the stickers on the keys that are scratching off because I type with my fingernails. Oh man guys, this summer will be so superproductive I might explode. (hint: this will not happen. hopefully some of it will.)

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some things.

In my excessive but not enjoyable freetime I've been doing too much of this browsing LJ nonsense. and I love it. I keep clicking around on random journals and I downloaded someone's playlist called 'china rust patterns' and I've listened to it five times now. I really wish I remembered where I found it so I could go thank that person, but I...have no idea. It was late. also I was looking for iron man icons and got sucked into a new fandom. this happens to everyone,  I swear. o man. why. speaking of fandom:

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speaking of the playlist thing. I made a playlist at 1:36am last night called 1:36am june 11th 2008, and if anyone wants a copy I'll do something cool and upload it with art and stuff. it sounds very much like songs you'd listen to at 1:36 am on june 11th, 2008 by yourself in the dark. since I'm going LJ-cut happy, here it is:

I also wrote

I've also been writing in my journal. A lot. My giant map-of-the-world journal. I wrote two pages of an essay called "The Difficulties and Necessities of Modern-Day Pirating" taking a look at the reasons, causes, necessity of, and proper tools for, modern day piracy, but then stopped in the middle of a sentence talking about the role and importance of a "ship" and how the perception of "ships" can and should change for the modern-day pirate. It was pretty strange. But I liked it.

I also keep thinking about Evolution. Evolution and the Internet. At what point does technology become part of natural selection? Why have as humans developed a collective consciousness that doesn't really exist? It only exists in our interconnectivity. I'm thinking about writing an essay called Darwin and the Internet or maybe more something like Darwin vs Steve Jobs, but I might just save it for college when it will be useful. Since I'm attending Starfleet Academy and all.

I also got six inches of my hair cut off.

also it has been 100 degrees here, which is very hot. I've been reading Marvel's Civil War comics. Between that and my Trekker status and my knitting I have no cool points left. It's okay. ..I embrace it. 

and finally some pictures from summer.
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