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  1. HEY GUYS I PUT UP A CHRISMAS LAYOUT, go look at it for the three days before I have to take it down. I should have done this sooner... o well. hurrah!
  2. my gpa is a 3.689. hurrah! (I think?)
  3. also I'm crocheting my firefly River Tam vest. square one done. hurrah!
  4. I get to see hannah and amanda monday! and the party. hopefully Dustin comes. hurrah!
  5. my car is still left-turn-signal-less and dented. it will cost me lots of money. boo...
  6. watching james bond marathons on spike. I think this is not a 'hurrah!' or a 'boo...' but it just is. better than the altermative?

merry day before christmas eve.
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first you should really read this story by [livejournal.com profile] emmelinep because this is a (much longer) follow-up. 7000 words, first draft.

1522 St Joan Ave )
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I keep hearing Rhapsody in Blue. This is at least the fourth time in the past week that I've heard it: randomly, on TV, on a movie, just out. I wonder if god is trying to tell me something via George Gershwin?

Moving the 21st, how terrifying. The only thing I have packed is all my Tshirts and a few pants. That's only four days left in which to pack my things, round up all the stuff I loaned out (unlikely), and say goodbye to everyone I know. I think I'll skip the last one: I hate goodbyes. I do my best to avoid them altogether. They're tearful and uncomfortable.

I also came home from my journey to Hannah-Amanda-Emma-Nora-John Max (during which we watched Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and I got a $5 purple trench coat) and was sick (though whether this sickness is disease or just strange food I have yet to tell). Between that and my three almost-wrecks on the way home (two of which Amanda was there for), I think I'll stay home tonight (and practice my parenthetical phrases).
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This is why the Galt House is my favorite hotel; every time I come here I have a good experience. Beta Club, STLP even, academic team (or lack thereof, in my case..) Last night I went to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat performed by St. X, an all-boys catholic school that my friend Michael Winn! goes to. (and adam orr, but he wasn't in the play.) I sat next to Jodi and Taylor (gspeeps) and Emily (tori amos fan <3) and afterwards we went to TGIfridays and back to the galt house to talk. now, I love these people. they are amazing. they ooze vivacity from every orifice.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was a different matter. I'd never seen it but St. X did a great job--they have really good singers there (even if they don't have a good choreographer). But for someone who's grown up in church and heard the story of Joseph a hundred thousand times, this play was really ironic in an inside-knowledge kind of way born from hundreds of sermons about Joseph. It's hard to explain just why it was so ironic unless you're me. Part of it is the difference. Joseph's story is so dark, so depressing, you know? Attempted murder by his brothers, sold into slavery by his brothers, worked as a slave, rose to power yay! oop, seduced by your master's wife, she calls rape on you and you go to jail for a long time. then you get to see pharoh and become his right-hand man. all this told in an hour of song and dance is much more amusing than it has a right to be. it kind of detracts from the gravity of the story, if a musical can detract from anything? I don't know how to describe it, except that I found it extremely ironic.
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the party
I would live in a house with these people for the rest of my life and be 100% happy.

The First Official Reunion of The Party from GSP was last night and I LOVE THESE PEOPLE MORE THAN ICE CREAM AND CAKE AND BAGELS PUT TOGETHER. You don't realize how much you miss people until you see them again, and everyone's in a room singing and laughing and making smores and playing guitars and pianos and ukuleles and guitar hero and Apples to Apples. just hanging out. even if it's not the Mignon Patio it's just as good as ever.

except for those missing. Let us hold a word of silence for our missing comrades: Hannah Kagan-Moore, you were with us in spirit, spooning in Jodi's chair. Liam Welch, your Apples to Apples prowess was duly remembered and missed.

Some friends you lose touch with. They move away, get a new job, a new boyfriend, and when you meet them in Wendy's or the mall you stare at each other and make small talk and the entire time the weight of that old friendship is hanging over your head. When you leave you feel sad, out of touch and out of place. These people aren't that. These are people you run into at the mall and immediately ditch whoever you're with (or take them along, if they're cool enough) and you go to the shoe store and try on the highest pair of heels there with Hannah, or take up a post just before the food court and form an impromptu barbershop quartet with Michael and Jodi and Meredith and Taylor. You don't lose touch or give up on these people.


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