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My creative writing teacher asked me "if you made a playlist right now what would be the third song on it?"

without hesitation: "Snow Cherries From France." I still know what songs one through five are, too.

I miss my wife. I miss her dearly. I want to give her hugs and play her CDs, the kind of CDs you give someone in movies where you drive through colored leaves with the dappled sunlight falling through the car windows, when you're wearing that crummy old perfect sweater and the best sunglasses. Maybe you're driving to the coast where there are ocean-noises and the smell of salt water to make you forget, maybe you're not, maybe it's just somewhere where tree'd mountains give way to those scratchy tall grasses. Maybe you're in shorts and ratty old canvas tennis shoes, maybe not. Maybe we are listening to the milk-eyed mender or maybe it is little earthquakes. I think of you when I wake, amanda, every luminious two-in-the-morning with bon iver and no one call. I miss you dearly.

I read A Midsummer Night's Dream today at work. It is still my least favorite Shakespeare play; I like his comedies but this one is too caricatured for my taste, I am not fond of slapstick humour and magic love potions are full of it. I am not overfond of Romeo & Juliet either and this parody-version of it is still not my cup o tea.

somewhere there would be Here. In My Head. just for the
show you the roses, that brush off the snow, and open their petals again and again

I would.

I have a job now. I am manning a desk in the English office. right now I am quite hungry and too discouraged to say more. I will make some bread dough and try again.
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With that being said. Sunday was amazing. I got to stop and eat lunch with Amanda Wallace! I miss my dear Amanda and Hannah EVERY DAY. Certain people I live with for a few weeks and I stay friends with for years afterward--like Charlotte, like Amanda and Hannah. I just feel completely comfortable around them all the time. The end.

Tori was amazing. She opened with Bouncing off Clouds, then played Little Earthquakes (OGODTHISLIVE), Upside Down, Father Lucifer, Little Amsterdam, Doughnut Song (I ALMOST DIED), Space Dog (got from the drums), Code Red (which is awesome live), Amber Waves (I wanted to cry when she said "tell the Northern Lights to keep shining"), Precious Things (as an encore, we all screamed at the top of our lungs "does that make you Jesus"), covered Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Spark, Glory of the 80's, Big Wheel, Cornflake Girl (this surprised me for some reason), Beauty of Speed, and finished with a full-band version of Hey Jupiter which was really different but really amazing. I knew every song (but two) and it is probably the best entire experience of my life ever. Billy even said he liked it! I got a Body and Soul shirt, which was ironic because it'd been in my head all day. This is why Tori Amos is my favorite singer, ever. And she's adorable! and tiny. If I'm just ears with feet then she's just a voice with fingers.

setlist )

And it was WORTH EVERY BIT OF CRAP I'VE GONE THROUGH TODAY. Like getting to school and having to compare poems for AP practice first thing in the morning. Like sigma and pi bonding, and word problems in AP calc, like not having showered since Saturday and my eyes burning out, since I wore my contacts till 1:30 last night, and then put them again in 7 this morning. Tonight I have NHS/Beta initiation, which I'm supposed to be practicing for right now, but I just showered and I have to put on makeup. Then I have to go to my brother's basketball dinner. I just want to sleep for a long time and make a new Tori LJ layout.
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october 28th, a sunday.
mom said: "take it up with dad."

I shouldn't get this excited until I know that I can go.

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So, I have items.

1. I have become obsessed, again, with Howl's Moving Castle. This happens every so often. This time it was sparked by Sunday, when I ate dinner with people who did nothing but talk about smoking, getting drunk, who they and their ex-girlfriends had sex with, and it was really depressing (more so because I was sick) and to convince myself that the world was not really like this, I picked up Howl's Moving Castle. Thanks to the lovely [profile] gamerchikmalfoy, I discovered and have read the sequel to Howl's Moving Castle. Not nearly so satisfying. But I'm obsessed and my obsession must be met, so I'm going to look up fansites. eeeeeee.

2. The new Tori Amos CD, American Doll Posse, leaked, as you all already know. I've listened to it about six times. I really like it, don't get me wrong, but Tori? So much guitar! I thought you played piano! Even on the piano songs there's guitar. But the song Programmable Soda is lovely and my favorite.

3. CATS testing SUCKS. the end. I've learned to play Rook and Spades and watched Jurassic Park, National Treasure, and Night at the Museum. Tomorrow I'm bringing the Addams Family, thanks to my boyfriend. I asked to borrow his, but he wasn't at his house so he just bought me a copy. awwwwww. 

4. I'm having menstrual crochet fever again. it's getting up to 70 and 80 again during the day, so of course I'm making...a hat. Pictures to come later.
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new tori amos CD may 1st! American Doll Posse! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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