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more creepy pictures Amanda took of me, with her Diana this time. I really like this duo together though.

I spent all night on the couch, reading Asimov and Cell Biology, under a blanket with the floor strewn with toast, tea, an empty Kleenex box and used Kleenex. I took a sudafed-ibproufen combo and now have added nyquil to the mix. Evian made us pesto, Phil came over to sit around on our futon, and I was congested and happy. Last night I lounged around reading Macbeth (and Cell Biology) and eating cheerios dry. I'm surprised how much I still love Macbeth this time around, it's giving me flashbacks to the last time I read Macbeth and how bad things were then. It's odd how one combination of centuries-old poetry can send you back: "I have thee not, and yet I see thee still. Art thou not, fatal vision, sensible to feeling as to sight?" but that's why he's Shakespeare.

Michael Winn and I discussed Amanda Palmer's radiohead ukulele covers album and I was of the opinion that the electronic stuff on the ukulele was where it fell apart and got messy. Lo and behold I WAS WRONG. NPR did a bit on Idioteque and I discovered they were right, and now I keep listening to it (both versions). I also discovered Laura Marling is only a month older than me and am terribly ashamed of the lack of accomplishments in my life.
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Songs I Would Write on the Ukluele, if I Only Had It With Me: this lists includes things which I have felt moved to write songs about and thus far sung without accompaniment, such as "Why Am I Doing Homework In The Dark" with a chorus about "I'm not anymore! I stopped to write this song!!" and love ballads for my roommates which include specific lyrics about big spoon vs little spoon. Also I feel an "Ode to The Window In The Shower (The One With The Frosted Glass)" is in order.

Bailey was watching Veronica Mars and I thought it was Dead Like Me. Sound-alike narrators when being heard through two bathroom doors.

man, physics is killing me. something awful. help? why won't the law of cosines/law of sines work for me.
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some things I would like to do this week:
-smell nice
-finish the Klein Bottle hat
-finish the VAMPY letter
-finish the other letters
-make special hot chocolate
-make tea
-play the ukulele and learn some more songs
-write some more on the blue hurricane house story.

this will eventually go with Blue Lips, the song, and if I get ambitious I will actually knit the scarf that one of the characters is knitting. Because I like blue, and I like knitting, and I like linking all my crafts together, and I just gave a panel on this stuff.

If anything important has happened in my absence, please let me know now. otherwise I will assume that, having caught up on the neil and amanda blogs, everything is fine and move on with my non-internet life.


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