Jul. 9th, 2010 10:23 am
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This makes the second night in a row I've dreamed episodes of Leverage, because my subconscious is awesome. In this one they had to pretend to behead Sophie--very convincingly, actually--because their offices were infiltrated. Also Nate had to fight off a demon who came to him via an elevator with mirrored sides, Parker was temporarily made queen of an island nation because Elliott's mum, the real Queen, was being a Miyazaki-eque pain and attempting to vacuum all the scum out of the ocean. I slept wonderfully.

I'm leaving tonight to go to the real ocean! I'm sure I'll have pictures once I get there. Have a good weekend, everyone!
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I had a whole post and I lost it, including songs. shit. I don't actually remember these songs. I have fifty emails and twelve--fourteen--new stumbles and I don't feel like redoing it. I'm so tired of the internet, it ceases to entertain me. this is a lesson in letting things go and learning not to record every second of my life.

I enjoyed my vacation. I watched Somewhere in Time and walked a lot. I want to stay at the Grand hotel, write a book, and learn to trust myself again. I'm more tired now than I was before, not being so busy with work frees up my mind to worry about all the things I've been avoiding worrying about so far.

  1. Wake Up - The Arcade Fire from the Where The Wild Things Are Trailer. it made me want to make Max's wolf pyjamas.
  2. Now We Can See - The Thermals. now we do away with the disease. a good sing-along song.
  3. Sunlight - Tune-Yards. a song where you can sing any line at any time on pitch and it's great!
  4. Celebrate the Body Electric - Ponytail. a unique approach to joyful noise. And a Walt Whitman reference! win all around.
  5. It Gets Your Body Movin' - Suckers. this song is one big climax. it fills up the inside of my head.
  6. Seven Mile Island - Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. the first time I heard this song, in Big Lots, I tweeted the lyrics so I could look them up later, and I've been listening ever since. It's a single off his album that's about to come out, and also he's coming to a show near me but it's 21+ only, which is awful. also this is the song which helped me discover Sterogum, where I downloaded it, so all around a good thing.
  7. Beautiful Things Can Come From The Dark - Azure Ray. this song is very fitting: like a night light, sad and fighting the dark and small and hopeful. I want to be hopeful again.

my attention span and energy has run out. what am I doing with myself?

I read Nameless and enjoyed it very much. Even if it was sad at the end. It was worth waiting.
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1. on the search for internet.
dear blog, this search for internet is turning into a venture worthy of Odysseus. We drive around, navigate between the laptop and the steering wheel between the bike park and McDonald's, trying to find a connection which will work. McDonald's wifi. Did you ever hear of such a thing. and you have to pay for it. That is an outrage. Some hacker needs to bring McD's down. I don't care about their fruit n yougurt parfaits. This is my blog we're talking about. somebody needs to take their stupid wifi security down. wait till I train under xkcd's 1337 girl and it will be me.

2. the things I have done on this stay with my grandparents: bike, swim, read. More on the reading:

3. okay so I read twilight. from 11pm last night to 2 am.

First of all. Whenever this book said things like: "the unbearable beauty of his eyes" or "If I could dream at all, it would be about you" and "I tried to keep my eyes away from his perfection as much as possible, but I slipped often. Each time, his beauty pierced me through with sadness" I LAUGHED OUT LOUD. Are you joking with me. Is this book supposed to be funny? I think I like this book the same way I liked Spider-Man 3--because it was terrible and it made me laugh. It's actually a good analogy, because both Spider-Man 3 and Twilight have heart, which I also liked about them.

Also, this series is about equal to Eragon when it comes to writing. Stephanie Meyer is the pen name of a fifteen year old girl. No joke. Stephanie Meyer the professor is just a front for her daughter, who really writes these books. This is glorified fanfiction. It's why people love it. I think [ profile] buttfacemakani said it best in her blog post.

If somebody sent me a text copy, I would Mystery Science Theatre-up the whole thing. It'd be AWESOME.

I got New Moon and Eclipse in the following four hours.

I read New Moon from 3 to 6pm of the following day. It was much better than Twilight, because there were less descriptions of how beautiful Edward was and actual plot. The mirroring of Romeo and Juliet was obvious but also gave it at least a little bit of actual "I put real work into this writing and thought about plot and allusion and everything" into it. Unlike Twilight.

And I mean, I know that everyone else in this book is madly in love with Bella, but I wish she'd do something that would make the reader madly in love with her too. As it is, she's just kind of pathetic. I don't see why everyone likes her so much, because personally, I don't think she's that exciting or deserves that much attention.

now, for eclipse....which I read during the unholy hours of 10pm and 1:30am. did I mention I got five hours of sleep the night before? This book is just a continuation of the book before it, which kind of irks me about series. I mean, Robert Jordan did it, and look at how well it turned out for HIM. NOT. I'd rather each book have a cohesive theme, kthxbai. and I hate Wuthering Heights. and the whole team edward team jacob thing is retarded. team edward all the way. as far as I'm concerned, Edward had no choice to run off for a whole book. That was totally the author's fault. He wouldn't actually do that, except this was going to be ONE NOVEL not a SERIES and she had to do something to get it going again.

once again, I wish that Bella was a better main character. There was a reason I hated Wuthering Heights--because people preferred to wallow in their lovesick misery than just do something to make themselves happy. There's a reason I hate Bella--because she prefers to wallow in her lovesick misery between two men rather than just get up and do something about it. She's passive and standard manipuilating damsel in distress and I hate it. plz, do something that makes me like you. that's directed at you, stephanie meyer. and also, wtf. the plot sucks. I'm sorry, but that was a four hundred page book with one fight scene in it. a good 50% was nothing more than edward vs jacob, and only like 2% of that was cool edward/jacob, and that 2% was when Bella thought she was asleep. case in point: idiot....

so my thoughts about this series: creating a few characters that people like apparently sells you millions of books. because the plots aren't great, the first one was written by her when she was probably fifteen, the sequels feel (like sequels to one-shot usually do) contrived, the main character's a bore who no one likes, and the descriptions in the first book are HILARIOUS, but the hilarity goes downhill as the writing skill goes up (not enough to satisfy me, just enough to be not funny anymore). the end.

I also think this series has the potential to turn into a Nancy Drew-like thing, with constantly random Bella and Edward fight the _____, unless she ends it when they finally get hitched and vampir'd up. so hope she does, for our sake. we don't want another Robert Jordan episode. not that I care at this point if she (main character) even lives. god. please write something for her to do to make me like her in the next book or I will write you a very threatening email. the reason it will be so threatening is that I will quote every corny bad line of dialogue RIGHT BACK AT YOU and you will explode. I'M ONTO YOU, STEPHANIE MEYER. I KNOW YOU WROTE TWILIGHT AT AGE FIFTEEN. so you better watch out. that's underage, and they don't let you write porn underage.

4. other than reading, biking, and swimming, my summer has been boring. moving on. time to finish Walden. maybe I will read Dubliners after all, just to escape henry david thoreau. ugh.
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dear journal.

o I have been journeying. into vast and uncharted waters in the companionship of trusty trusted companions.
1. I went on a mission trip. this deserves subheadings:
a. we traveled down there. we stopped in savanah georgia and I got an ice cream cone and saw SCAD. we stopped in St. Augustine and I got a hippie purse and a tilapia salad. it was a long car trip. I read Ultra Marathon Man.
b. the mission trip itself. to daytona beach. the organization itself was anal-retentive, but I painted on a pretty house all week. one of those old, big-porch houses with this old man who told us air-force vietnam stories.
c. we went to the beach. this was lots of fun. I should at this point mention the purple/red/maroon van, which was Thomas Kidd, Emily, Max, and me. I read Ultra Marathon Man because Thomas had it because half of our youth group is runners. and I love these people. implicitly. they are my trusty trusted companions.
d. max drank a lot of coffee.
2. I left the beach and the missin' trip early to go see my grandparents at their lovely lovely vacation internet-less house. I like it here and have a bicycle. rejoice! rejoice! but sad at leaving my trusty trusted companions. I guess since I left them I am no longer a trusted trusty companion.

things I have read:
1. Into the Wild. this was amanda's book on loan and I enjoyed it significantly less than Bill Bryson's A Walk in The Woods.
2. Ultra Marathon Man. I can't spell his last name because he's greek but he's Dean somebody. this was very interesting with a simple and repetitive narrative style. but this guy ran 226 miles straight so he deserves some forgiveness for narrative simplicity. and ran 100 miles in 21 hours. and did a marathon at the south pole, and the desert in the middle of summer, and the rocky mountains, and ran three marathons back to back, and and and he is the ultra marathon man. Team Dean!
3. Flowers for Algernon. I got this at the used bookstore and read it in a few hours. It was basically the same as the short story, only longer and more drawn out.

things I am reading:
o journal. o journal. I was so good. I went to the library in search of books (successful) and wireless internet (futile). I was so good. I got Walden and Dubliners and I'm reading Walden and it's like the ultimate hippie lifestyle. This is what the hippies wanted to do and couldn't because they're not Henry David Thoreau.
but then I was so bad. I went to waldenbooks and got Twlight because it was inevitable and really I couldn't stop myself. hannah said reading this book was like eating a twinkie: gross and tasty and you want to throw up afterwards. I trust hannah implicitly, so on with the reading.

WALDEN. OMG WALDEN. This is like reading Thoreau's blog. He randomly goes on about every subject from the purpose of a house the purpose of speaking to how important it is to read the classics in their original language to omg I love the Iliad to I'm hoeing beans to haha, I rock and I'm like HENRY DAVID THOREAU. I'm not feeling you. I can see why people love him, all this stuff about living deliberately and I built my house with my own two hands and lived a completely independent lifestyle without anyone and this would appeal to people. To people tired of modern society, especically, people tired of materialism and human nature (like Ghandi). But personally, I have nothing against the modern age. I am a product of the modern age and I acknowledge it. I am a child of HTML and Javascript and YouTube and MySpace and the deeper underlying cause of that, which is the digital transfer of information combined with human nature. And I know that people are going to be greedy and petty and care about trivial concerns and not higher spiritual ones and that's fine, because that's just the way people are. I'm not all about this living on nature kick like he is, because I don't dislike the society where I live.

I also function in it somewhat better than Thoreau did. Perhaps me reading this book was a product of Fate and chance and me reading Into the Wild, which addresses this issue of Thoreau's (McCandless's) ability to function in the modern world versus nature and how dangerous that really is, which brings a much more modern look to the whole living in the woods thing. Perhaps reading one before the other influenced me. Which is also interesting compared with reading things like A Walk In The Woods, where I think Bill Bryson got it right with nature versus society and how the two can live in harmony, and to a degree Ultra Marathon Man because it's an outdoorsy book about the low-tech art of running in the modern technical age. But whatever. I'm still on my how did we get from single cell bacteria to the internet kick. Why is the internet here? Evolutionarily speaking? At what point does tool-making become an evolutionary perrogative, and where does the tool-making stop? This is the future. But that's with and not with Thoreau at all, because while he relied heavily on tools--and human contact, too, through literature and the like--but he didn't live with tools, he lived as simply as possible.

Reading this too, I can see Ayn Rand reading this and getting her ideas. Thoreau seems purposeless next to Ayn Rand and I can see her taking his ideas and fufilling them to her own ends. Thoreau, however, was a loafer and hated to work and said so, where Ayn Rand was a workaholic and thought work and achievement through work the redeeming virtue of mankind.

Ms Nantz, that was for you. There's my summer assignment. Enjoy it while you can, cause I don't think I'll have time to read Dubliners after all.

also let me tell you about my search for wireless. No joke. I drove around in my grandmom's old truck with my brother holding the laptop on his lap, clicking "refresh network list" in the wireless network box for twenty minutes. Guess where there's wireless? At the place where we eat breakfast every morning. O MAN. But it is slow. Like super slow. Like the LJ update page has been loading for FIFTEEN MINUTES NO JOKE. the only thing that loads fast (i.e., at all) is Gmail, bless google's xkcd-approved heart. so hopefully this all reaches you. I am also updating from the front seat of a truck, from 8 to 9 at night. (From the back of a truck selling smoke-free lungs.)

I have about 400 pictures from the mission trip and assorted paraphenalia. So here's one:

us at daytona beach. (this took FOREVER to upload.)


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