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"We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now."
-Martin Luther King Jr.

I just solved a physics problem I've been working on all day and got a wave of happy. Forget the other five problems I have to solve before Friday that I can't do yet. One victory enheartens the soldiers!

It's 70 degrees in New Orleans. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the wind is warm on my legs. I'm still in long sleeves, but the sunshine is heartening. When the sun shines and I can wear dresses it's Regina Weather. Half the reason I came to the city in the first place was "and all the streetcars say hallelujah" all up and down the tracks my first visit here, and the promise of reading in the sunshine in Audubon Park.

I keep getting ideas to sew on, now that I'm at school without a sewing machine and, in short order, will be too busy to do even if I had one. The big shirt I'm wearing right now needs sleeves made smaller, I want to start a new quilt in mardi gras colors, I found the greatest pattern to make sweater-boots from Goodwill sweaters and ugly flat shoes, and as of watching Mary Poppins last night I want to make a navy blue tailcoat (probably from another coat). The workload is fairly light right now and it makes my fingers itch to make things.
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sunday I woke up and it was dumb outside: "dumb outside" is a term commonly used in our room to refer to weather that is gray, blustery, raining, storming at uneven intervals, and the sky is a strange shade of gray that lightens intermittently throughout the day but really is just shades of gray. since it was dumb outside, I went back to sleep. This kept happening until I accepted that the weather wasn't going to get better and instead just laid in bed, reading and drinking tea. this happened all week

also I had a bowl of paella in the fridge, which I was going to eat for lunch, which has mysteriously gone missing. there is not even a "I have eaten the paella / that was in the fridge / I know you were saving it for monday / but it was so spicy / and delicious"

monday was good, though, other than that. I got a package mum sent me, I'm making a sweater...I shouldn't be. Then today was awful because my roommate decided on her major, so now I'm the only one who doesn't know and I have, oh, six months? to figure it out. I got more upset over this than I should have and had a series of unfortunate events. It culminated in the infamous "SAY WHAT ONE MORE TIME" scene. I think there are worse ways to resolve life crises, but unfortunately it was more of a stopgap than a resolution. whatever. my problem.

I have an open draft in Gmail of a letter home I can't seem to finish. I can't find words recently.
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today it stormed, again, like it did yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that. The tree-bending winds and ten pm sky, the rain in sheets so thick you can't see across the street, etc. Like it's been doing all summer.

did I tell you my next story which I started last night is about a series of hurricanes and a love triangle? I started it last night and it will incorporate:
  1. a light-up umbrella
  2. black button dress
  3. shoes
  4. a handkerchief
  5. blue scarf
  6. Far (in essence, not by name)
  7. rain
  8. an unmistakeable smell
  9. a ribcage
  10. a 1972 Mustang
  11. the pre-war apartment
  12. the post-war apartment
  13. blue rubber band
  14. the Bible
  15. a wallet
  16. and a hitchhiker.

I will compound a story from these things. Also I'm using names from Taming of the Shrew by accident because I can't name anyone or anything.

I have typewritten (as in, on a typewriter, as in not computerized) the first page of this and am sending it in the VAMPY notebook, by which point I'll probably have it done and posted online, but they will get a unique original. I may have accidentally turned into a New Orleans writer with the Delilah story and now this succession of hurricanes story. But really, it's just inspired by our constant weather and regina.

I am going out of town, starting tonight, and will be gone at an exclusive lakeside retreat for only the most talented writers where I will attend panels given by greats like Ernest and Flannery and John and then an afterparty hosted by Neil and Amanda, some pop culture with Stephen. Mark is expected to show up Saturday for a panel on experimental writing, and then I will speak on a panel talking about detail placement within stories and arts and crafts in a literary environment. I will be dressed as the Third Doctor and/or Death from Sandman. Expect no pictures, this is a top secret affair and you will never hear it spoken of again.
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this is the kind of day that reminds me of home, my purple room with one way-hidden window when it was all shady, and how only one light bulb in my room could work at once so it was always just dark and desk lamp and laptop. and today it was cold and rainy and I was SOAKING WET and FREEZING all through calculus and biology. My roommate was more soaking wet than I, but since she got to come back and shower after calculus and I had to sit through bio with a scarf wrapped around me like a blanket I think we even out. and now I am bundled under jeans and sweatshirts and comforters with hot tea, reveling in the amazing warmth and joy & all things associated. maybe it evens out.

more and more things are reminding me of home. I was sitting in Bruff and heard the NPR horns on election day: nostalgia hit me like a tidal wave and I started crying and had to leave. It's ridiculous, the NPR horns should make no one cry but, but, but. Every day after school before I started driving when my mother would take us home or on errands or whatever I got the front seat and my brother had the back seat and we would listen to NPR's All Things Considered. Sitting in a cafeteria 700 miles from my mother, my brother, my family and friends and car and locker and high school and winter clothes and books and everything that has made up my life for eighteen years--all of that is now 700 miles away and to be reminded of it when already in an emotional state is like a slap in the face.

so I deal with it like I deal with all the large problems that I can't change in my life...I ignore it until I get used to it. this works better than getting upset/angry about it all the time. you just have coping mechanisms. like listening to Under the Pink with Erik and Evian last night, listening to Neutral Milk Hotel. Eating soup with Carrie and Bailey. knitting.

knitting! in lieu of nanowrimo (which I have woefully abandoned, I fail at novel writing. I have theories on this, how if you don't do something when you're young, you're probably just never going to do it because things just get harder and harder, your time becomes more and more cluttered. But with less important things, do you notice? When I was thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, I did NaNoWriMo and won, but what was the most important thing in my life? Nothing, basically. School. The things I did with my life were the things I did myself. Now I have college and choosing a major and classes for next semester and trying to learn calculus/chemistry/biology/spanish and oh, how silly it all seems, cramming my brain with things already known when I should be writing a novel. I also have theories in this cycle of consuming/producing with intellectual property, reading vs writing, listening to music vs playing instruments vs composing songs, etc. But I digress. Very long parenthetical phrase.)

but back to knitting! I have taken up knitting after my trip to the yarn store (right next to a very nice thrift store) and made a whole hat last night. it was very intersting, different construction with a top center panel and then picking up stitches along the sides, working down each ear separately. the pattern said it was a steampunky hat and it is mustard yellow. it has a chin strap! see:

eventually it will have a button too. but it is a christmas present. I'm going to start on something else today because beh, it is cold and rainy and dumb outside and I want to stay where it is warm with tea and knit. maybe venture out to food later if someone accompanies me (not nearly brave enough to do this on my own in weather such as this).

now the sun is out. beh. (pronounced "beh". used as an interjection expressing a sort of "grr" or in more articulate words: "Something has gone on that is annoying/bad/irritating and I dislike it because it undermines my assumptions about x, when previously my feelings towards x were neutral and/or positive." In this instance x is the weather, but this expression is appicable to other things besides weather.)


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