a sestina

Mar. 10th, 2010 11:00 pm
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the sestina I wrote for hannah, using the words
organic, eyelash, science, windy, irritated, and waters.

Starting up the car. A thick, organic
smell in the air. I blink back an eyelash
"make a wish" my sister said. Superstition, not science.
The road home is dark and windy.
The road is rain-slick and I am irritated
watching the asphalt under the waters.

Last week my sister and I got ice cream and waters
scoops of vanilla and yellow-ripe bananas, organic.
The waiter got it wrong, cursing and irritated.
She thinks I didn't see the tear on her eyelash...
the air was chilled, she shivered in the windy
afternoon. She is dying slowly of science

But my sister was a great advocate of science--
biology, chemistry, test tubes in baths of water.
Late nights at the lab, leaving in the windy
darkness. She always trusted the organic
chemistry, the alkenes of vision, magic in an eyelash.
Her ability to see beauty in chemistry made me so irritated

I am not now. Watching her struggle, I am not irritated
with her chemotherapy, the betrayal of her science.
Losing her hair, her eyebrows, thinning eyelashes.
Her soul is buried in the rising waters
and all of the products, healing and organic
do not cure her melancholy, her voice thin and windy.

Now she is frail, emaciated, threatening on windy
days to blow away. I am still irritated,
upset, frustrated, powerless. All her organic
chemistry could not save her. Her science,
powerless as my mother's tears--empty waters.
My mother cries out her prayers, loses her eyelashes

but accomplishes nothing. My thick eyelashes,
shiny nails, healthy skin, robust, wind-
blown hair are wrong. I want to drown in these waters
just to rid myself of this guilt which irritates.
There is nothing I can do that science
cannot do for her. Her heart, frail and organic

fills up with waters, her eyelashes fall out.
Organic smells, earth and wind, become her.
I am no longer irritated. She moves beyond science, into belief.
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oh man guys, all the numbers in spanish that are 100s are xxxcientos EXCEPT five hundred, which is quinientos. When my teacher made us read aloud in class NO ONE could say 1527, because we all said un mil y cincocientos y veinte siete, pero no es correcto, because unlike all the other numbers, five thousand is QUINIENTOS. this was throwin me off all weekend when I thought about it and now I understand why our teacher (native speaker from Chile) wants to give us a dates quiz.

Other than that my weekend was wonderful. my WIFE was here :D and Dustin and Welleford! We did EVERYTHING by which I mean we walked a lot...down Magazine and to the French Quarter...lots of walking. For Halloween we had a large party, consisting of: Neil Gaiman's Death (me), Marla Singer (Amanda), the Guitar Hero (Dustin), Dr. McNinja (Welleford), Simon Tam (JR), The Dread Pirate Roberts (Kelsey), Slave Leia (Rachel), the Phantom of the Opera (Miranda), and a zombie-Joker-clown (Evian). There is no group picture because I didn't want to take my Polaroid or Nikon to the French Quarter (understandable) and Amanda never took one. We lacked cohesiveness. Some year we say we'll all go as the Serenity crew, or all as the Endless, but I doubt this will ever happen.

also drunk people scare me and the Quarter at Halloween has lots. The person standing next to me on the streetcar (very next, two feet, it was the 1am streetcar) was throwing up drunk, but the kind of drunk where he was just kind of leaning against the doors and had vomit dripping out of his mouth. I think drunk people terrify me more than protesters, and protesters also terrify me. They're so angry! waving and shouting! They're so accusatory. JR wants me to go to the Tea Party in Baton Rouge next weekend. I hope that it will be a very peaceful protest, full of nice mugs of Earl Grey.
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so somebody put Twilight on hold, and it was sitting open at the front desk when I came in. I think whoever came in before me was reading it. So guess what I've been doing...
unnecessary )

...so this morning Clay County High School celebrated their graduates by throwing them a party. To do this they blocked off the street where the library is. This really doesn't make sense, there's a park a block away.

KNITTING. All the books I've been reading have been depressing, so I checked out Human Croquet but have been knitting on Buttony instead. I'm to the end of the waist-shaping, if I knit this weekend I'll have it done. GUYS amd LADIES, this is a sweater a week. I gotta slow down or get smaller needles or more complicated stuff or something. Maybe I'll just design stuff instead. I've wanted to do dual Franny/Zooey patterns for a while now...I think the idea of making patterns to go along with books/music/TV makes it more interesting and meaningful than knitting alone, though I could be overthinking this.

also my parents are going to Boston? wtf? I found this out from my grandparents. Surprise! So staying with my grandparents Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday next time with my brother in tow.

also it's going to rain for the next three weeks straight. Rain in every day of our seven-day forecast. Good thing I switched my car CD from the Genius playlist of You! Me! Dancing! to In Rainbows, cause it fits the weather better.
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summer goals...cleaned out my closet. man I have a shit-ton of hangers. here are some before and after pictures:

when I first came home


but I'm cleaning out my closet! while watching america's next top model. oh how the mighty have fallen.

also while cleaning out my closet I found a bunch of clothes which would be good if I ever needed a costume for _____. AMANDA I'M BRINGING THESE TO YOU. I might have found a pair of bright red short overalls too and I might be wearing them.

should I ever wear these in public? I'm taking a poll. so far it's two against to one for.

started amanda's sweater and I'm excited. It's a unique construction, loosely based on this. I think next time I'll do it in a bulky yarn though.

also my purple purse broke a while ago and now I'm carrying a copper Prada bag: my aunt Pearl gave it, some other purses, and a jewelry box to me after Teresa's funeral. It feels weird going through and still finding a lighter, a pair of pants, rings she wore...I don't want to get rid of any of it.
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"It's not easy having a good time. Even smiling makes my face ache."
-Frank N Furter

o blog.

I have written my 1667 words (exactly) yestereday and intend to write more today after my field trip to the art museum and studying spanish. but I do not count this as novel writing. I feel like this novel is so far away from being written that I am treating nanowrimo as a sort of series of daily writing exercises in the world and situation I have created to see if I get anywhere. if I don't, fine. I will not update my wordcount on the nano site until I am sure I am really doing this, ie about 10,000 words. college, after all, is college. and a spanish test looms.

this weekend was VERY kind to me, I had rocky horror and fishnets and all the associated songs and quotes and costumes: then I had my wife and dustin. o that was lovely. halloween in new orleans? even if most of the time we just spent wandering lost around the quarter and eating beignets and laughing at cafe du monde. then saturday we woke up, wrote our 1667 words, and went back to sleep until three: ate at the strange and unusual camila grill where dustin invented a bacon and cheese omelette. I'm sure someone else somewhere else has invented one of these but his was tastier I swear. and the mushroom, of used-CD and poster fame. I now have the only poster in the mushroom I really wanted to buy and it makes me happy. I'm sure you'll see it eventually in pictures.

saturday we watched firefly. (<3 that and all its associated people.)
also went to taco bell at one in the morning, as usual, and I laughed until I cried until I hyperventilated, then decided I needed sleep, so my roommates entertained dustin and amanda until about 4 or 5. we're not sure because the time changed: thus I woke up at 6 this morning convinced amanda was never going to get back to UK in time for class monday. obviously this is not true.

I don't know what's throwing me off more: the time change or the fact that my roommate's clock is wrong. moving along.
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isn't she cute? my temporary roommate. she beat me at Letres though.

I also saw Sweeny Todd friday night, it was exciting. We're going to go see it on the 16th in Louisville on stage. I'm going to make a layout based on that picture of Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp on the beach.

we also went goodwill shopping. I found this amazing black, knee-length, wool Banana Republic coat for five dollars. While I was shopping, however, I leaned on our cart (Hannah tends to get a lot at Goodwill) and it turned over on the handle, sending me to the floor and my finger under it. The middle finger on my left hand is now turning blue and swollen, which makes typing extremely awkward.
it was such a good coat, though.


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